Choosing Private Midwifery

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Choosing Private Midwifery

Pregnancy and childbirth is a highly personal and emotional experience. Feelings, hopes, fears and physical and practical needs can all affect your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. The standard of the medical care and support you receive, and your confidence in your health care professional, can directly impact on your health, your state of mind and your success in achieving the birth you desire. Your choice of care provider may well be the single most important decision you make as you embark on the road to an empowering and joyous birth. Consider choosing private midwifery care.

Six reasons to choose a Private Midwife

A Care Provider Who Stays With You

Research has shown that having a sympathetic and knowledgeable woman with you during labour and birth, reduces the chance of complications and the likelihood of unnecessary interventions. Private Midwives provide complete care throughout your pregnancy and after your birth, including all antenatal and postnatal visits. In addition, your Private Midwife can assist you to birth your baby at home, or accompany you during labour and birth in a hospital or birth centre.

Utilising the services of a Private Midwife throughout your pregnancy and birth enables you to:

  • Develop a rapport with your Midwife and explain your needs and wishes
  • Receive continuous and ongoing care throughout pregnancy
  • Have your Midwife with you throughout your labour and birth to advocate for your wishes and needs
  • Receive independent advice and information on any procedures, medications or tests offered during your birth
  • Access a backup obstetrician if needed
  • Receive support for your baby’s first breastfeed after birth
  • Avoid the insecurity of not knowing who will be caring for you during labour and birth, and whether they will respect your wishes

Your Private Midwife will be there to care for and support you during your labour and birth, and will stay with you after the birth until you and your baby have established breastfeeding and are resting comfortably.

A Lower Rate of Interventions

Private Midwives are highly skilled in normal birth and respect that each woman will labour and birth in their own time and way. Rather than being governed by statistics, staff shift rotations, or a timed plan of progression, your Private Midwife with listen to you and your body, and use her expertise and skills to support you in birthing your baby with as little intervention as possible.

Private Midwives understand how one intervention can lead to and cause the next, and the next, creating what is sometimes called an intervention spiral. Your Private Midwife will provide you with careful and considered advice about birth interventions, during your pregnancy, and be with you during your labour and birth to assist you to make decisions to help minimise the possibility of an intervention spiral.

Respectful Treatment

Private Midwives respect pregnancy and birth as they unfold uniquely for each woman. During your birth, your Private Midwife will draw on the knowledge she has developed about your needs and wishes, throughout your pregnancy, and work to ensure these are respected no matter where you give birth. Private Midwives also understand that needs and wishes can change. Your Midwife will listen to you and offer you the freedom to do whatever helps you during labour and birth, patiently supporting and guiding you as needed.

Independent Information and Advice

Private Midwives are experts in normal birth, equipped with a wealth of information and advice. Throughout your pregnancy, your Private Midwife will diligently explain all elements of your progress and provide you with information and advice to develop a birth plan that is right for you and your family.

Naturally we all hope that our labour and birth will progress according to our birth plan. However this is not always the case. By choosing the care of a Private Midwife you can rest assured that, should an issue develop, your Midwife will be at your side to discuss any procedures, medications or tests, and assist you to make an informed decision.

Appropriate Monitoring

Your Private Midwife will provide regular, thorough check-ups for you and your baby throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period. As experts in normal pregnancy and birth, Private Midwives are experienced in the many variations of normal birth, and in recognising early signs or symptoms of conditions or complications which may require attention.

Being cared for by a Private Midwife throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth enables your Midwife to develop a cumulative picture of what is ‘normal’ for you as an individual, and quickly identify anything of concern. Your Private Midwife can:

  • Make recommendations regarding diagnostic testing
  • Provide referrals to other health care professionals if needed
  • Plan with you for unexpected outcomes and emergencies
  • Provide a knowledgeable sounding board with which to discuss your hopes, fears, needs and wishes

Natural Techniques and Remedies

Private Midwives are skilled in natural techniques and remedies for the everyday symptoms of pregnancy, labour and birth. Your Private Midwife can assist you to:

  • Deal with the symptoms of morning sickness
  • Address back pain, headaches, and other pregnancy discomforts
  • Outline the natural techniques available to reduce pain and discomfort during your labour
  • Discuss the effects of medications and interventions during labour, and natural alternatives
  • Assist in preparing you, and your partner or support person, for the birth of your baby

Care you Can Trust

By choosing a private midwife you can rest assured that you will receive the highest levels of care, personalised to your needs, as you make the journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond.

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