Midwifery Campaigning

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Midwifery Campaigning

Like all great achievements in Australian history, the road upon which midwifery campaigning has travel has been fraught with ‘campaign casualties.’ While there have been many gains, there have also been substantial losses and the line between the two is often grey. Although we have come a long way in raising awareness of the need for and benefits of equitable midwifery in Australia, most will probably agree the journey has been exhausting.

There is still much to be done to secure genuine rights to choice for women, as well as the right to a gentle birth for both babies and their mothers. This section of our site aims to explore all we have achieved and all that is yet to be done, as well as providing food for thought and reflection as we plan for the next wave in midwifery campaigning.

We welcome your article suggestions for inclusion in this section of our site. Please email your submissions to Jane

Midwifery Campaigning Resources and Articles

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