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Raspberry Leaf

You are probably familiar with the popular fruit, the Raspberry (Rubus idaeus). The raspberry is native to many parts of Europe and Northern America. The leaves of the raspberry plant have been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. They are thought to have many varied properties including those that are beneficial for pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

It is believed that raspberry leaf, if taken regularly through pregnancy and labour can:

  • Ease the symptoms of morning sickness.
  • Sooth and prevent bleeding gums which many pregnant women often experience.
  • Relax the smooth muscles of the uterus when it is contracting (Burn & Withell, 1941).
  • Assist with the birth of the baby and the placenta.
  • Calm cramping of the uterus.
  • Provide a rich source of iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium. The magnesium content is especially helpful in strengthening the uterine muscles. Raspberry leaf also contains vitamins B1, B3 and E which are valuable in pregnancy.

Raspberry leaf is also used for the following:

  • To aid fertility.
  • To promote a plentiful supply of breastmilk.
  • To help stop excess bleeding after birth.
  • To treat diarrhoea.
  • To regulate irregular menstrual cycle and decreases heavy periods.
  • To relieve sore throats.
  • To reduce fever.

It is thought that around one fifth of pregnant women take some form of raspberry leaf. Women believe that it will shorten labour and make the birth easier. The use of this herb for remedial purposes dates back to the sixth century and its benefits in childbirth have been recorded as a proven aid in maternity in the most ancient of herbal books.

This article is for information purposes only. Please consult your health care practitioner before taking raspberry leaf.

With thanks to Myra Parsons (Research Midwife) - who assisted with the preparation of this article.

Has there been any research on the effects of Raspberry Leaf?

There has been research on the effects of raspberry leaf extracts on animals and on women in the first week after birth (Burn & Withell, 1941; Whitehouse, 1941). Raspberry leaf was found to cause a relaxant effect on the uterus. It was believed that this relaxant effect caused the uterine contractions of labour to become better coordinated and more efficient, thus shortening the length of labour. It is also commonly assumed that women who take raspberry leaf throughout labour will have an improved second and third stage of labour. Consequently there is supposed to be a reduced risk of bleeding after birth.

Three midwives from Westmead Hospital in Sydney looked at the literature to try to find further research on the use of Raspberry leaf  and its effects on labour. They could find no such research. These same midwives decided to do their own research. The first study they carried out was an observational study on women who were currently taking raspberry leaf in pregnancy. They compared them to women who did not take any raspberry leaf. There were 108 women in the study (57 taking raspberry leaf and 51 who did not take any). Some women started taking raspberry leaf in their pregnancy as early as 8 weeks and others started as late as 39 weeks. Most women however started taking raspberry leaf between 28 and 34 weeks in their pregnancy. The findings of the observational study suggested that the raspberry leaf herb can be consumed by women during their pregnancy for the purpose for which it is taken, that is, to shorten labour with no identified side effects for the women or their babies. An unexpected finding in this study was that the women in the raspberry leaf group were less likely to require an artificial rupture of membranes, a caesarean section, forceps or vacuum birth than the women in the control group.

Two of the three original midwives (Myra Parsons and Michele Simpson) decided that the next step was to perform a randomised controlled trial, using a larger sample, to substantiate the findings of the observational study. This second study was completed earlier this year. Parsons (2000) reports that this second study demonstrated the safety of raspberry leaf tablets (2.4gm daily) taken from 32 weeks pregnancy until the commencement of labour. There were no side effects identified for mother or baby. The analysis of the findings suggested that raspberry leaf tablets shortened the second stage of labour by an average of 10 minutes but made no difference to the length of the first stage of labour. Raspberry leaf tablets reduced the incidence of artificial rupture of membranes,  forceps and ventouse births. Although the reduced incidence of these interventions did not prove to be statistically significant - the researches stated that ‘these results are clinically significant’.

How is Raspberry leaf taken?

Raspberry leaf can be taken in tablet form, teabags, loose leaf tea, or as a tincture. Raspberry leaf can be purchased from many health food stores or from a health care practitioner. Due to the limited research on raspberry leaf - the ideal preparation and the ideal dosage is not known at this stage.

The following guidelines on consuming raspberry leaf during pregnancy have been taken from Parsons (1999):

  • Tablets - Take two 300mg or 400mg tablets with each meal (three times a day) from 32 weeks.
  • Teabags - 1st trimester- one cup per day -2nd trimester - two cups per day -3rd trimester - up to 4 to 5 teabag cups throughout the day.
  • Loose leaf tea - Bring one cup of water to the boil. Remove from heat and add one teaspoon of the herb. Stir, cover and let sit for ten minutes (do not boil the herb), strain and sip. Adding sugar or honey many improve the taste. 2 to 3 cups per day is often recommended especially after 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Tincture - A tincture is an alcoholic extract of the herb raspberry leaf. The dosage will depend on the strength of the tincture.

Raspberry Leaf has been recommended by naturopaths and herbalists as well as some midwives and obstetricians. Consult a health care provider regarding the type of preparation and what dosage to take.

When is the best time to start taking Raspberry Leaf?

Many practitioners recommend that raspberry leaf is best commenced at 32 weeks of pregnancy and continued through to the birth. Parsons (2000) found that taking raspberry leaf tablets, 2.4gm per day from 32 weeks, produced no side effects. Other practitioners recommend that Raspberry leaf can be started at the beginning of pregnancy or even prior to pregnancy. However at the present time there is no known research on the safety of taking Raspberry Leaf earlier in pregnancy. When is the ideal time for a woman to start taking raspberry leaf in pregnancy? What is the correct dosage? These are questions that need to be answered by further research.

Are there any known side effects to Raspberry Leaf?

Both recent studies on Raspberry leaf found that there were no reported side effects (Parsons 1999; Parsons 2000). Anecdotal reports say that Raspberry leaf may cause nausea, increased Braxton Hicks contractions and diarrhoea. But more research is needed involving larger numbers of women before we will truly know if there are any side effects.

The use of herbal products during pregnancy should undergo the careful consideration you would give to taking any medication during pregnancy. One of the problems with herbal preparations in general is the lack of regulation on their manufacture. Some herbal preparations have been contaminated with other substances. There has been reports of contamination of imported herbal products with drugs and animal faeces. It is for this reason that it is important to purchase a product through a reputable source.

Raspberry leaves are naturally high in tannins. Tannin can be constipating, which is something that pregnant women are already prone to. Long term safety of consumption of tannin is unknown and maybe carcinogenic. If choosing a tincture form of Raspberry leaf be aware that it is alcohol based. Some preparations are very high in alcohol. Remember that there is no safe level of alcohol established in pregnancy.

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(29th December 2000)

Due to the large number of questions asked on this page, Jane is now unable to respond personally. Please post your question on our "Raspberry Leaf" forum, where health professionals and our online community are ready to respond.

What to eat in pregnancy

 Jane Palmer is a mother, birth activist and midwife in private practice located in Sydney, Australia. With additional qualifications as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant, Jane works to improve pregnancy, birth and parenting options for families.


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Dec 27, 2010 11:44am [ 1 ]

I have been giving RL to my pregnant Jack Russell bitches for some time now and find it works remarkbly well. Very few bad births

Jan 21, 2011 8:13pm [ 2 ]

How safe it is for me to take this tea? I am 34 weeks pregnant.

Jane Palmer
Jan 22, 2011 7:56am [ 3 ]

The limited research available suggests that there are no side effects of taking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy. Large numbers of pregnant women take raspberry leaf tea. I would suggest being careful about what tea you purchase - some teas from overseas may contain contaminants. If possible purchase Australian grown and organic like the raspberry leaf tea distributed by Southern Light Herbs.

Feb 4, 2011 11:18am [ 4 ]

Hi Jane, thanks for this informative article. I just started taking the Blackmores Raspberry Leaf tablets a week ago (am now 35 weeks pregnant) at the recommended daily dose and was wondering whether or not there is benefit to continue the tablets after the birth of the baby for a period of time? Can you let me know please. Thanks Maria

Jane Palmer
Feb 4, 2011 3:05pm [ 5 ]

Hi Maria - Raspberry leaf is thought to have benefical effects once the baby is born (as mentioned in the article above). However the research I've read has only related to pregnancy and birth. So at this point I do not know if there are real benefits in the postnatal period (the time after birth) simply as the research hasn't been done.

Michaela gibbons
Feb 9, 2011 4:09am [ 6 ]

Hi, I'm 40 weeks pregnant and was wondering if it was safe to start taking raspberry leaf tablets at this stage of pregnancy? Many thanks.

Jane Palmer
Feb 9, 2011 6:20am [ 7 ]

HI Michaela - Yes it is safe to start taking raspberry leaf tables at 40 weeks,

Feb 16, 2011 5:17pm [ 8 ]

Hey' I was spotting for three months with my first child and I started on red raspberry herbs 1 cup a day with no sweetener and my son is in the best of health at the age of 14 year's old now. I love it and I pass it on as much as i can it really help's now im taking it again to get pregnant it help with that too

Lisa Everett
Feb 18, 2011 10:00am [ 9 ]

I have been recommended rapberry Leaf tea by a friend but am concerned about the alcohol content. Is there a version available without alcohol in it?

Jane Palmer
Feb 18, 2011 10:09am [ 10 ]

Hi Lisa - yes commercially prepared Raspberry Leaf Tinctures contain alcohol. My only suggestion is to find a Naturopath that will make it for you with an alternative base like glycerin.

Feb 20, 2011 2:05pm [ 11 ]

when is the best time to start taking RL tea. i am nearly 20 weeks and everyone is saying to take it after 35 weeks

Jane Palmer
Feb 21, 2011 9:42pm [ 12 ]

Hi Tammy - In the research they commenced taking rasberry leaf at 32 weeks with no adverse outcomes. Some naturopaths recommend earlier (around 28 weeks). More research is needed before we know the ideal time to start.

Feb 24, 2011 2:48am [ 13 ]

Hi, I took RL tea when pregnant with my son and was fine, unfortunately, didn't help with a shorter labour but no side effects. I now suffer from heavy periods, 13 years on and was thinking of taking RL to help with this, is RL something you recommend and if so when should I take them, all month or just when the periods start. Many thanks. Sue

Jane Palmer
Feb 24, 2011 5:47am [ 14 ]

Hi Sue - My expertise is pregnancy, so I am not sure of when to take it or how much for menstrual issues. I do know that Raspberry leaf is used to regulate the menstrual cycle and decrease heavy periods. If you consulted a naturopath - they would be able to better advise you.

Feb 25, 2011 2:46am [ 15 ]

Hi, I'm 32 weeks today and I started taking raspberry leaf tablets this morning. I was just wondering what effects taking RL would have on the baby, are there any studies which show after taking RL having a smaller or larger baby? Thanks, Louise x

Jane Palmer
Feb 27, 2011 9:47pm [ 16 ]

Hi Louise - no research (that I am aware of) that shows any effects on the baby.

Mar 3, 2011 3:37am [ 17 ]

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with my second child and can't wait for another 3 weeks when I can begin taking the raspberry leaves. I tried raspberry tea with my first pregnancy, and I truly believe that it was this that made my labor such a wonderful experience. I had heard that raspberry leaves can help to aid with a shorter and easier labor... Not to say that any labor is a breeze, but I was in labor for a total of 8 hours from the time I felt my 1st contraction to the time I was holding my baby girl in my arms, and only had to push for 20 minutes, which I hear is pretty good. While taking the tea (twice a day), I didn't have any negative side effects (ie constipation or nausea). Hope this helps any women out there who are considering taking this! Good Luck!

Mar 9, 2011 4:31am [ 18 ]

Please advise....I want to use RL to cure infertility....when to start using,I mean how many days before ovulation? Thanks for help.

kerryn thompson
Mar 10, 2011 3:12pm [ 19 ]

hi jane, my son is 12 weeks old and i am having problems with my breast feeding as the right breast is not making nearly enough milk but the left is making too much so i find that im mostly feeding off one breast (the left breast) would the RL tablets help me to boost my milk supply so that i have an even amount of milk in both breasts?

Mar 14, 2011 12:30am [ 20 ]

i was always told raspberry leaf helped brought on labour?? How accurate is information on helping prevent PPH, as i had a PPH with my last 2 births and my last was 1.7l and had a 10lb baby and i dont want to do that again. I am currently 27 weeks and very worried and hospital arn't being very reassuring.

Mar 19, 2011 8:28am [ 21 ]

Hi Jane, I'm 40w 3d & at last hosp appt my midwife (who coincidentally had been involved in research on RL tablets with a control group of 80 woment) suggested I take a dose of 8 tablets a day. The brand I'm currently on has 1500mg in each tablet. I forgot to ask if I take the dose altogether or split it. If I take them altogether is there any known risk to the baby? As I go further over would there be any risk if I increased the dose or combined it with evening primrose oil? This is my 4th child. Thanks

Mar 19, 2011 4:27pm [ 22 ]

Hi Kym - I personally haven't heard of this dosage being used so it would be good idea to confirm when to take the dose with your midwife. With raspberry leaf tea - you take it three times a day. There are no known risks of taking raspberry leaf - but the research is limited. There is no problem combining the raspberry leaf with evening primrose oil. I personally would not be comfortable recommending an increase dosage until further research is done.

Mar 22, 2011 5:17pm [ 23 ]

Jane just thought i'd put my my experience on here for others to read...

i took RL tablets when i was BF my son as my supply was getting low i felt and my CHN suggested i start on 4 tablets 3 times a day for a few weeks to help my supply then drop gradually to 2 tablets 3 times a day and it worked! i sucessfully fed my son until he was 2 yrs old only having to take tablets occasionally to help supply if i felt it was dropping off to much...

hope it helps :)

Apr 1, 2011 1:55pm [ 24 ]

Hi Krissy - thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard of Raspberry leaf being used to help lactation but have no personal experience with it being used in this way.

Apr 3, 2011 9:39pm [ 25 ]

Hi, Am thinking about taking Blackmores Raspberry Leaf tablets. Am now 36 weeks pregant. Should I stop taking my other pregnancy vitamins?

Apr 4, 2011 6:13am [ 26 ]

Hi Beni - it is find to take Raspberry Leaf with your other pregnancy vitamins

Apr 10, 2011 5:52pm [ 27 ]

I took raspberry leaf capsules for nausea when I was having my youngest daughter in 1987/88. I found them to be very good. The birth was only 3hrs 55mins start to stop (but then first daughter was only 3hrs 50mins so no true indication there) but I had enough milk to feed triplets - maybe the capsules helped there. I am now recommending them to my 23yo daughter who is pregnant with my first grandchild and is nauseous 24/7.

Faiza Ahmed
Apr 11, 2011 11:27pm [ 28 ]

With my first 2 babies, I endured 16 hours of painful labour. I came across an article on raspberry and tried it (tea made from fresh leaves) when I was expecting my third. The labour was ONLY 2 hours.

Apr 12, 2011 8:31pm [ 29 ]

Hi, Im trying for a baby for past 5 years. Now undergoing IVF treatment. Is it ok to have blackmore redleaf tablets now (before getting pregnant)? if yes, how many tablets per day? please advise

Apr 13, 2011 5:22am [ 30 ]

Hi Mah - My suggestion would be to see a Naturopath that specialises in fertility and pre-conception care. They can advise the most appropriate supplements for you to take.

Apr 14, 2011 4:05am [ 31 ]

Hi Jane,

I am 4 weeks pregnant and I have just started drinking RL tea. I have read your instructions above to have 1 tea bag cup a day in the first trimester. Since there so far has not been any real large study conducted looking into the effects of RL tea drinking starting from trimester 1 and nor is there any substantial evidence of the benefits of starting to take it so early on in the pregnancy, I was wondering would you have any examples of people who have started taking it from an early stage and what their pregnancy experience was like. In addition, what are the health states of their children after birth that they were pregnant with whilst drinking the tea? Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you Alice

Apr 14, 2011 9:29am [ 32 ]

Hi Alice - I can not help you with examples of women taking it from early pregnancy, sorry. The current (limited) evidence shows no adverse effects from taking raspberry leaf.

Apr 16, 2011 8:18am [ 33 ]

Hi Jane, I recently purchased RL at an herb store...the brand is SOLORAY are you familiar with this brand...if so is it safe ? Also is it safe to take RL with a multi vitamin, probiotic acidopholis, fish oil and cranberry pills...these are vitamins I take on a daily basis.

Thanks for your help

Apr 16, 2011 1:36pm [ 34 ]

Hi Val - I am sorry but I haven't heard about the brand Soloray. The only thing I can suggest is to see where the herb is grown (and under what conditions). Organic is perferable if you can get it. Raspberry leaf can be taken with other supplements.

Apr 18, 2011 5:05pm [ 35 ]

Hi - I was just wondering if you can/can not take RLT after a previous c-section? I have heard that you can.. I have also heard that you can't!! Please help!

Apr 18, 2011 5:16pm [ 36 ]

There is no evidence of harmful effects of raspberry leaf. The limited research to date does not explore the effects following a caesarean. Sorry I can't be of more help

Apr 19, 2011 11:17pm [ 37 ]

Hi, I was wondering if you have any experience with using RL with delayed miscarriage? I have just had a medical management in hospital (pills taken over a couple of days, first anti-prigesterone, then prostiglandin). I am of course concerned that there might be some tissue left over that might cause further problems and would like to minimise th risk of having to have any further treatmens. Also about the current bleeding which is supposed to be normal and nothing to worry about, but obviously I would rather help my insides heal as quickly as they can!

Apr 21, 2011 6:07am [ 38 ]

I personally haven't had any experience with raspberry leaf and delayed miscarriage (and there isn't any research that I know of). It may be beneficial. Consulting a naturopath experienced with women and reproductive health is option open to you.

Apr 30, 2011 9:07pm [ 39 ]

Hello Jane - thanks for the interesting article. I'm 11 weeks pregnant with my second child. I suffered with hyperemesis for 7 months the first time around and am feeling awful again. I ended up on Zofran last time as Maxalon does nothing for me. I have been taking Zofran again for a couple of days now, but without the same relief as before. I feel constantly hungover despite my frequent snacking and large fluid intake. Can raspberry leaf tea be taken with Zofran, and can you suggest anything else beyond snacks and ginger? Many thanks :)

May 1, 2011 7:17am [ 40 ]

Hi Emelia - there is no mention in the literature on Zofran of interactions with herbs. Actually there has been no studies on Zofran on pregnant women (only on pregnant rabbits) - so really there isn't much to go on to advise you one way or another. In answer to your other questions I have started a thread on the forum so others can post some suggestions for your hyperemesis. Visit the thread here

May 2, 2011 9:09am [ 41 ]

Hi Jane - I'm 39 weeks pregnant - and have started taking RL tea (it's from a loose leaf tea shop with peppermint and ginger and other herbs) to try and start labour..... In the last 12 hours since starting i have exerienced this phrase "Anecdotal reports say that Raspberry leaf may cause nausea, increased Braxton Hicks contractions and diarrhoea." is particularly true for me. is this a sign that i should stop now? or should i consider the above symptoms as the start of my body getting ready for labour? Thanks!

May 2, 2011 6:23pm [ 42 ]

It is hard to know if the symptoms you are experiencing are a result of the raspberry leaf tea or early labour (it could be either). FYI - raspberry leaf needs to be taken over time.

May 4, 2011 12:36am [ 43 ]

Hi Jane. I have a question for you. I have 2 bottles of raspberry leaf capsules brand Herbs of Gold from Australia and the ingredient per capsule is 2g. Bottle says to take 2 capsules daily from the 32nd week onwards. Would 4g daily be too much? Thanks

May 4, 2011 9:58pm [ 44 ]

Hi Pomme - I am unfamiliar with that brand of Raspberry leaf and how much active ingredient. Herb's of Gold may actually have a naturopath that provides advise to consumers (many natural therapies companies do). It is worthwile contacting them. Alternatively talk to your midwife, doctor or naturopath (take the bottle with you).

May 9, 2011 5:48pm [ 45 ]

Hi Jane I have a beautifully healthy boy although our last son was still-born at 37 wks. I am 25 wks pregnant at the moment and was wondering if having raspberry tea will help me in any way now and how much tea i should drink? Thank you

Julie Wilsom
May 9, 2011 10:53pm [ 46 ]

I take rasberry leaf all the time. Am 36 weeks pregnant, I even drink it while not pregnant. It has been of huge benefit to me. My first labour went really well, not long only 4 hours. I find it's best to take it in loose leaf form in a diffuser in tea. For those of you who don't have access to a good herbalist who make their own, a very good trusted brand is "Blooms" and it's available in most health food shops.

May 10, 2011 11:03am [ 47 ]

Hi Jane, I have just bought the Blackmores Raspberry Leaf tablets and it says to take 3 tablets 4 times a day, does that sound right to you? I am 29 weeks pregnant. I was also wondering if you have heard of any research whereby the Raspberry Leaf assists those who have previously had c-sections being able to have a natural birth as that is what I was hoping to have?

May 11, 2011 3:16pm [ 48 ]

Hi Jemma - Raspberry leaf has been researched on its effects on the length of labour and interventions such as forceps and caesarean birth. There has not been any research on any other aspects of pregnancy or birth that I am aware of

Hi Aneke - Blackmores recommended daily dose has been shown by the limited research available not to have any side effects in pregnancy and is the current recommended dose. There hasn't been any research specifically looking at increasing the chance of a vaginal birth after caesarean. Raspberry leaf is thought to shorten labour - so this might be beneficial.

May 19, 2011 7:45pm [ 49 ]

Hi Jane

I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and started taking raspberry leaf tablets last weekend. I am taking "herbs of Gold" brand, recommended dose is 2 tablets per day with food. Is this enough do you think as other brands seem to have you taking more tablets, more often. Or is this brand more 'potent' than others? Also, when would you suggest I stop taking them? (I plan to breastfeed) I am also taking elevit. Thanks so much Emma

May 22, 2011 8:07am [ 50 ]

Hi Emma - What I suggest is to look up online the different brands of Raspberry Leaf and compare what each tablet contains. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the Herbs of Gold brand. Another suggestion is to consult a naturopath to get advice on dosage of raspberry leaf. Raspberry leaf is fine to take after the baby is born. Most women take Raspberry leaf to help with labour - so usually stop it shortly after the baby's birth.

May 28, 2011 10:48pm [ 51 ]

hi jane, i dont have a question, this in praise of RL tablets i have 3 children, 16, 14,10mths and im currently 31 weeks pregnant. With the 1st 2 pregnancies they were long painful and tedious labours. With the 10mnth old my midwife recommended RL tablets, i believe these tablets to be a god send. I had a show in the morning, went all day with mild period like pain and was able to go about my day, around midnight the contractions started to increase slightly, at 1am we rang midwife as the contractions were 3 mins apart, but pain was still not intense, she told us to get to hospital straight away. Cut a long story short, i had him 28mins later. I was in complete shock, it was thee easiest birth with pain that was tolerable. Considering it had been nearly 14yrs since last birth. I swear by these tablets and recommend them to any pregnant women, i will start taking RL tablets next week, there is no way i will miss out on them this pregnancy, expecially after such an easy birth on them.

Jun 13, 2011 5:29am [ 52 ]

I've been drinking the traditional medicinals brand of pregnancy tea that contains raspberry leaf for almost 2 weeks now. I am now 38 weeks pregnant. My braxton hicks at the time prior to the tea just felt like a tingley light squeezing that wasn't getting anything done. i started drinking 2 cups of the tea per day and 3 days after starting my practice contractions took my breath away...not an intolerable pain but surprising compared to what i was previously experiencing. last week I went to my regular check up and I was told that i had started to efface at 37 weeks. So far I am thrilled with RL. i will post more after I give birth!

Jun 27, 2011 9:21am [ 53 ]

i have 4 children and the first 2 where 12 hours and 16 hours of pure hell in labour. I took RL on my 3rd pregnancy and had a fantastic 15 minute labour, at home. (bit of a shock) took it again throughout my 4th pregnancy from 12 weeks and had a 1 hour 20 minute labour. didnt need any help with delivery or any drugs as the pain was really over before it begun. am now 35 weeks pregnant and started taking RL few weeks ago because i wasnt having any braxton hicks. they are now coming on very strong so i am hopeful for a stress free labour again. honestly, its like i didnt even have to do the pushing.... my uterus done everything. i will say though, that after i gave birth last time, i still experienced really strong contractions and my uterus contracting whilst breast feeding.... felt like i was having another baby!!!!!!!!!

Sandra J
Jun 27, 2011 9:32pm [ 54 ]

I'm currently 30 weeks, and I want to start taking the RL tablets this weekend.

With my first labour, it took me 45 hours to get from 4cm to 10cm and it was pure hell. I want to see if I can improve this, and also would do anything for baby to come at 38 weeks as the first one was too big!

Thanks for this.

Danielle Mcintosh
Jul 7, 2011 11:55pm [ 55 ]

just really confused :S ! people say raspeberry leaf tea should be taken closer to your due date and then it says 24-30wks you can start drinking it? am 30 weeks this saturday! I would like to start talkin the tea as it helps alot of things from now till my due date and after babys here but am just scared to start the now incase anything happens ? could someone HELP! please.

Jul 13, 2011 7:46am [ 56 ]

Hi Danielle - the reason you are so confused is because there is no research to say when is the best time to start taking Raspberry leaf. The studies mentioned above looked at Raspberry leaf being taken from 32 weeks and they found no side effects.

Jul 13, 2011 7:20pm [ 57 ]

I want to use the tea to help regulate my period and help to not have such a heavy flow..exactly how long does it take for it to take effect? Do I have to drink it everyday in order for my period to not be irregular again? Please answer.

Jul 13, 2011 7:39pm [ 58 ]

Hi Reina - I am sorry but my expertise in in pregnancy. Can I suggest you consult a naturopath for advise on Raspberry Leaf for regulating your menstrual cycle? They should be able to guide you.

Jul 17, 2011 10:28pm [ 59 ]

all this is very confusing i was at ante natal yesterday and am really considering taking the rl capsules but the midwives at ante natal said not until 36 weeks?????

Jul 20, 2011 4:52pm [ 60 ]

Hi Annamarie - It is very confusing. The reason its so confusing is that there isn't clear research evidence about when to start taking raspberry leaf and how much to take. The end result is different people will say different things. In the only research done on raspberry leaf - women started taking it at 32 weeks of pregnancy - and no side effects were found.

Jul 21, 2011 9:43am [ 61 ]

I would recommend RL tea/tablet to any one, i am currently pregnant with my second child (37weeks). With my 1st, 1st stage of labour was 23hrs but the 2nd n 3rd were both 30mins, i didnt tear, no froceps natural birth.

Jul 24, 2011 4:49am [ 62 ]

Hi jane, I am 39 weeks with my 2nd child and have just tonight started drinking the tea as I have been getting mild contractions on and off for 2 weeks now. I think I may have drunk 2 much though as I was recommended by a herbalist to put 4 tea bags in a pint jug of hot water and leave to cool in the fridge and drink a a cool refreshing drink in one. This was before I read your post but now im worried I have drank too much. Please can you reply and also let me no what would be a sensible amount at this stage in pregnancy. Thanks Rachael

Jul 24, 2011 6:50am [ 63 ]

Hi Rachael - we don't know how much is too much (basically because raspberry leaf hasn't been research enough). Everyone has a different idea of what is an ideal dose. The little research that is done hasn't shown any side effects in humans. I wish I could give you a more definitive answer.

Jul 30, 2011 9:44pm [ 64 ]

I would recommend RL to any pregnant women i took it from about 20wks with my first son starting from one cup a day then getting towards the end i was drinking up to 6. I had a 4hr labour in pushed for only 15min i didnt even feel like id done anything my utarus was in control i"m 20wks now and diffntly drinking it again

Aug 6, 2011 11:36pm [ 65 ]

is it safe to take raspberry leaf capsules with other medication like iron tablets and folic acid

Aug 7, 2011 7:39am [ 66 ]

Hi Anna - you can take raspberry leaf capsules with other supplements such as iron and folic acid. Let you midwife or doctor know about all the supplements you are taking. Some supplements do need to be taken apart from each other.

Aug 8, 2011 3:17am [ 67 ]

hi i am35 weeks pregnant and anemic i have been taking raspberry leaf capsules400mg one 3 times a day my level has gone back up to 11 but i have still been prescribed ferrous fumarate at 210mg to be taken one 3 times a day and folic acid 5mg one a day will it still be ok to take the rspberry leaf capsules as i know they contain iron but don't know how much i don't want to be taking to much iron as i have heard this could be dangeerous

Aug 9, 2011 7:30am [ 68 ]

Hi Ann - Raspberry leaf is a dried herb. While it contains some iron content (as does many foods) it is not concentrate like in an iron supplement. Therefore it is okay to take raspberry leaf while taking an iron supplement.

Aug 15, 2011 5:34am [ 69 ]

Hi Jane, I'm 40 weeks pregnant - would taking RL capsules now help at all or have I left it too late?

Aug 22, 2011 5:37pm [ 70 ]

Just wondering if raspberry leaf tablets effect an overactive thyroid? It became overactive after my son was born but now im pregnant again is normal levels with no meds. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and took raspberry leaf tea 4-5 times a day from 34 weeks with my son and ended up with an extremely long labour and tearing. Will the tablets help? Are they stronger than the tea?

Aug 22, 2011 6:28pm [ 71 ]

Hi Hannah - there isn't any research that suggests that taking raspberry leaf in the short term has any benefical effect.

Hi Kat - there is a lack of research into raspberry leaf. There hasn't been any research that looked at thyroid function and effects of raspberry leaf. The tea is thought to be stronger and more effective than the tablets.

Tara j Parker
Aug 26, 2011 10:20am [ 72 ]

With the Raspberry leaf which is better to take the tea or tablet form? im 37wks and only just heard of this and wen i went to get the tea the staff at the health food shop suggestd the tablets as im so far along n wld just nd to take 2 a day instead of drinkn 8 cups of tea a day. So iv got the tablets but my friends keep telling me the tea is better, is it?

Aug 26, 2011 4:18pm [ 73 ]

I am 40 weeks pregnant today and wondered if there was any point in starting to take RL capsules or tea at this stage? I had not realised most start taking it at 32 weeks.

Aug 28, 2011 3:59pm [ 74 ]

Hi Tara - No research supports which is the better form of Raspberry leaf to take. Naturopaths have informed me that tea is better than tablets.

Hi Lisa - Probably not. The research looks at taking raspberry leaf over a period of time.

Marina Meikhail
Sep 1, 2011 4:27pm [ 75 ]

Hi just hoping to find out when this was last updated or posted, i just cant seem to find it on the site

Sep 3, 2011 11:07am [ 76 ]

Hi Marina - this article was originally written in 2000. It was reviewed in 2008.

Sep 12, 2011 1:20am [ 77 ]

Hello, Thank you for this article. I am in a dillema. I am taking two RRL pills daily which comes to a dosage of about 960mg of RRL. We were TTC 23 months and I started trying herbal remedies that could help the uterus since there was some evidence I may have had some issues there. My FIRST month of trying RRL I ended up pregnant. I am now starting my 5th week of pregnancy and still taking the RRL. I am uneasy about continuing it now for fear that it could actually in some way induce miscarriage but I am unsure if it is safe to suddenly stop it. I was wondering if there is any true evidence to it being unsafe/related to miscarriage at this stage in the first trimester at the dose I am taking which I am guessing may be about 1.5 or a bit more of the tea equivilant. Also do you know if it would be safe to just stop it or perhaps drop down to one pill (half of the 960) for like a week than stop it? I would prefer to ween off of it than restart it in the third trimester if there is any risk continuing to take it now but I want to be sure that it is safe. Thank you for your help.

Sep 15, 2011 4:01pm [ 78 ]

I used RL with my first 2 pregnancies and i had short labours of only 3 hours each for both of them. I will be using it again as i am now 25 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. I found it worked well and i believe it helped for a better labour. Hope this helps anyone else.

Sep 16, 2011 12:21pm [ 79 ]

Hi Jane, i've just started taking RL tea. I'm 39weeks. I'm hoping to breastfeed. Has there been research to show it's beneficial to continue taking RL to assist with breastfeeding? Or should I stop once i've given birth?


Sep 24, 2011 7:55am [ 80 ]

Sorry for the delay in responding - I've been madly trying to finish a writing a book and meeting the publishers deadline. Lilloulou unfortunately there is no evidence on the safety of raspberry leaf in early pregnancy. So I cannot let you know if it is safe - because we just don't know.

Thanks for sharing your experience Heidi.

There is no research evidence in taking raspberry leaf after the birth. Natural health practitioners do say that raspberry leaf is thought to have beneficial properties while breastfeeding.

Fatima saadat
Oct 3, 2011 12:10am [ 81 ]

Hi I heard of RL from a friend so I took them and the next day had so much pain in my back and tummy I thought I was gonna go into labor? That was at 37 weeks. After going to the hospital they said everything was fine no signs of labor I went home but have been to afraid to take them since. I am now 38 weeks and 4 days and really want to try again as all these great stories about helping with labor.. What do u think?

Oct 4, 2011 10:02pm [ 82 ]

Some women report that Raspberry leaf can increase their Braxton Hicks contractions. You could try again and see what happens. There is no evidence of raspberry leaf causing labour to start.

Oct 26, 2011 2:29am [ 83 ]

I am on my first cycle off of Nuvaring and with most women TTC, I wanted it to have happened yesterday. I started the tea about two weeks ago from our local organic food store because I hear that it could help prime the uterus for conception. Is that true? Hopefully will ovulate on Sunday. Is there any guidance on using this for conception? Preconception checkup with the dr. said all was well but I'm anzious to get in the game.

Oct 29, 2011 9:08am [ 84 ]

Hi Elizabeth - unfortunately the research on raspberry leaf is very limited and none I've read talks about using it for conception. So I can't provide you any guidance here - sorry.

Nov 1, 2011 1:37pm [ 85 ]

I am 33 weeks pregnant and considering taking RL, probably in tablet form. I was wondering whether you know if they are very high in iron? as my iron levels are already very high, and don't need them going higher. Thank you

Nov 10, 2011 8:35am [ 86 ]

Hi Melissa - while raspberry leaf does contain some iron (like many foods)it is not in a concentrated form. Talk to your midwife or doctor before taking raspberry leaf tablets.

Nov 21, 2011 6:54am [ 87 ]

i am 35 weeks pregnant and ablout to start drinking RL tea as of this evening! i did this with my 2nd and had a relaxed 2nd stage of labour lasting 20 mins, i would love to have the same again!

Dec 12, 2011 11:15pm [ 88 ]

Hello, I just bought RL tea bags, Heath&Heather brand, when I looked at the contents, the package showed 48% raspberry leaves and the rest is apple, Hibiscus, & blackberry. Does the 48% mean I need to take more than 1 tea bag per drink of this tea for it to be effective? I am 34 weeks and would like to make sure I take a good amount to prepare for my homebirth.

Jan 4, 2012 3:34am [ 89 ]

Hi Jane,

How many cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea are you meant to start having from 32 weeks? Is 1 cup a day enough to help with the labour contractions??

Jan 7, 2012 11:36pm [ 90 ]

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my fourth child, my first labour was four hours, second was 10 minutes and third was three and a half hours. Do you think it will be safe for me to take RL tablets now?

Jan 12, 2012 9:16am [ 91 ]

Hi there, I have suffered two miscarriages last year which was heart breaking, I am willing to give anything a go to keep a healthy pregnancy. Do you think taking RL tea or capsules could be something that might help? Thank you Aimee

Jan 28, 2012 2:31pm [ 92 ]

Hi, my friend sent me RRL tablets from www.Puritan.com. I was skeptical to take them because of fear to induce labour or cause complications for my baby. However, I am starting to take them. I am wondering what a safe dosage is to take. I am thiry eight weeks pregnant. I took three pills all at once, which is probably too much.

Feb 2, 2012 9:39pm [ 93 ]

hi. I took RL for my 2 pregnancies. Had thank g-d, very easy and short birth. Also I stopped bleeding totally 3-4 after delivery. Maybe I was just lucky, but will definitely take it again for my next pregnancy.

Feb 12, 2012 8:38am [ 94 ]

Hi Everyone - due to a huge workload I am no longer able to answer your questions personally. This is something I am not happy about but I have to be realistic about what I can achieve. PBB website now has a wonderful online community where health professionals and others are available to answer your questions. For any questions about raspberry leaf please go to the Raspberry leaf forum ".

Mar 2, 2012 6:50am [ 95 ]

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I have tea and tablets. My tablets are 1500 is that right? Two a day I think it says to take. Just wondering if I can take tea and tablets together and at what quantities you would advise.

Mar 5, 2012 6:15pm [ 96 ]

Hi Jane. I am currently 32wks along and just started taking RL in tablet form. My 1st pregnancy resulted in a cesarean, is it safe for me to take RL this time? I have heard conflicting answers. Thank you Claire

sophie verstegen-lambell
Mar 18, 2012 7:54am [ 97 ]

I started taking raspberry leaf capsules from the begining of my pregnancy and I had bleeding from the cervix, on examination the consultant found that I had developed a softened and grazed cervix, I was fairly sure it was from taking the raspberry leaf too early so I would not reccomend this to anyone else and to stick to waiting until you are 32 weeks.

ellie moore
May 9, 2012 8:58am [ 98 ]

Hi my daughter is 29 and trying to get pregnant. She mentioned to me that someone had suggested she drink raspberry leave tea during the pregnancy. I was told many years ago that it should not be taken until the third trimester as it can trigger a miscarage. I have read articles that say its ok and some say its not so Im a little confused as to the correct answer.

May 18, 2012 4:47am [ 99 ]

I drank 1-2 cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea a day with my first pregnancy starting on my due date. I delivered 4 days post EDD with a 3 hour labor, start to finish. Not sure if the tea was responsible, but I am definitely going to give it another go with my current pregnancy! I am currently 37 weeks and drinking my first cup now. =)

Jul 19, 2012 9:04pm [ 100 ]

Ive used RL tablets with all of mine and have just started again for number 4. I swear by it. All of my labours have been short and problem free. Ive just started again at 34 weeks, and I plan on taking it after labour to see if it helps this time with recovering. That's for the great article not many people in the uk understand the really reason for taking RL they seem to think its to try to induce labour !!

Sep 5, 2012 11:26pm [ 101 ]

hi i have miscarried twice now and have started to drink RL tea as i read it with help make a stronger uterus is this true and if i try to fall pregnat in the next 2 months can i keep drinking the tea all the way through ,

Sep 12, 2012 6:58pm [ 102 ]

hi, i am at 11 weeks pregnant now. This is my 2nd pregnancy. Can I start taking RL tea now?

Sep 15, 2012 8:09pm [ 103 ]

Hi, I was taking RL tea in my 1st pregnancy since late 2nd trimestar, I came to the hospital 10cms dilated after easy 11.5 hrs labour and gave birth in about half an hour, I had a plentiful supply of breast milk. With my second birth was a similar story. I am 26 weeks today in 3rd pregnancy and will start taking a cup per day. I read that one woman had a 4 teabags RL tea at the onset of the labour, went to the hospital to give birth and shortly after went home. The nature has blessed us with miracle herbs, this one being amazing indeed.

Sep 26, 2012 12:29am [ 104 ]

Hi.. I was a few days overdue and the doctor said if i dont go into labour naturally by the end of the week they will have to ceasar becuase it was my fifth pregnancy in six years. I was desperate and drank two cups of raspberry leaf tea the next morning and went into labour an hour later. Could it have been the tea that 'induced labour'?

Sep 26, 2012 12:31am [ 105 ]

Hi.. I was a few days overdue and the doctor said if i dont go into labour naturally by the end of the week they will have to ceasar becuase it was my fifth pregnancy in six years. I was desperate and drank two cups of raspberry leaf tea the next morning and went into labour an hour later. Could it have been the tea that 'induced labour'?

Oct 2, 2012 6:35pm [ 106 ]

As a midwife, I get irritated by the gullibility of almost everyone regarding RRL. If we look very carefully we find: No statement as to the number of participants in the 2000 study, and totally inconclusive results. After caring for thousands of pregnant and birthing women over the years, I conclude that RRL is probably not harmful but is also not effective for the things which are claimed. Every time a woman goes into labour, it is her body which is doing it in response to the hormonal messages, not a cup of RRL tea. The incidence of Prostaglandins inductions and Syntocinon augmentations would be greatly reduced if RRL were effective. Meanwhile, the champions of RRL are subtly giving pregnant women the message that their bodies are defective and that they need "something" to get them through, or into, labour. Fear produces adrenalin and adrenalin cuts the production of Oxytocin which we need for birth. It would be better to educate women through pregnancy to feed themselves well, take a bit of exercise, sit with knees lower than hips to position baby well and trust that their bodies know how to give birth.

Oct 24, 2012 5:30pm [ 107 ]

I have heard that taking RL tablets can bring on labour? So wouldn't that mean if you have them to early you could have a premature birth? Very confused.

Nov 2, 2012 6:07pm [ 108 ]

in me first pregnancy i didn't drink raspberry leaf tea and my labour lasted for 18 hours, in the end i was given pitocin cause there was no progress. in my second pregnancy i started drinking tea in the week 36. my labour lasted less that 3 hours, i had natural birth (no epidural, and no need for pitocin at all).

Nov 29, 2012 8:05pm [ 109 ]

Hi there, Im 38 weeks with my first child. Iv just started taking RL however read another article that it takes many weeks to accumulate in your body? Does this mean there isnt really any point in me taking it? as only have a max 3 weeks to go? Thanks :)

Dec 19, 2012 11:46pm [ 110 ]

Hi , thanks to all for posting all these great information I am 27+4 days pregnant .this is my baby no.6 .with my other pregnancies I had 12 hours of pain and with my last child I was pushing for an hour .with this pregnancy I have a low placenta I just start taking RL since yesterday .is it safe with my this condition?can I start taking the tablets instead of tea from now as I am not a tea lover

Jan 8, 2013 3:07am [ 111 ]

Hi! So is RRL tea ok to take before pregnancy? I've heard that it's not safe to take after ovulation because it may cause uterine contractions. If safe how many cups per day do I take before ovulation to help? And how much do you take later in pregnancy and when? Thanks!

Jan 20, 2013 9:46am [ 112 ]

34 weeks preggy and just started taking the RL tea. It's my first baby. Fingers crossed that all goes well

Mar 4, 2013 2:32am [ 113 ]

I started drinking RLT at 30 weeks for all my pregnancies which has been 3! ( last one was a week ago) I'm usually a tiny size 6, so I thought I'd have a difficult time in labour being so small, but all my labours have been incredibly quick (2nd stage) & considering all my babies have been big I'm sure the RLT helped in some way! I always advise friends or family to take it. My children are all happy healthy little things- no complications at all with births. All 2nd stages where under an hr and my most recent was under 30 mins. I'm such a tiny person, in sure if I hadn't drunk RLT they would have taken a lot longer to enter the world! I'm so glad someone told me about RLT 6 yrs ago and all the benifits it has otherwise I probably wouldn't of ever taken it. I drank it in tea form and had between 3-6 cups a day, depending on how busy I was. I also drink it after the birth to stem the bleeding. My uterus shrinks back down very quickly and I don't bleed for long. I won have had 3 beautiful children, age 6, age 3 and 1 week. If I was to ever have any more I would most defiantly be drinking RLT again! :)

Apr 12, 2013 10:42am [ 114 ]

I took rlt from 16 weeks and my waters went at 21 weeks I lost my darling daughter. I don't care what they say DO NOT take them before 35 weeks please

May 9, 2013 7:10pm [ 115 ]

Hi I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with my 3rd! My question is can I take raspberry leaf tea and tablets together? If so how often would you need to have of each a day?

Teresa Anderson
May 16, 2013 2:45am [ 116 ]

I was recommended tincture of raspberry by a qualified herbalist during my first pregnancy, she said 1 teasp a day from 34 to 36 weeks, 2 teasp daily from 36 to 38 weeks, 3 teasp from 38 to birth, in my case a few extra days as all my 4 babies were late! I would say that my contractions were indeed good and regular, first baby 10 hours start to finish, 2nd was 5 hours, 3rd was 3 hours, and the last at home, a couple of hours. I would thoroughly recommend it. Once labour started we just motored through, no stopping and starting.

Jun 14, 2013 8:54am [ 117 ]

I am looking into the reviews of taking RLT due to my son and his partner expecting their first baby. I can safely say that I used RLT many years ago, eldest is now 30 and the youngest 27 and had easy births with both. First was only 3 hours labour from start to finish and the second was 2 hours from start to finish. I can't remember exactly at what stage I took RLT but know that my mom took them and both me and my sister were easy births. So it definitely helps.

Jul 9, 2013 7:39am [ 118 ]

hi im 37+ pregnant and considering taking 400g RL tabs. how many a day would u say is ok? thanks laura

Jul 12, 2013 2:24am [ 119 ]

hi i have had two early miscarriages, and right at the beginning of this pregnancy i started to haemorrhage, that was at 5 weeks, i started red raspberry leaf tea all day as much as possible and bleeding stopped by the next day, baby is fine, also i continued to drink 3 cups going down to two cups and i have no morning sickness... and i know it's because of the ras-tea... my first pregnancy i through up right until the day she was born and now this pregnancy I'm not sick YAY so raspberry helped me keep a baby stopped bleeding and prevents morning sickness I'm taking it in early pregnancy and am happy with the results

Jul 21, 2013 2:46am [ 120 ]

Hello I'm 36+4 firstly is it safe to start taking RL tablets and secondly if it is what dose do I start taking of the 400mg tablets? I also have some tea bags too

Oct 16, 2013 12:37pm [ 121 ]

Hi Jane, I have been advised from friends to start drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea, I am 33 weeks along. I read on Baby Centre not to take Raspberry Leaf if I am taking Iron tablets. I am currently taking Iron tablets, and was wondering your thoughts on this? Thank You Lauren

Paula from LovetoGarden.com.au
Dec 14, 2013 10:47am [ 122 ]

I've been using the leaves from my raspberry tree to make the tea. I dried them in my dehydrator and used a couple of leaves per cup. It's quite a mild tea which I like. You can also use fresh raspberry leaves straight from the tree although you would want to make sure they haven't been sprayed with any chemicals.

Jan 6, 2014 7:16am [ 123 ]

Hi. I am 2 days away from being 40 weeks pregnant and I finally got the raspberry leaves capsules today. Is it too late to take them at this point? Also, if not are there any warnings if I take more than the recommended dose?

Jan 19, 2014 5:49am [ 124 ]

Hi Mio - there isn't any research indicating what dose to take when you are almost due. Certainly there isn't information on the safety of taking a larger dose. It is better to err on the side of safety and take the recommended dose only.

Feb 27, 2014 8:33am [ 125 ]

hi, i'm 36 weeks - starting today and just bought the RL tablets, but when i read the information leaflet, it said: ,, If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medications, please consult a doctor before use '' so i wonder if it's ok to take them, it's this brand.. Good N Natural Raspberry Leaf Capsules (400mg) thank you very much for your answer......

Feb 27, 2014 12:52pm [ 126 ]

I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and having lots of pain will this help me go in to labour??

mrs Ambreeen
Mar 23, 2014 6:14am [ 127 ]

Hi there just wanted some help I read othet peoples comment s pn pregnancy I had one child 4 years ago still trying for anothet but no luck if I can take resberry leaf tea tables can it help .. is it helped any  one please say... what advice can yoy fice please ..

Jun 15, 2014 10:08am [ 128 ]

Hi I was wondering where I can buy raspberry leaf tea from that is safe to take that would not contain any alcohol. And if I brought raspberry tea bags from the supermarket would these be safe and do the same job or does it have to be pure herbal raspberry leaf tea.

Jun 19, 2014 6:56am [ 129 ]

Hi ladies, just a quick peice of advice, a healthy diet should always be the first approach if you're trying to cure infertility issues or have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Many many servings of vegetables a day, a good portion of fruit and nuts, some whole grains, and a little meat is really ideal for solving these type of issues.

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and have had zero issues, pain, or discomfort from day one of following that type of diet. I also never had menstruel cramping or discomfort before I got pregnant, after years of experiencing endometriosis on the standard american diet.

Rasberry tea is healthy and fine to drink, don't get me wrong, and I do drink it because I enjoy the flavor. but there's no such thing as a miracle pill or miracle tea, to really cure or prevent these problems (that we're not supposed to be having!) we have to look at the whole picture-- healthy food, moderate exercise, and some sunlight. That's what will really create amazing results and keep you and your baby in good health!

Sorry for the rant, just excited to share something that has really turned my own life around, so I hope that helped some. :)

Jun 25, 2014 8:07am [ 130 ]

Wow it's obvious people didn't read the article. Aside from that I drank RL tea and became pregnant within a month! I tried for a whole year and I started drinking it every single day and BAM! I was pregnant the next month. I drank this tea throughout my first pregnancy nine years ago and my labor was three hours long. I drink "Pregnancy Tea" can be found at the Vitamin Cottage and it's in a pink box. I'm 26 weeks and have been drinking the tea for at least a month. My practitioner said it's best to drink after the first trimester.

Jul 9, 2014 1:52am [ 131 ]

My daughter is 38weeks she is dilated to 4 and 50% effaced we have been to hospital 3 times with contractions only to be sent home and told to wait... will this rl capsule help her to have strong enough contractions to efface her and dilate her to giving birth? according to the nurse he is station +3 or in her term right there!!! this is her 3rd child and the last one she used primerose which was awesome no long labor an quick delivery .. Her ob suggested rtl and primrose to help her efface and dilate quickly .. how much should she take of the rlt??

Jul 25, 2014 3:30pm [ 132 ]

I am currently 18 weeks into my first pregnancy and am wondering (in your opinion) would it be safe to start with one cup of RL tea a day and continue through the rest of my pregnancy? Thank you <3

Jul 28, 2014 2:09am [ 133 ]

Hi Jane

I had a previous c section four and a half years ago. I am now trying for a VBAC this time round. I have read that you shouldn't take the RL tea if you had a previous c section. Is this true? I am 32 weeks and would like to take the tea to help with my labour and ensure I have a natural Unmedicated birth.

Dec 14, 2014 10:09am [ 134 ]

Trying to find out it the raspberry leaf will help put in labor

Dec 21, 2014 5:59am [ 135 ]

Hi! I'm now 40 weeks and 3 days, and still only 1cm dilated. My mom bought me some Raspberry Leaf tea hoping it would maybe assist with the labor.. I really don't want to be induced, and am hoping to "speed up" the process so to speak,as well as help with the birth of my first child with the consumption of some herbal teas... any more tips/and or suggestions? Thanks!

Jan 2, 2015 4:09pm [ 136 ]

I have nature's sunshine brand is this a good one.

Jan 29, 2015 3:08am [ 137 ]

Hello ladies!

Just a little info on my experiences of RL tablets. In my first pregnancy I took 8tablets a day - recommended by my neighbor who was literally Mother Earth!! Two beautiful boys, really smooth lovely pregnancies and labour and swore by RL for her ease with heavy periods and lots of cramping prior to using the capsules. She took 8 a day from 34weeks. I took them from 32weeks as I was diagnosed with OC and told to expect induction by 38weeks. My labour was wonderful, just 9hours long from first contraction to delivery of the placenta! Barely any pain at all - in fact I had a nap and went from 5-9cm in my sleep! Only had 2paracetamol for pain relief! My second baby I was told would deliver much faster - because my body had done it before. Not wanting to risk too quick of a birth I only took 4tablets a day from 36weeks. Again once diagnosed with OC was told to expect induction. My labour lasted 3days...I have never felt such pain and stayed at 4cm from first examination on day 1 till 2hours before I gave birth once the midwife decided to break my waters. It was an experience I never want to repeat! I currently 35+5 with baby 3. Have again been diagnosed with OC and have been taking RL ever since (32weeks) I saw my OB today and already my cervix is favorable babies head is engaged and I am dilated 1-2cm. I'm having a sweep next Friday and will try to remember to repost my labour for anyone who is interested. I THOROUGHLY believe it's down to the RL. I know everyone's body is different but for me it works a charm! Xxx

Feb 12, 2015 2:43am [ 138 ]

I was just wondering how many red raspberry leaf pills should I be thinking to get pregnant I had three D&C and a still bron

Mar 18, 2015 5:17am [ 139 ]

My friend drank 4cups of iced raspberry leaf tea at 39 weeks and her water broke 6hrs later... My due date is thur the 19th and last night i drank 4cups of tea and had some mild contractions today I'm drinking another 4cups to see if anything else will happen or induce labor.. Been walking a lot and doing housework to keep moving from day to day sex is suppose to work too been doing that one too ;) anyone have any other ideas how to help me go into labor or how to get my water to break??? Plz let me know thanks :) don't wanna take castril oil did that with my last child and it is discussing :(

Apr 15, 2015 9:43am [ 140 ]

The reason I'm looking into raspberry tea and the reason I'm going to start taking it (I'm 24 weeks, I'll start at 28 with 2 cups a day then go on to the recommended dose for 32 weeks) is because my dear friend who is no longer with us swore by her raspberry tea! This was nearly 30 years ago but she used it for her first pregnancy and said it was a very easy birth, forgot to use it for her second pregnancy and said it was a lot longer and more painful than the first, could be coincidence but I believe her when she says it was the raspberry leaf tea. :)

Jun 12, 2015 6:02am [ 141 ]

Hey I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my doctor told me that i needed to get him out. I got organic raspberry tea that she told me to get how long does it take and does it work what else can i do to speed things up. Please help

Jul 9, 2015 11:29am [ 142 ]

I was referred to start taking this by a friend of mine to regulate my menstrual cycles and to help with fertility, will this work for me, or do I already have to be pregnant?

Aug 6, 2015 11:02pm [ 143 ]

I'm 32 weeks and just started taking these. They come highly recommended by a lot of women I know so I have high hopes. They're supoosed to help with recovery time and ease the second stage of labour. I'm really hoping this is all true. I guess I'll now soon enough

Aug 13, 2015 7:31am [ 144 ]

not heard of it inducing labour before but does not surprise me. used these with all by pregnancies. had 3 last one being twins. first two my womb shrank back sooo quickly the midwives were amazed. really help me get back to shape. breastfeeding helped amazingly too. too ill with third birth due to infection to make any comments. will definitely recommend them to my children and respective partners.

Simone Reid
Dec 4, 2015 12:27pm [ 145 ]

Is this tea really for pregnancy am young person want to experience this tea

Dec 10, 2015 3:08am [ 146 ]

Hi I'm 34 weeks spregnant and i only drink raspberry leaf tea in the mornings is ist still fine or should i take it 3 times a day and can i also take it during labor pains to ease and shorten my labor?

Apr 5, 2016 10:49am [ 147 ]

I am 11 weeks and I took prenatal vitamins that included red raspberry at around 8 p.m. and by 3:30 a.m. I was bleeding a lot. My OB said that she usually wouldn't encourage red raspberry until much later in the pregnancy because of it being known to aid in labor.

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