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Bleeding in Early Pregnancy

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Bleeding at any stage of pregnancy is not considered normal and advice from a midwife or doctor should be sought. Bleeding from the birth canal before 20 weeks is called a threatened abortion or miscarriage. The bleeding may or may not have abdominal pain associated with it.  The blood loss may be brown spotting, blood stained discharge or bright red bleeding. The amount of bleeding is proportional to the risk of miscarriage, the greater the bleeding the greater the risk of miscarriage (Beischer & Mackay, 1998). Abdominal pain associated with the bleeding is not considered a good sign. Around one in four women will experience vaginal bleeding in the first three months of pregnancy. Of these women 70-80% will continue their pregnancies to full term (Bennett & Brown, 1993).

Is there anything I can do to help prevent the threatened miscarriage becoming a miscarriage?

There is probably nothing that can prevent a threatened miscarriage becoming a miscarriage (Davis, 1997). However certain strategies are certainly worth a try. If symptoms are acute, bed rest may be recommended. Research to date has not found bed rest to be helpful, although little research has been carried out. It is important that the woman’s preferences regarding bed rest are taken into consideration (Enkin, Keirse, Renfrew & Neilson, 1995). Avoidance of sexual intercourse is advised during any period of vaginal bleeding. Some recommend that sexual intercourse be avoided for two to three weeks after the bleeding has settled (Bennett & Brown, 1993).

What tests or treatments may I expect if I am experiencing bleeding in pregnancy?

Ultrasound is the main test offered to women experiencing bleeding in pregnancy. An ultrasound can establish whether the baby is alive or dead and can help predict if the pregnancy will continue or end in miscarriage. There are a small number of pregnancies where the baby is alive but is destined to miscarry, ultrasound cannot predict this group with any certainty.

Blood tests to detect placental hormonal levels may be carried out. Low levels of these hormones indicates that there is a high risk of miscarriage. Other blood tests that may be performed include testing for haemoglobin levels (if there has been heavy bleeding) and blood typing (to identify women who have a negative blood group).

Over a period of many years the administration of various hormones to pregnant women, in an attempt to prevent miscarriage, have been tried. The results of research found no benefit. The miscarriage rate stayed the same (Beischer & Mackay, 1988; Enkin, Keirse, Renfrew & Neilson, 1995).

What impact will bleeding have on my pregnancy?

Naturally most couples will worry about the long term implications of bleeding in the early pregnancy. Unfortunately there can be no assurances given that the pregnancy will continue normally. However ultrasound and hormonal levels can provide a fairly reliable picture of the potential outcome of the pregnancy. If the pregnancy continues past 20 weeks around 95% of babies will survive and the incidence of any major abnormalities is increased by only 1.3% (Beischer & Mackay, 1988).

How will I cope with the uncertainty of bleeding during pregnancy?

It is very normal to feel agitated or upset at the possibility of loosing your baby. Having a supportive environment with empathetic and understanding people around you is a big help. Everybody copes in a different fashion, there is no right or wrong way. A supportive health care professional is invaluable. The health care professional can guide you through any tests, provide you with factual information about what is happening and also they can provide ongoing support.

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(20th January 2000) 

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Bleeding in pregnancy forum

Jane Palmer is a mother, birth activist and midwife in private practice located in Sydney, Australia. With additional qualifications as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant, Jane works to improve pregnancy, birth and parenting options for families.


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Mar 12, 2011 12:31am [ 1 ]

I think I am pregnant, I have done a dip stick test but the doctor apt. is next week to confirm. This week was a very busy week and tonight I went to a personal training session and it was a hard work out. More weights not much cardio. Tonight I noticed a brownish discharge. I fear this may be bleeding and am worried about the baby. I think I am about 5 weeks. What would you suggest? Is this something I should get checked straight away or will my appointment on Thursday be ok? Thanks

Mar 18, 2011 2:17pm [ 2 ]

Sorry Vannessa in the delay in replying - I've been out with clients all this week. Brown discharge is usually old blood - which is much more reassuring than bright red blood. If you are experiencing any vaginal bleeding it is advisable to stop exercising an seek advise of a midwife or doctor. Do know that a small amount of vaginal discharge is quite common in early pregnancy and most of those pregnancies continue normally. Once bleeding settles you can resume exercise. I would however avoid very strenous exercise. A great book on exercise in pregnancy is one by Dr James Clapp called "Exercising through your pregnancy". He has researched women exercising in pregnancy (including athletes) and gives great guidelines on what is an ideal level of exercise in your chosen field of exercise (including weights).

Mar 20, 2011 11:49am [ 3 ]

I discovered last tuesday that i was pregnant after going to the hospital with bad cramps in my right side and had been bleeding for 8 days. Bright red blood. My hcg level was 235 on tuesday then jumped to 270 in two days. The doctors suspect an ectopic pregancy which is shattering to me. Have to go back on thursday for another ultrasound and blood test. Treatment options have been discussed but they both scare me. I feel pregant naturally with my 3 year old. We have been trying for almost two years and now this is happening. I can't even deal with it because i'm in limbo at the moment. Please help.

Mar 31, 2011 2:41pm [ 4 ]

Hello, My partner is approx 5 weeks pregnant and yesterday she had some spotting and this morning when she went to the toilet more blood came out. She describes it as if she is having her period and she has pains in her back and stomach. She went to the hospital today and they did a hormone test. can you please let me know if this seems serious as everyone is saying it is bad news however i have been reading that 30 % of women experience bleeding. Should i be worried? or is it normal for women to bleed around 5 weeks? Thanks for your help

Mar 31, 2011 4:03pm [ 5 ]

Hi Tony - I am sorry your partner is having problems. Bleeding in early pregnancy is quite common and many pregnancies continue normally. However if the bleeding is associated with cramping - the outlook for the pregnancy is not as positive. The chances of miscarriage is higher. Unfortunately you just have to wait it out to see what is going to be the outcome. Sorry I can't give you more positive news.

Joyce Longs
Apr 8, 2011 2:59am [ 6 ]

Hi,I had a miscarriage last August 2010.My LMP was 8/03/2011,i have done a home pgt but its negative.This afternoon i started having slight cramps and a dull feeling around my abdomen later i noticed light pink,brown discharge i suspect its bleeding.Please tell me what to do because i really dont want to loose this pregnancy

Apr 8, 2011 10:40am [ 7 ]

Dear Natalie I am so sorry for taking so long to respond - I hope that you didn't have an ectopic pregnancy. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Apr 8, 2011 10:46am [ 8 ]

Dear Joyce - Home Pregnancy Tests are usually around 99% accurate on or before when your periods are due. If the test is negative it is unlikely (but not impossible) that you are pregnant. Your cycle may be slightly delayed this month. Unfortunately the only thing to do is to wait and see what happens.

Ashley O'Leary
Apr 11, 2011 8:31am [ 9 ]

Hi, I had a miscarriage at the end of October 2010. I did a pregnancy test last week about 5 days before my period is due to start that came up negative tho I still felt like i could be even tho I didn't have a lot of what they say are normal signs that your pregnant eg: sore breasts ( i did have that last time) tho I have sore nipples, I then did one 2 days later that told me I was pregnant. I was lightly spotting in the morning almost all last week tho it stopped on friday, it now monday one day after the positive test and there was a little bit of bright red blood this morning. Could I be miscarrying again?

Apr 11, 2011 2:15pm [ 10 ]

Dear Ashley - Bleeding is common in early pregnancy and many pregnancies continue normally. However it can be the first sign that you may miscarry again. Please consult your midwife or doctor for advise.

Apr 14, 2011 8:36am [ 11 ]

I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and I have a bit of blood in the morning and then nothing for the rest of the day and this happens on and off (not every morning) and it is normally only a tiny bit. This morning there was a bit more then what there has been. What could this be?

Apr 14, 2011 9:19am [ 12 ]

Dear Skye - sometimes in early pregnancy you can have what is known as implantation bleeding. Alternatively you might be having a threatened miscarraige (this doesn't mean you will necessarily have a miscarriage). Contact your midwife or doctor for advise.

Apr 16, 2011 9:02pm [ 13 ]

Hi, I am 5weeks pregnant and today i saw bleeding which was not heavy nor spotting. I am worried thinking whether i can have miscarriage which i dont want. I have PCOD problem too. Please suggest me.

Apr 17, 2011 7:44am [ 14 ]

With any bleeding it is advisable to consult your midwife or doctor.

Apr 17, 2011 10:15pm [ 15 ]

Im 16wks preg and have been bleeding when i go the toiet.It started a few days ago with only spotting however the bleeding seems to be getting stronger. I have had a ultrasound which showed a healthy baby and closed cervix. My doc wants to see me in 3 weeks however didnt say anything about seeing him sooner if the bleeding continues. should i be getting a ultra sound done to check my cervix everytime i bleed or just wait the 3 weeks?

Apr 18, 2011 1:36am [ 16 ]

Hi Kim - If the bleeding is getting heavier contact your doctor for advice. Out of hours if you are concerned with the amount of bleeding contact your local hospital for advice. The Australian Government has a Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Helpline you can ring 1800 882 436.

Apr 22, 2011 10:33am [ 17 ]

hi there im 4 weeks pregnant now this is my second baby and my eldest is 3 yrs old, im worried cos when i woke up this morning im bleeding with bright red blood but there is no cramps or stomach pain that a felt at all,the bleeding is not much cos im observing it while using a pad. pls.help me im worried about my pregnancy, thank you

Apr 27, 2011 11:03am [ 18 ]

Hi there I am pregnant with my 2nd baby an I am bleeding for 2days now it is just like a period to me. I am very worried about it! I have already been to the doctors an they have taken a scan an said they can see the pregnancy sack an it looks okay. But I do have to go back in 14 days. I am not clotting an don't ave very much pain the best way for me 2 describe it as like a period. I'd there any chance that's what it could be. Thanks

Apr 28, 2011 6:48am [ 19 ]

Hi Tasha - A period is where the lining of the uterus is shed. In pregnancy this is not possible as the lining of ther uterus is needed for the pregnancy. The bleeding is coming from another source. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do at the moment except wait. Hopefully the bleeding will settle.

Apr 28, 2011 4:26pm [ 20 ]

Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant & started bleeding night before last I have been to my Dr & had an ultrasound & blood tests with no real results yet & I am booked for next tuesday for more blood test's to see if me levels have increased but was wondering if it is normal to be told to stay home from work while the Dr figues this problem out? Thanks

Apr 29, 2011 8:06am [ 21 ]

Dear Kim - Midwives and doctors will offer advice they feel appropriate to the situation. So while some will advise to stay at home from work - others may not (this advise will depend greatly on your individual situation). Once the advise was bed rest if you experienced bleeding in early pregnancy - but subsequent research has shown this does not improve outcomes. Strenous activity is not advisable if you are experiencing bleeding in early pregnancy. You could ask your doctor why they have advised you to stay home from work and whether there is any evidence that this advise is helpful for your situation.

May 1, 2011 2:00pm [ 22 ]

hi , I am nine weeks pregnant.sometimes bleeding is come when i go to the toilet.Last time i had ultrasound but it shows baby is good.I want to know why bleeding is come if everything is normal.what i need to do?

May 2, 2011 6:25pm [ 23 ]

When there is bleeding in early pregnancy - the cause is often not identified. Hopefully your bleeding will stop soon.

May 3, 2011 9:48am [ 24 ]

Hi, I had an abortion 2mths ago and received my period as normal the following month, though last month it was late so i did a preg test and it was negative but a week later i did another one and it came out positive and then 4 days later i got my period and it was very heavy and only had bleeding for 2 days. I did another pregnancy test yesturday and it was positive again. Could i be pregnant and maybe loosing the baby ?

May 3, 2011 10:12am [ 25 ]

Hi Di - It is hard to know what is going on. You'll need to see your midwife or doctor so they can do a check up and let you know what is happening.

May 9, 2011 10:36pm [ 26 ]

HI, I had a missed miscarriage in early feb (i was 13wk 3 days but the baby had died at 10wk 6dys), consequently i had to have an ERPC on Feb 3 2011. I had a period on March 13 2011, and have had no period since. i have done two HPT's and had pregnancy confirmed by the GP, only via a urine dipstick. Im apprehensive however that this is just due to remaining hormones for the previoud m/c. Is that possible? do you think i could be pregnant again? ive had some symptoms identical to my previous pregnancy. Also had one small episode of light pink discharge last thursday and passed only two very small (about 2mm each) strands of what looked like old brown blood. Im so confused, do you think this could be a sign of a miscarriage again?

My obs/gyn cant see me until next week to scan me, until then im in complete limbo.

May 10, 2011 4:27pm [ 27 ]

I am 4-5 weeks pregnant, and started bleeding this morning while I was at the Radiology Clinic for a scan, They rushed me straight in and did a external and internal exanination, they could not see any oblious signs of tearing or as to why i would be bleeding. My doctor took blood and told me its a positive sign that there are no cramps and my bleeding is rather light(much the same a when u have a weak bladder and cant hold on to little bits). A friend whom has Three Healthy Kids said that the Doctors would not of let me go home if they thought i was having a miscarrage, they would of kept me in for obsevation over night. Is no cramps and light bleeding a Positive sign and i have every chance of carrying to full term?

May 11, 2011 3:06pm [ 28 ]

Hi Laura - If you've had a positive pregnancy test now you will be pregnant. Pregnancy hormones decline even before a miscarriage occurs. The old brown blood you've seen could be a sign of miscarriage again, however this pregnancy may continue on normally. Only time will tell.

May 11, 2011 3:09pm [ 29 ]

Hi Kristie - It is a positive sign that you haven't had any cramping with your bleeding. Hopefully your pregnancy will continue normally. Contact your midwife or doctor if your bleeding increases.

May 11, 2011 10:51pm [ 30 ]

Hi, My doctor told me today that I am 4 weeks + 4 days preganant. I have feeling that my stomach is swolen from inside.I feel pain all the time from inside. I have a small very faint brownish spot. Is it dangerous to have pain in stomach all the time or its normal.Waiting for your reply.

May 13, 2011 12:32pm [ 31 ]

my daughter is 7 weeks pregnant.. she has had spotting for most of the 7 weeks. some times brown but sometimes bright red. she had a bout of intense pain last week on her right side but an ultrasound showed no ectopic.. (to my knowledge) she is getting down about it and is talking abortion , i keep trying to tell her that the spotting may stop and she will go on to produce a healthy child. im worried about her. Does spotting stop around the end of 1st trimester ? and will the continuous spotting cause aneamia?

May 16, 2011 8:10am [ 32 ]

Dear Chelle - You are correct the spotting may stop and the pregnancy continue normally. If a miscarriage does not occur - the bleeding usually settles in the first trimester. Heavy bleeding can result in anaemia - spotting usually does not.

May 24, 2011 5:27pm [ 33 ]

Dear jane

This is to inform you that my wife was pregnant by normal after 6 years of marriage. My wife was 12th week in pregency stage and yesterday she experienced a bleeding of high discharge and immediately we have visted our doctor and his found that baby is having movement and heartbeat is ok.She provide with an ingestion for stopping the bleeeding and in the morning my grace of God we have found that bleeding is completely stopped.Now she is taking bed rest and request you to kindly guide is their is any chance of miscarrage and what precaution to be taken.

May 24, 2011 10:11pm [ 34 ]

Hi Eppan - It is reassuring that your baby's heart beat is okay and your wife's bleeding has stopped. Hopefully your wife's pregnancy will continue normally. It is important to avoid strenuous exercise and sexual intercourse.

Jun 15, 2011 11:07am [ 35 ]

About a month ago now i was away on holidays and i started to bleed, at first i thought it was just my period coming early so thought nothing of it. but i only had the one bleed. for a week or so afterwards i had some spotting but it was brownish in colour. I just thought this was a strange period as i have only had a few since they came back from breast feeding my daughter. then the other day i did a pregnancy test as i was feeling a lot like it did when pregnant with my daughter the first test i did at night and it came out a very faint positive, so i done another one in the morning 2 days later and it came out a definate positive. should i be concerned about the bleeding now even though it has stopped. thanks

Jun 16, 2011 5:10pm [ 36 ]

Hi Gastine - You can experience what is known as implantation bleeding and it is very common and the pregnancy often continues normally. It is great the bleeding has stopped. Talk to your midwife or doctor about any concerns you might have.

Rebecca Nolan
Jun 21, 2011 9:45am [ 37 ]

i am now 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, in the first 14 weeks i was bleeding off and on really heavily with bright red blood not for the past two weeks i have been getting brown blood, i have seen my obstetrician and he said everything is ok and the bleeding should stop at 16 weeks but it has not stopped, should i go and see him again or just wait another 3 weeks until i have my 20 week scan

Jun 21, 2011 10:30am [ 38 ]

Dear Rebecca - Why don't you call your doctor's surgery and ask whether or not you need to make an appointment to see him earlier?

Jun 21, 2011 9:06pm [ 39 ]

Hi There, I am almost 10 weeks pregnant with my 4th pregnancy and I've had a stringy blood-stained discharge every 3-4days or so for about 3 weeks. There really isn't that much blood colour to it but as it keeps re-occurring is it worth getting my OB or GP to check it out? I'm just a bit concerned as I've not had this before with my other pregnancies. My first was a blighted ovum and my body didn't miscarry naturally so I had a D&C at 13weeks. Ive since had 2 babies and with this one I had an ultrasound at week 7 and all was ok... Fetal pole & heartbeat. I just don't know if it's something to worry about?

Jun 22, 2011 7:28am [ 40 ]

Hi Tara - with any form of vaginal bleeding you should let your doctor or midwife know. Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing. It is reassuring that you've had a normal ultrasound at 7 weeks.

Archana Nair
Jun 23, 2011 8:54pm [ 41 ]

Hi, My period cycle is within 35 days. If it is on may 19 then next will be june 19 like that. This month I thought I am pregnant , so i did both urine test and blood test. But both went negative. Today i got periods and bleeding was very less, now it is stopped and brown discharge has come immediately after that. I have started taking dates so that bleeding should come properly. I consulted my doctor, she told me to wait for 2-3 days. If there is no bleeding then they will do blood test again. She told me that this may be scope of early pregnancy, is it so? please someone reply.

Jun 28, 2011 4:30pm [ 42 ]

9 weeks pregnant, bleed lightly 2 weeks ago and heavily with a few clots a few days ago. read so much on the internet, most positive. Unfortunately the ultrasound showed he stopped growing about a week ago and no heart beat detected. I asked for a trans vaginal ultra sound to make sure - but sadly, same diagnosis. Doctor said with bleeding and clots you only have 5o% viable pregnancy. so sad. He also said if the pregnancy is healthy, nothing can deter it - even being starved in a concentration camp. Hope this helps someone. Never easy.

Natalie Clerke
Jul 5, 2011 2:31pm [ 43 ]

Im 11 and a half weeks, and for the past 2 days ive been bleeding. Its not brown but its not bright red either. Theres mucus with the blood on some occasions. But theres not enough blood for a sanitary pad. I just wipe and there it is. Im also getting cramping.

Went to my local doctor yesterday, i had a blood test done and i have another one done a week later. she also said there wasn't any use to have a ultrasound cos i have a ultrasound on thursday for my 12 week scan.She also said if i get bad pains to go straight to the hospital. Ive started reading on here and im beginning to think i have lost my baby. My symptoms i think have gone. I had heartburn and its gone. but i do think i still have those butterflies for when the baby moves?

Jul 13, 2011 8:00am [ 44 ]

Hi Archana - I am sorry for the delay in replying. I guess you know the answer to your question now. Yes the symptoms your describe do sound like early pregnancy. What we know as implantation bleeding. However some women get an unusual period. So the only way to know what is going on is to wait a couple of days and do another pregnancy test.

Hi Natalie - I hope that your pregnancy proceeds normally and that everything is okay on your ultrasound scan at 12 weeks.

Jul 27, 2011 8:52am [ 45 ]

I am currently 4weeks 3 days pregnant and I have had on and off red spotting for 5 days with no cramps or nothing like heavy or Chunky...only when I wipe... Please tell me it's not a miscarriage and that it can be normal. I have my first prenatal appt. Tues 8/2/2011. My spotting came on right around the time my normal period would start... I have taken 3 pregnant tests and all were positive.

Jul 27, 2011 4:27pm [ 46 ]

Hi Mandy - it is not unusual to get spotting in early pregnancy. Avoid sexual intercourse while you are spotting. Hopefully it will settle down and everything will continue normally. Sometimes the bleeding does get heavier and leads to miscarriage. Call your midwife or doctor if you are concerned or the bleeding increases.

Jul 28, 2011 2:00pm [ 47 ]

Hi. Ive previously had 2 pregnancies and 2 healthy babies. Last month 1st June i misscarried at what was meant to be 9 weeks but the baby was only measuring 6 weeks. I passed the baby naturally. I hadnt had a period since then so tested last week and got a positive. I used a clear blue test which said im 4-5weeks. Last night after a long walk I got a little brown discharge. Does this mean the same things happening?

Jul 29, 2011 12:08pm [ 48 ]

Dear Danielle - hopefully the brown discharge is implantation bleeding and not the first sign of another miscarriage. Unfortunately only time will tell. Contact your midwife or doctor if vaginal discharge continues.

Jul 30, 2011 8:49am [ 49 ]

Hi just wanted to know what you think I am 13dpo I have long cycles 45 days since getting off bc but I know when I ovulated currently I am having brown and bright red spotting since 10 dpo cramping on that day but none since. BTT still above coverline all HPT done on 10 dpo and 12 dpo neg should I assume this is not my month and take the red spotting as a period? I usually spot 2 day or less before I start but it's never stayed the same without getting heavier. This time is longer and not even enough to fill a pantyliner. I've had 3 pregnancies full term no problems. Just got off bc pills after 7 yrs

Jul 31, 2011 8:26pm [ 50 ]

I am 6 weeks pregnant and am 41 and went for blood test on Friday. Over the weekend I have been bleeding - not a lot but a bit more than spotting. Its pinkish in colour and there are no clots. I am booked in for a scan next Friday should I wait till then to see or contact GP?

Aug 2, 2011 3:40am [ 51 ]

Hi. For a month I had just "felt" like I was pregnant. I had minor nausea, sensitive breasts, and frequent urination even when I hadn't drank hardly anything during the day, and was unimaginably tired. 2 weeks in I was spotting brown, and assumed my period was coming, but it only last 2 days so lightly I didn't even need a pad. Symptoms aside, I just felt "different" so I took a pregnancy test after one month, and got a negative result.

I assumed I was really not pregnant, till 2 days later when I remembered my mom (who had 5 healthy kids), got a negative on every single pregnancy test she's ever taken, including a blood test once. One time her doctor was convinced she was pregnant, till after 3 months my mom demanded an ultrasound. The doctor was floored when he realized how far along she was when he was when the blood test came out negative. So I have alot less confidence in the pregnancy test now, and the symptoms continue.

The symptoms continued, and this week I have been bleeding brown blood, its not what I'd consider "light" but its light enough that I don't really need to change my pad till the end of the day. I have been bleeding like this for 4 days, and when I looked it up I found mostly signs of pregnancy. Its usually the lightest in the morning when I wake up, and I feel like the more I walk around during the day, the heavier it is.

My boyfriend and I decided not to take another pregnancy test and/or blood test till the end of the month so I don't worry too much. I am concerned about the type of bleeding though. I haven't had any cramps or clotting, Usually my periods are very heavy with much clotting and pain.

I understand I need to go to a doctor, and as of now I might not actually be pregnant since my test came up negative, but I would be happy to see your opinion on this.

This is all quite embarrassing actually. I feel like I'm being too paranoid about being pregnant even though I got a negative. I even went as far as to pick up a baby name book I saw marked down. I was so certain I was pregnant that maybe I'm just in denial now? Its not like now would be an opportune time in my life to have a baby, but the thought of it is still very exciting. I feel like a giddy naive teenager even though I'm not, I promise xD

I look forward to hearing a reply from you regardless of what it is. Sorry for blabbering on so long. Since I just moved I don't have anyone here to talk to about these things besides my boyfriend, and besides the fact that he's 100% supportive and we plan on getting married, I'd rather not stress him out too much with this talk since he is a guy.

Aug 2, 2011 3:12pm [ 52 ]

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and noticed blood last night. The day before I went out berry picking by boat and next day started bleeding. I am worried because my lower back hurts and theres only blood when I wipe. Do you think my baby will be ok?

Aug 2, 2011 4:41pm [ 53 ]

I'm 9weeks and two days pregnet well i spotted at 6weeks and all was fine.However my husband and i had sex tonight n when i went to the bathroom red blood? Im so worried because last feb i had a misscarige.should i be worried or is it normal?????

Aug 6, 2011 8:07am [ 54 ]

Dear Lydia - sometimes in early pregnancy you can have very light bleeding and while 99% accurate pregnancy tests can occasionally be negative if a woman is in very early pregnancy. Alternatively you may just be having a very light period. If you are uncertain if you are pregnant visit your midwife or doctor for advise.

Aug 6, 2011 8:09am [ 55 ]

Hi Kate - It is hard to know what is going on. Your bleeding may pass without further incident or alternatively this may be the first sign of a miscarriage. Let your midwife or doctor know about your bleeding. They will be able to provide some advise and support.

Aug 6, 2011 8:10am [ 56 ]

Hi Theresa - it isn't unsual to have some slight bleeding after intercourse in pregnancy. If the bleeding continues consult your midwife or doctor.

Aug 6, 2011 8:13am [ 57 ]

Hi Debra - sorry about the delay in replying. I've been on holidays. I expect you've had an ultrasound by now. Don't hesitate to contact your midwife or doctor if you have bleeding in pregnancy. They will be able to provide you with information and advise.

Aug 7, 2011 2:10pm [ 58 ]

I am 7 week pergant and have light bleeding(brown with a few little clots)i when to hospital they said to go to my normall doctor they did not seem to think that it was a problem.really worried ..

Aug 7, 2011 5:14pm [ 59 ]

Hi Tisha - unfortunately there isn't a lot that can be done when you are experiencing bleeding in pregnancy. Hopefully it will settle down and everything will continue normally. Sometimes an ultrasound is ordered to check what is happening - other than that you can only wait and see. I understand you are really worried. Contact your midwife or doctor for support and guidance.

Aug 7, 2011 10:10pm [ 60 ]

Hi, i am also pregnant still the duration of pregnancy is not clear to me as my LMP was on 15June'11. I did HPT on 27th July n it came out to be faintly positive, visited Dr also did Blood test that also came faintly positive then did Beta HCG test which gave 122 again repeated after 3days it rose to 150 thenn Dr doubted that it could b very very weak preg so we might terminate it did ultra sound also everything was normal only she said that Uterus line seems to b thin.That day itself did BetaHCG again and it came 300+ then she told me to continue with Duphaston tablets and come after 7 days i.e. on 9th Aug, but since yesterday evening i m having slight bleeding with brownish red discharge.Called up Dr she asked if it is very heavy bleeding with pain also, so i said no, then she told me to take Duphaston tab 3times a day instead of 2 times and to come on 8thAug for that beta HCG and might b she will do scanning. What do u suggest is every thing fine with me

Aug 9, 2011 7:33am [ 61 ]

Hi Poonam - Bleeding can be an indication that you may miscarry (but hopefully not). You will know more today after you see your doctor.

Aug 9, 2011 1:39pm [ 62 ]

Hello Jane, I am hoping for some info. I went to the ED last Tuesday with bleeding and stomach pains. The main reason I went was because of the pain and I thought I also had blood in my urine, so thought I had some kind of infection. They did blood tests and said I was pregnant and was either an early pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy or I was miscarrying. My Hcg level was 160. I though my LMP was 30 June, but upon leaving the ED had second thoughts (as it all became a bit of a shock). As I recall thinking when my period started it was earlier than normal (CD 21 instead of CD25/26), so I have been bleeding 25th July. I have had 3 blood tests since Tuesday. Thursday the Hcg was 320, and Friday and Saturday the levels were still increasing. I had an ultrasound yesterday and they could not see anything but suspect an ectopic pregnancy, so I have had more blood tests this morning. The bleeding has gone from being dark (last week), to pink/light tapered off (after the 1st internal ultrasound) and then gone bright red (now after the 2nd internal ultrasound). I have very little pain and the bleeding is not heavy, only really when I wipe. I guess I am just wondering if because the levels are continuing to go up and the bleeding isn't heavy or painful, is there a chance that it is just too early to see the baby on the ultrasound? The only things they have seen, is on the 1st ultrasound they saw a cyst, but said that could be a result of recently being pregnant and the ultrasound yesterday they said they could see 2 masses, but weren't sure what they were. I guess what I am wanting to know is, is there a chance that if the dates were wrong it was just too early to see anything? The Dr hasn't really said much but the ultrasound tech said he was leaning towards it being an ectopic pregnancy? If it is an ectopic pregnacy, what happens? How to they finally confirm it? It is so stressful, everyone keeps saying have this test and then wait, or if there is heavy bleeding or pain see ED, but I feel like I am so in the dark and I don't know what will happen if is is an ectopic or what to look out for?

Aug 13, 2011 5:44pm [ 63 ]

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have noticed brown discharge, only when i go to the toilet. I have had no back pain cramps e.t.c. Ive spoken to a few people i know who have been pregnant and they have all experiaced the same thing. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and baby was alive and well with a strong heartbeat. Is this normal? im just freaking out a litte.

Aug 20, 2011 4:00am [ 64 ]

I've been bleeding for 3 weeks now. It's not my normal period and this morning I had to consult my obstetrician. She confirmed that I am pregnant and now it scares me that there could already be something wrong with the baby because of the continious bleeding. Good thing I was able to browse through this site and somehow lessen my worries. Thanks!

Aug 22, 2011 6:39pm [ 65 ]

Sorry everyone I've been away on holidays.

Tammy I expect you have the answers to your questions now. Hannah Dahlen has written an article on ectopic pregnancy that you may find helpful.

Mel let you midwife or doctor know about the bleeding. Often the only thing you can do when there is bleeding is wait and see if the bleeding settles down

I am glad Lovella that you've found this information helpful. I hope your bleeding stops soon

Aug 29, 2011 5:57am [ 66 ]

I am trying to conceive and at 9 days past ovulation i had a negative pregnancy test. I started bleeding and it was enough to think it was my period coming early (i have reasonably light periods). The bleeding lasted just under three days and i then got a positive pregnancy test. It has been six days since i started bleeding and i am still getting positive pregnancy tests but the line isnt getting darker. My period was due today. Is there a chance i am pregnant or is it more likely that the pregnancy hormones are still around after a very early miscarriage?

Aug 29, 2011 6:55am [ 67 ]

Hi Louise - A positive pregnancy test means you are pregnant. Pregnancy hormones drop very quickly after a miscarriage. Contact your midwife or doctor for advise.

Aug 29, 2011 1:31pm [ 68 ]

Hi I am breastfeeding my four month old and a week ago I had some brown spotting during the day and mild cramps, I went to the toilet at night and there was bright pink blood when I wiped so I put on a pad thinking my period was about to restart, the next morning there was just abit more of brown blood and that was it. During that day and the next it felt like my uterus was full and about to explode which I took as a sign my period would star and since then there has been nothing, 2 hpt and both neg the last done nearly a week ago, your thoughts please.

Aug 29, 2011 5:08pm [ 69 ]

Hi Stacey - You could be experiencing early pregnancy (and the hormones haven't reached detectable levels) or your hormones are a bit out of wack this month. If you period doesn't occur - you could retest in one week to see. Alternatively you could go and see your midwife or doctor for advice.

Sep 1, 2011 5:14pm [ 70 ]

Hi there. I am a bit confused myself. I was due for my period on 28th August (that's following 28days) and didn't get it. My periods are always 28 days or 1-4 days earlier. I am never ever late. Late last week I started to feel nausea in the car etc, light headed, tired, extremely thirsty for water (which was one of the first signs when I got pregnant with my son 11 years ago) and headaches. And I had absolutely no PMS at all which is highly unusual for me as I get lots of symptoms always. The feeling of nausea isn't quite so bad at the moment... I get a bit 'off' in the afternoon and a bit tired. However, today I have started bleeding. It seems very similar to my period, but not. I have pain also similar to period pain, but again not quite the same. Not enough to take panadol. I did 2 home tests earlier this week but they were negative. My husband and I don't take any precautions and I know we had intercourse on what would have been my most fertile day (if based on 28 day cycle). When I was very young I had an ectopic pregnancy. Is this another wait it out thing? Or am I probably not pregnant? Thanks.

b b
Sep 3, 2011 3:45am [ 71 ]

I am 9 weeks pregnant and had a tiny bit of browny/red discharge so far today - i got my papsmear, blood tests and and ultra sound yesterday at the doctors for my first time visit...could the bleeding maybe due to that? The thought of losing this baby scares me. I know bleeding is quite common, not sure about this though??? THANK YOU!

Sep 3, 2011 11:04am [ 72 ]

Yes a pap smear can cause a small amount of bleeding. If your bleeding continues contact your midwife or doctor for advise.

Sep 3, 2011 11:06am [ 73 ]

Hi ChrisN - it is hard to say what is going on. It would be best to talk to your midwife or doctor.

Sep 15, 2011 3:38am [ 74 ]

Hi there. I am 9 weeks into my second pregnancy. I gave birth to my daughter only in February this year. I am currently on holidays in Europe and have experienced medium-light bleeding for the past two days. I have indulged in the odd taste of local produce ( namely wine and cheese - and not excessive ) and also done a lot of walking. This week I have also come down with a cold. No cramping per se - but occasional uncomfortablness which I have put down to normal travel woes. I have also been taking pregnancy multivitamins every day. Can any of this be conclusive to a miscariage? At this stage should I seek medical advice in the middle of a remote little german country village? I look forward to your response.

Sep 19, 2011 10:17pm [ 75 ]

help me please im 6+2 and im having pinkish/brow blood stained disscharge not alot its very tiny and no pain i had a scan last weds all was there n in right place but to small to see much so im going bk this friday i had this bleeding with my 2nd born and all the way though but im so so scared and upset i lost my 1st born son (stillbirth) at 25w+5d i cant lose anouther baby im scared there will be no heart beat on friday or that i will lose this baby i just want my dream and it keeps being snached from me althou ive a buitful daughter now im so scared :(

Sep 25, 2011 7:08am [ 76 ]

Hi Amber - I am sorry but I have not been able to answer questions for the last week due to excessive workload. The bleeding you described can be a sign that you may miscarry or it may pass without incident. I hope that the bleeding has settled down now for you. If it has continued see a midwife or doctor for advise.

Hi Nikki - I am so sorry you had such an awful outcome last pregnancy. From a health prospective - make sure you are eating a well balanced diet, taking vitamins and minerals (speak to your midwife, doctor or naturopath about which supplements are appropriate for you), lots of water and rest. I will cross my fingers that this pregnancy continues normally for you. I hope the scan you had on Friday was normal.

Sep 28, 2011 9:03pm [ 77 ]

Hi Doc, I am 33, I think I am pregnant, my last period was on Sept 1st, and the conceived day was on Sept 17th. I started to feel the pregnantcy symptom from Sept 21th to today. I take a pregnantcy home test but was negative and did that again on Sept 28th but still negative. on Sept 28th I started bleeding, does this mean I am not pregnant? does this mean my next period is arriving? or I am loosing my pregnantcy? I talked to a doctor around my area they said I was not pregnant but just the sign of tireness! but I find this hard to except as the symptom I have was since 21th Sept and not normal as tireness. Please doctor help to reply my doudt.

Sep 29, 2011 10:41pm [ 78 ]

Hi ngsm - I am a midwife not a doctor. Typically pregnancy symptoms do not happen until four weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. However women do experience pregnancy differently. If you have any further pregnancy symptoms or if your tiredness continues see your midwife or doctor.

Oct 4, 2011 9:29am [ 79 ]

Hi Jane, I was confirmed in very early pregnancy (about 4 weeks ish)by blood test back on the 19th Sept but started bleeding bright red blood the night of the 20th which bled relatively heavily (still bright red) for about 3 days and then tapered off to light browny/pink spotting for a couple of days. There were no clots, it was all fresh, watery red blood. I assumed it was a miscarriage as I also lost all my pregnancy symptoms - aside from the extreme tiredness. I never got tested or looked at since it was so early, I just assumed that much bleeding automatically meant early miscarriage. Do you think there is any chance I could still be pregnant given there were no clots? Or not likely? Thanks so much!

Oct 4, 2011 9:59pm [ 80 ]

Hi Mel - if you were still pregnant you would expect to have some pregnancy symptoms eg. sore breasts, nausea etc. While it is quite unlikely that you are still pregnant - it is still possible. If you were unsure you could do a home pregnancy test to find out.

Oct 9, 2011 9:48am [ 81 ]

Hi i have had a week of old blood when i wipe...Went to Drs on Thursday and she said that i had alot of old blood coming from my cervix...So Friday i went to my other Drs and he said since there was no pain all is ok but since then i have now got red bleeding still when i wipe and it seems to be getting a little worse....Still no pains and still have sore boobs and thats it but i dont get anything else...has anyone else had this happen

Oct 10, 2011 12:10am [ 82 ]

Hi Bilby - if your bleeding is red and continuing - contact your midwife or doctor for advise.

Oct 14, 2011 11:12pm [ 83 ]

I am 9 weeks pregnant and noticed today after going to the toilet that I had a bit of mucous discharge with a very light tinge of pink. I have had wind pains but no other problems. Should I be worried or is that common? I had an ultrasound around two weeks ago to date the pregnancy as I have polycystic ovarys and all was good heart was strong.

Oct 16, 2011 11:27pm [ 84 ]

Hi Donna - let your midwife or doctor know if you've had ongoing pink vaginal loss. It is reassuring that you've had an ultrasound and seen the baby.

Oct 17, 2011 2:21pm [ 85 ]

I'm almost 4 weeks - my next period was due on the 21st - 3 days ago I had very pink light spotting then the next day it was slightly heavier but still pink, now it's bright red and heavier. Not heavy as a period but it's concerning, there's also a clear mucous. I'm so worried and scared. Can anyone please tell me if this is okay? My doctor's appointment is in 4 days but I just need some advice right now!!

Jenna Griffiths
Oct 20, 2011 2:21am [ 86 ]

I'm 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I started to bleed red blood and a few clots 2 days ago. The Dr has taken my blood, the hcg level is 30, the Dr had hoped for higher but said she cannot confirm anything until we get the results of the next blood test to see if the hormones have doubled. Please can someone reassure me that there is still hope?

Oct 21, 2011 10:00am [ 87 ]

Hi Melissa - I am sorry but I am away from my computer frequently seeing clients. Bleeding in early pregnancy is common and many women go onto having a normal pregnancy. If your bleeding increases contact your doctor for advise.

Hi Jenna - Hormone levels need to be done in a series - so if the results show an increase in hcg levels it will be reassuring. Unfortunately it is a waiting game. I hope that everything turns out well for you.

Oct 25, 2011 2:11am [ 88 ]

Hi, I had unprotected sex on 9/10/2011 which was ovulation day and since then I am having all pregnancy symptoms but my home test turned negative on 22/10/2011 and I am having light bleeding from today (24/10/2011) along with all symptoms. I am really confused whether I am pregnant or not. my doc appointment is next week. if someone can help please..

Oct 27, 2011 2:59pm [ 89 ]

Hi Jane, I have lost 3 pregnancies and am very in tune with my body now and pregnancy symptoms. I have the strong feeling I am pregnant. my period is due on the 31st of this month but I have had bleeding which started brown and then turned red. Not sure if this is break through bleeding or the start of an early period. I have very heavy, sore and swollen breats and very tired and feel a little sick. Which I never get before or during my period. Just concerned it could even be an ectopic pregnancy? what would be the next best step.

Oct 29, 2011 7:52am [ 90 ]

Hi :) my period is around 3 weeks late now but I have been on a two week course of antibiotics, however, 5 days ago I noticed light pink then brown spotting. I usually get very heavy periods that are painful so this was completely different for me (also this only lasted for 3 days instead of the usual 6)... Is it likely antibiotics could affect this and would it be too soon to take a pregnancy test? Lately I have been extremely fatigued yet unable to sleep and now I am experiencing mild nausea - any advice would be appreciated thankyou :)

Oct 29, 2011 9:07am [ 91 ]

Hi Pal - Sorry about the delay in responding. I imagine you've seen your doctor by now. If you think you are pregnant and a test is negative. You can repeat the test in about 7 days (sometimes it takes a while for the pregnancy hormone to be picked up in a pregnancy test).

Hi Belle - We have an article on this site about ectopic pregnancy. The main sign of ectopic pregnancy is pain. If you are concerned about your bleeding speak to your midwife or doctor.

Hi Kat - Illness can cause changes in your menstrual cycle. If you think you may be pregnant home pregnancy tests can have a positive result from when your period is due.

Oct 29, 2011 3:10pm [ 92 ]

I am 12 weeks pregnant and had a bleed 2 days ago, which has stopped. I sought medical advice straight away, and have a follow-up appointment and ultrasound in another 2 days. I have been advised to rest, but I have an 18 month old who obviously requires constant care. I was wondering if it was safe for me to pick him up, or should my partner stay home for a few extra days to help out until we know the outcome of the ultrasound and test results?

Nov 3, 2011 10:35am [ 93 ]

we have been ttc and stopped using bc pills for 6months now. i gave up using the ovulation tests. i started my period on time this month but it has been 5days now and only light bleeding and no period stuff. should i take a pregancy test or is it too soon or may it just be an off period. i thought periods shed egg and lining??

Nov 3, 2011 11:58pm [ 94 ]

Is doing a urine test while u bleed affect the result in anyway...no matter how much or little u bleed!!!..when the best time after u bleed to test again..thanks

Nov 4, 2011 3:00pm [ 95 ]

i should be 8w plus pregnant but two days ago, had some bleeding- dark brown clot but no cramping. im sure of my LMP (27/8/2011) and ovulation date (17/9/2011) my hpt tested positive on 5/10/2011. immediately after the bleeding, i had 3 ultrasounds, 2 pelvic exam, and the sac is good, no sign of collapsing but it only measures 5w5d. repeat ultrasound is scheduled in two weeks time. im not exactly worried abt the bleeding but accompanied with the slow growth- im very very concern. any advice?

Nov 5, 2011 2:22am [ 96 ]

hi I'm pregant and I had some heavy dark red sorta like a period without gushing out only when I go to the bathroom. I do not know how far I am I'm trying to find a doc..i just moved to another state so I'm really worried. I do experice back pain but I have a bad back I dk what's goin on please help ty

Nov 6, 2011 1:14am [ 97 ]

Hi Jane, my partner and i have been trying to start a family for quite some time now and i realy thought i was pregnant up untill today i realised a browny coloured discharge/ mucus then turned redish towards the end of the day with cramping.... i was getting all the signs of pregnancy sore boobs,tierdness, heartburn, going to the toilet alot more, cravings ect.i was only 3 days late but i took a home pregnacy test was negative.. is it possable to be pregnant even though im bleeding or is it just wishful thinking?

Nov 7, 2011 1:48pm [ 98 ]

Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant and I was told i was having a threatened misscarriage I have a healthy 5 year old son and this is my second pregnancy. I bled alot of clots and for only 2 days it went brown. I go into docs tomorrow my hcg level was 27 on oct 27 then on the 30 it was 82 but on the 4th it was 71.9 is that bad????

Nov 9, 2011 2:51pm [ 99 ]

Dear jane, iam 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child I have had two miscarriages in the past and for the last week I have been having some brown discharge and some slight cramping so I weng to the ED on sunday and they checked to see what was going on and they told me that the cervix is closed and that my hcg levels have all gone up from 409 to 9600 which is good so they asked me to get a scan done to make sure it wasnt an etopic pregnancy I had the scan done on monday and they found the sac and the baby it has a heart beat off 120bpm which iam really happy about but I still jave been having brown discharge and cramping is this normal? Could I end up loosing the baby?

Nov 10, 2011 6:49am [ 100 ]

Hi Everyone - it is very difficult for me to keep up with the volume of questions (I do my best).

Sara - when experiencing bleeding in pregnancy it is important not to over exert yourself. Try to minimise lifting of your toddler where ever possible.

Tasha - sometimes a period can occur and isn't like a usual period or alternatively light bleeding can occur around the time a period is due when a women is pregnant (so it can be difficult to tell). If you feel it is possible you are pregnant - you can take a home pregnancy test.

PM home pregnancy tests are testing for pregnancy hormones. If you have some bleeding (as far as I know) it shouldn't effect the test.

Lea - unfortunately all you can do is wait and see how the pregnancy progresses. I hope everything turns out well for you.

Tara - I hope you were able seek medical advise.

Chloe - if your symptoms persist it is possible to be pregnant with some bleeding. If you still think it is possible you are pregnant test one week after the last test.

Ashlee - the pregnancy hormone they are testing for in your blood should rise. It is concerning that it is going down. Unfortunately you will have to wait to see what happens. I hope everything turns out well for you.

Rohanda - It is really reassuring that the ultrasound has detected the baby's heart beat. This is a good sign that the pregnancy will continue (though it is not a guarantee). Brown blood loss is old blood - so hopefully it will stop of its own accord. If you have bright red blood loss contact your midwife or doctor.

Nov 11, 2011 7:15pm [ 101 ]

Dear Jane, i'am 25 weeks pregnant. My last ultrasound scan was during my 22 weeks of pregnancy and scan reports told everything is normal, my baby is well developing and my cervical length is 2.7 so doc advised me to be little under care. From last couple of days i'am noticing red brown spotting. I'am really worried. I have no pains in abdomen or back. Should i ignore the spotting or should i contact my doc immediately?

Nov 12, 2011 6:49am [ 102 ]

Hi Shilpa - yes please contact your doctor or hospital right now. Bleeding in the second trimester needs to be investigated (even without pain).

Nov 16, 2011 2:05am [ 103 ]

I have heavy red bleeding and an hcg of 19 two days ago i am approx. 5 weeks pregnant. I have not passed any clots or tissue. Today the bleeding has been extremely less. I only had it when i wiped. i could wear a pad all day and night and only have a little blood. Can this be inplantation bleeding and do you think i still have my baby? I have had two pregnancies that resulted in two healthy babies.

Nov 16, 2011 11:05pm [ 104 ]

Hello, I'm not sure if i am pregnant or not. I don't get my periods at all as i have found out that i have poc, which means it's hard to know when i am ovulating extra, although with knowing this i have had 1 child 3 years ago, i did start taking depo after i had my child then i stopped as every time i went to the doctors i forgot about it. I have been having casual sex since my daughter sometimes he pulls out on time and just reasently I don't know what you call it it's not a period just a little bleed for just 1 day and only once, i took a pregancy test 2 days later and it come back as a negative result i haven't made a appointment yet to see my doctor i just wanted to find out if i could be pregnant or is it something else

Nov 17, 2011 5:25am [ 105 ]

Hi, i had a lot of bleedin around the 5 week mark i had a scan and baby looked ok. Bleedin turned to bright red and its settled now. However i have brown discharge still and my last scan was last week and baby was ok i am 10 weeks today they said they saw a bleed on the scan but not to worry as its small. Im worried as i still have the discharge should i go back?

Nov 19, 2011 4:42am [ 106 ]

hi dr. i had late ovulation around 22 cd and i stared spotting on 25 cd. today is 2 days late od my period due date but the spotting still continues without any cramp but sometimes during evening i feel heaviness in abdomen there is breast heaviness n it is now increasing..i havnt gone for hpt test..plz suggest me. thanks

Nov 20, 2011 8:10am [ 107 ]

Hi, I had a misscarige in may and now I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant, on Thursday night I had started bleeding it was just enough to see when I whipped, it keeps going away ana coming back, today I woke up and it was gone , is this normal ?

Nov 20, 2011 2:47pm [ 108 ]

Hi Nichell - it is reassuring that your bleeding has stopped. However at 5 weeks you may not see any tissue passed. You will need to see your midwife or doctor for advise.

Hi Linda - if you think you are pregnant. You can do another pregnancy test 5 to 7 days after the last test. Alternatively you can see an midwife or doctor.

Hi Natalie - If the bleeding you are experiencing is brown it suggests the blood is old (as opposed to fresh bleeding which is much more of a concern). Sometimes it takes a little while for the brown discharge to stop. If the bleeding turns red or is associated with cramping contact your midwife or doctor.

Hi Cheryl - The easiest way to find out what is going on is by doing a home pregnancy test.

Hi Joe - the bleeding you experienced could be what is known as "implantation bleeding". If you have any further loss contact your midwife or doctor for advise.

Nov 20, 2011 3:49pm [ 109 ]

Hi, I took a hpt yesterday that had a faint line the same day i started bleeding its not heavy or light its just in between with a tiny bit of long stringy blood i wouldnt say a clot I have no pain but my breast are no longer sore and i feel bloated or swollen on my stomach, I have had 2 misscarriages years ago and remember being in alot of pain so im confused as to what this could b...

Nov 21, 2011 6:37am [ 110 ]

Hi Lisa - The bleeding could be implantation bleeding (which is common and will stop quickly) or a sign that the pregnancy will not continue. Unfortunately you will just have to wait and see what happens. I hope everything continues normally for you.

Nov 22, 2011 4:58pm [ 111 ]

Hi Jane, My wife is seven weeks plus few days pregnant. She started experiencing blood discharge after like four weeks. We went to the Doc and was prescribed of oral drugs. This stopped the blood stuff but the discharge- yellowish substance on her pads- which continued the whole period she has been taking the drugs. It was until recently that she experienced a dark-brownish discharge. We are so scared of this new development. She is visiting the Gaenocologist today, but please help us understand what is happening. Are drugs the cause ? We avoided sex after this new discharge coming which is some 24 hours now! Please advise. Thanks Khisa

Nov 23, 2011 6:45am [ 112 ]

Hi Khisa - Bleeding can occur in early pregnancy. Sometimes a cause is found, other times a cause isn't found. Hopefully the doctors visit today will help you get some answers.

Dec 8, 2011 9:47pm [ 113 ]

Hi, im irregular early this year, but my menstruation were back again on track for 30 days cycle for about 4 months.. Im regular ds past few months. My last period was oct 29 2011, I've done 3 home pregnancy test for 3 diferent date, 12/2-12/4, and came out all positive, and went to the hospital for urinalysis 12/5 and came out postive, andthey ask me to have a blood test, i came back the following day, and they did urinalysis again because they need it the same day with the blood test, and came out positive again.. Last night when i went to the bathroom when i wipe it out when i pee, i notice a whitish brown like discharge.. What is it or is it normal? My doctors appt will be on 12/13.

Dec 9, 2011 11:39am [ 114 ]

Hi, I may be 10 weeks pregnant and wondering if bleeding brownish blood around the time of periods would happen, is normal?

My last bleeding was 2 days earlier than expected and lasted 2 days only with red blood and it felt like it flowed out quickly. Had no cramps or clots. This time again it is brownish and have mild cramps and 3 days late, with sharp back pains and no clots.

I have experienced pregnancy symptoms for the last ten to twelve weeks such as fatigue, herrmoids, headaches, Nausea and sore breasts and did not realise they were symptoms until now.

My mother did not find out that she was pregnant with me until she was 12 weeks because of what she thought were Periods. I have not tested because bleeding started and I am waiting till it finishes to test.

Thanks, Lilly.

Dec 10, 2011 4:08pm [ 115 ]

hello, im a 5 weeks pregnant,with vaginal bleeding for a week,from light to heavy menstruation like bleh bleeding associated with blood clots, i had mu ultrasound last week and showed twin pregnancy,im worried bcoz after the ultrasound a large blood clot discharge came out,at this moment the bleeding subside..is it possible that it is a miscarriage already?thankyou so much!

Dec 10, 2011 10:59pm [ 116 ]

I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago, I had a period about 2 week. But I've been spotting the last 4 days. I have had unprotected sex. I had no idea wats goin on please help

Dec 10, 2011 11:00pm [ 117 ]

i found out i was pregnant a week ago and this afternoon, i had slight cramps in my lower abdo. i went down for a nap and woke up with bright red blood in my knickers (sorry for tmi). i have 2 healthy children and miscarried my 3rd pregnancy in january this year. i am also diabetic (type 1). is there any hope for me this time around? how would i know if things are ok? because im only 4 and a half weeks so nothing could be seen from an ultrasound.....

Dec 14, 2011 9:52am [ 118 ]

Hi I'm 6w 4d pregnant and 1 week 3 days ago i started spotting very light brown blood it carried on until the tuesday when it got dark thick & red,i had a scan on the Friday which showed a normal healthy baby,heartbeat seen :) i was told to expect some bleeding in the week ahead but it is now tuesday and the blood has got quite heavy abd dark red with a few tiny stringy bloodclots but today the blood is more watery & a light red with jelly looking clots (only small) I'm just wandering that if this is a miscaraige,can it happen throughout this long amount of time?? I've also had mild cramps but they only happen for 5/10 mins and my symptoms are strong,sore boobs,sore nipples,feeling sick and tiredness

Dec 18, 2011 1:39pm [ 119 ]

Hi, I'm about 3 weeks pregnant and I have started bleeding red this morning. I was due for my period on 12th Dec but just had one small clot. Did a test on Wed and was positive. My last period started 12th November and I actually took a morning after pill just after 48 hrs on the Sunday. I'm happy I am Pregnant but worried today about this ongoing bleeding and if I am miscarrying.;(

Dec 20, 2011 4:37am [ 120 ]

I am almost 5weeks+3days pregant now but i ve done my pregnacy test at home twice (1st before going to the hospital and the other test was after i got the Test report from the hospital stating positive)and it is still showing negative so i visited a hospital which shows a positive result but i woke up this morning and was bleeding with lower abdominal pain and severe Cramp, visited the hospital and was asked to do a scan and after which was advised to do another pregancy test but this time with Blood... i ll get the result tomorrow. I want to know is this normal? especially with these pains??? Thanks awaiting ur response

Dec 21, 2011 12:16am [ 121 ]

Hello, My period was expected december 7 and I had unprotected sex the week prior. My period never came and it's 2 weeks late now. I took multiple preg tests and all were negative. Yesterday there was one bright red blood spot with mucus and then it was gone again and it was very minimal. What do you think is happening and should I be concerned? I have a higher stress work environment but I've never been this late before with stress.

Dec 21, 2011 8:28pm [ 122 ]

Hi I found out I was prego on dec1st took a home pregency test and sure enough it confirmed it , went to my obgyn on the 6th he took my blood work and sure enough th next day it was confirmed we are preganat . Shortly a few days later my husband & I had intercourse and just one tiny pinkish blood spot was on our bed sheets . All day I felt fine just a little nausea but come night time and I would get server back pain and cramps , felt like my period . Finally on Dec 17 th we had intercourse and saw a ill pinkish blood again but this time it had a really bad smell to it , I kinda freaked out and so did he but it was just a little spot but it smelled really awful. Next morning I woke up and felt blood in between my legs ran to the bathroom & gushes of blood and 2 huge blood clogs came out . I freaked out we rushed to the ER . Where they did th escape and pap and ultra sound , sure enough he did my cervix is still closed the baby is still inside me but they could not detect a heart beat . /they informed me I will be having a miscarriage in the next few days. That night we came home no more signs of blood no spotting nothing I just had major cramps and back pain finally fall asleep . The next morning I woke up to blood once again an entire toilet of red blood and lots of blood clogs but no fetus no sac nothing . They bleeding just gushed out of me and then nothing all day just a little spot here and there on my pad . Tuesday's morning which is today. I woke up fearing seeing blood once again and I didn't have a drop of blood nothing cramping and back pain once again . I have an apt with my obgyn on thur. And I'm concerned don't know what to think the baby hasn't passed and I read a lot on vagi ultra sounds sometime s can not detect the heart beat for the first 10 to 12 weeks . But with the bleeding cramps and back ache I am hopefully but haven't lost my faith that things might turn around. Please let me know if anyone has Beverly expericed what I have been going through . My hubby and I have been trying for a yr and we were so happy to find out the great news only to have to wonder when will the bby pass if I have bleed so much ...

Dec 22, 2011 3:54am [ 123 ]

Hi jane. I am about 4 weeks pregnant. For the past three days I have been having light bleeding. The first day was just pinkish and only when I wiped but the last two days (including today) it has been heavier. Not as heavy as my period but it's a little scary. It's not enough to change a panty liner but it's a bit red just looks watered down. My doctor said not to worry or let myself get stressed out. she told me to drink water and take it easy and call her if it gets heavier. but I'm still a bit nervous. Reading online if it's red it could be a threatened miscarriage .

Dec 22, 2011 8:24pm [ 124 ]

I am 7w2d by u/s dating, according to LMP I'm a week ahead of where u/s put me, but the tech told me to go by u/s dating.

Anyway I'm here because this afternoon I've had brown discharge for the first time ever during a preg. This is my second preg -the first was a mmc at 8w2d, so Im very nervous this time round. I had a very active, stressful day at work, lifting heavy items and on my feet all day. I also am exposed t anaesthetic gases at work and we had a accidental leak in our set up today. I'm hoping I just over did it physically today and bub will be ok, but I'm looking for advice

Dec 27, 2011 9:04pm [ 125 ]

Hi Jane, I'm TTC for 3 yrs and my period has been late for 5 days. I have most pregnancy symptom, such as sore breast, nauseau, diarrhae or sometimes constipated, On the day I should have my period, I had light brownish discharge, very few, for 2 days. The 3rd day it was clear. On 4th day (yesterday) I had few light brownish discharge again, until today I have slighly darker brown discharge followed by heavy stomach cramp. On afternoon when I went to toilet, I passed blood clot in size approx. 5cm diameter (sorry if tmi) This morning I tested with hpt and it was negative and I never experienced period cramp before nor spotting before period. Am I having m/c ? I will visit my doctor tomorrow, but can't stop worrying. Thank you.

Dec 29, 2011 4:33am [ 126 ]

Hi I am 7w3d pregnant. I started spotting (bright red) 8 days ago and they gave me an early scan 5 days ago. The baby was there and it's heart was seen to be beating but they said I was 6w5d pregnant (I thought by the dates I was a week on from that and I know when I ovulated so I think I was accurate). Anyway I have been spotting (sometimes light bleeding) most mornings since. It is always red. I have slight cramps and lower pack pain - nothing too painful. I am worried that as the baby measured smeller than I expected that that would be a bad sign. This is my 4th pregnancy (I had and IVF for 1st, m/c 2nd natural, and had a successful 3rd natural pregnancy. This one is also a natural pregnancy. I had a small bleed with my 3rd pregnancy but just for 1 day. I am still being sick about 7-8 times a day so I am hoping that's a good sign but also know that the hormone can remain for a while after m/c. Any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated - I can't help but suspect the worst but keep praying that as a full on bleed isn't happening yet that I might be really lucky. I am prepared for bad news so if it sounds bad please tell me!

Jan 5, 2012 11:02pm [ 127 ]

Hi Jane, Last week I experienced very light spotting for about 3 days (all gone now!). We went to the hospital where they performed an ultrasound. I thought I was 6w+5 however the yolk sac was measuring 5w+4 (no heart beat found, too small but sac looked a good shape?). On Saturday HCG was 5776 and yesterday (Wed) was measuring 7304. Normal or not looking good?

Jan 8, 2012 5:22pm [ 128 ]

Hi Jane Im just seeking a little bit of advise! I ovulated 9 days ago, we had intercourse on day 1 & 2 of ovulation then again on day 5, the following morning i woke up to brown spotting, by the next day it was red and has been like that for 2 days its not heavy but definitely there there has been no clotting just clean bright red blood, i would normally be due for my period around the 17th I usually have a very regular 28 day cycle! Is this to much for implantation bleeding and have i just had a very early miscarriage? Or do I stop stressing and wait and see what happens when my period would normally be due, Sorry just a little confused as I have 2 little girls with 2 very simple pregnancies.... feeling a bit like i'v never done this before. Thanks

Jan 9, 2012 6:51pm [ 129 ]

Hi Jane! I'm not sure if you can help me or not but Im just after a little bit of information or advise! I started my last period on the 18th Dec, I would have ovulated around the 31st of december through to about the 3rd of this month! My husband and I had sex on the 31st & 1st then 5 days later on friday 6th I started bleeding buy the saturday it was quite bright red and I'm still bleeding today on the 9th, its not very heavy but definitely there, and there hasn't been any clots. My period has always been a regular 28 day cycle and when I do usually get my period its normally really really heavy for 2 days and then gone, so im just a little unsure what this may be, would you have any ideas?

Jan 10, 2012 2:23pm [ 130 ]

hi Jane, I am supposed to be 10 weeks pregnant and I already had that implantation bleeding a while ago and it lasted one day. but now I had intercourse with my husband 3 days ago then after that I had some black/dark brown spotting wiped with tissue than last night it became more red than today but not real heavy flow about medium flow and wear a pad with little bit of clotting sometimes but I also have mild cramping off and of throughout the day. I have been resting and off my feet more than usual and trying to drink more water. Is this normal? should I be concerned? I have been pregnant before and this has never happened to me in a pregnancy. please let me know. Thank you.

Jan 12, 2012 2:42am [ 131 ]

hi i had a misscarriage oct 2010 im currently between 6-7 weeks pregs i started bleeding yesterday but its on and off its like i small gush n then diappears i have no cramps just minor period like pains whats the chances off me having another misscarriage thank you

Jan 22, 2012 2:00pm [ 132 ]

Hi, I think I am about 6 and 1/2 weeks prego with my 4th child. I am not sure how prego I am my periods are a little off. i believe my period stared the first few days of dec 2011. I am also around a day 18 ovulator. I have always spoted with each preg. my first 2 were natural del and were only 4 hours start to finish. I had one misscarage and then got prego with my 3rd child 2 months later bled again and had sever lower back ache the whole time. had to be induced i hemoraged durring delivery and then smelled like a balloon and had high blood pressure a few days later. went back to dr with shortness of breath he said I was hyperventolating. i said i don't think so and went to the er. Had a pulminary embolism. say blood dr said no coditions and could have another child. my youngest is now 5 and we are prego again. had an ultrasound since durring a pelvic me cervix let out a little blood when poked. new nurse freeked out and ordered a u/s stat. Now I am freeking out. I had an old kind dr.for the u/s he is retiring in a few monthes. He didn't even know how to turn on the machine had to ask nurse. he said i should be 7 weeks prego. I don't think so i always ovuate late. once he got the machine on he said everything looked ok. he wanted to see a reason for the bleeding and was dis he could not. said looked like a very early preg. He also said he could not see a heart beat.dr never measured baby. last time there was no heart beat i miscarried. this time I have lots of discarcharge. a little with pink only bled a week before period. back hurts at night and have had sharp panes at the begining. those are now gone. now i just feel bloated and a little uncomfort not cramp. I have a lot of gas.sorry and when i relieve that the uncomfort is gone. the ultrasound was on Jan19 today is jan 21 and had red blood on toilet paper after a bowl movment. No cramping and went away and now only had slight red in discharge like before. I am bleeding the least with this baby. my husband is convinced this is another miscarge. what do you think!!

Jan 23, 2012 3:13am [ 133 ]

Ms. Jane. I am in between my 7th to 8th week of pregnancy. I had IVF but I have been having problems. I have been having brown spotting the majority of which is in the morning (it looks as if it has pooled overnight) for the past 3 weeks. I have had several ultrasounds (first doctor said there was no baby (5wks external u/s), second one said there was a baby but no h/b (5wks 2 days transvaginal u/s), third said that there was no h/b but found one the previous time (husband argued.. really no point)(6 wks transvaginal u/s). I then decided to have 3 HCG tests (on my own) and have seen that the numbers have consecutively dropped (24000, 17000, 12000 (last being yesterday). I do not have any cramping though my symptoms have abated a bit (breasts swollen and sore one day and then not so much the next and then back again, not using the restroom as much).I cannot find any information that is in keeping with what is going on in my body. If this IS a miscarriage when will I have it.. do the numbers need to drop to a certain point? Is it possible that I will not miscarry naturally? Is it possible that I still have a viable pregnancy? As I am in what is considered a third world country I don't have much faith their medical system. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 27, 2012 1:13pm [ 134 ]

Hello Jane. I am 12 weeks pregnant and earlier this week I suddenly had small gushes of blood that seemed to be fluid-like (My husband and I had intercourse a day earlier.) I immediately panicked and went straight into the doctor where he did an ultrasound and found everything to be perfectly normal (strong heart beat, movement and perfect size for gestational age.) Afterwards the bleeding stopped but since then it's come back every now and then and I feel very sore in my cervix area. I don't have any cramping at all, just general soreness inside. Could I have an infection or could this mean trouble for my pregnancy later on? Any advice would help! Thank you!

Jan 28, 2012 10:42pm [ 135 ]

Hi jane. I had my last period 25th dec And had a positive home preg test on 25th january. On the 27th i had a bad cramp which lasted til the evening. I passed probably 50 mls of fresh blood wth 2 small clots. Now im still having on and off cramps and now having brown discharges.

Jan 29, 2012 9:15pm [ 136 ]

Hi for th last 3 days I had brown discharge that got quiet darkand that lasted for 3 days then 2 days after that I have light red bleeding. I am bloated and my tummy is getting bigger and harder and my breasts have got bigger and heavier as well. My period still isn't due for a week I feel like I'm pregnant as I feel sick all th time and don't have much of an appitite Can u plz help me I'm confused I hope I am but don't want to get my hopes up

Feb 3, 2012 8:53am [ 137 ]

Hi Jane, i was pregnant last year and had a early preterm labor at 22 weeks, she did not survive. Now, my doctor said i had a weak cervix so next pregnancy hell have to do a cerclage in between 12-14 weeks( high risk). Well this year i found out im pregnant again had my last period on dec 29, but ive been spotting since jan 11-feb02 my bleeding color varies from pink/ brown/ red.. he took somr blood work and said my hcg is at 55(as of feb02) and has me on prometrium 200 mg due to progesterone is low.am i suppose to bleed this long?

Feb 6, 2012 9:06pm [ 138 ]

i am five weeks pregnant,i had back and cramps, later i started seeing brown spotting ,then red ,then brown again.the doctor prescribed DUPHASTON 10 mg twice daily,my question is that usually miscarriage happens when there is an abnormal baby ,so does DUPHASTON prevent loosing abnormal babies.i am afraid that i am taking this medicine and forcing a weak ,abnormal baby to grow.thanx in advance

Feb 12, 2012 7:40am [ 139 ]

Hi Everyone - due to a huge workload I am no longer able to answer your questions personally. This is something I am not happy about but I have to be realistic about what I can achieve. PBB website now has a wonderful online community where health professionals and others are available to answer your questions. For any questions about bleeding in pregnancy please go to bleeding in pregnancy forum

Mar 1, 2012 1:39pm [ 140 ]

Hi, I had unprotected sex about 8 days ago. I started having strange dreams everynight, I've been bloated and very gassy! I just knew i was pregnant But today I have experienced bleeding days before my period is supposed to start and about a hour ago bright kind of darkish red stringy blood came out of me, I'm scared and worried that I could of miscarried, how would I know? Is it possible that I just did?

Mar 12, 2012 9:30pm [ 141 ]

I have a little bleeding during d time I am to see my period, but did blood test and was positive.the bleeding came with back pail. Pls advice me

Mar 12, 2012 9:34pm [ 142 ]

I have a little bleeding during d time I am to see my period, but did blood test and was positive.the bleeding came with back pail. Pls advice me

Mar 17, 2012 7:48am [ 143 ]

I just found out i'm 2 weeks pregnant having 2 miscarriages , I've had really light bleeding But no pain am I experiencing another miscarriey ?

Apr 18, 2012 10:38pm [ 144 ]

Hi jane, I had my miscarriage last year in september due to imbibed ovum and heavy bleeding.I got pregnant again this year and went on bedrest.(Though I moved around the house very little).today. While in shower I suddenly started bleeeding.I saw blood coming down with water and went straight to bed.noe I am not bleeding heavily..blood is there only when I wipe after toilet.I am on complete bedrest.I could listen to my baby's heartbeat in the seventh week.will my baby be fine.please help.there is no cramping as of now

Jun 30, 2012 7:38pm [ 145 ]

Hi am 24 yrs old ive not got my menstruation since last months may n june i had done urine test it was positive. I was ill last week i had drank some medcines now am bleeding everyday little by little inspite i had re done the urine test my pregnancy is positive. am very afraid if i had lost my baby. some brown n light redblood coming out my vagina little by little.

Aug 29, 2012 3:09am [ 146 ]

i am 36yrs. i saw my period last on the 26th of July. i did my IVF on the 14th of August, 2012 and 18 eggs was retrieved and three fertilized eggs graded A with eight cells was transferred into my utreus on the 17th of August. on the 25th of August i started spoting dark brown blood and the third day it was heavy with cloting and stop that same third day and the 4th day spoting very small, light. could this be implantation bleeding or monthly period.pls help me with your answers. am yet to do my pregnancy test.

Sep 3, 2012 5:15pm [ 147 ]

Hi, I am currently about 5-6wks along. I just recently had a miscarriage the end of June and found out I was pregnant in August without ever getting my period in between. I went to the ER a couple days ago for light bleeding and was told by the doc that i was either having another m/c or it was an eptopic because my HCG had went from 4400 to 5900 in 5 days. The u/s showed a sack in my uterus but that was all. The bleeding stopped the same day but when I wipe there is very tiny fragments of what i think might be tissue or old blood. Im not really sure. Its a holiday weekend so I wont be able to see my doc till at least tue or wed. I was just wondering if because my levels didnt double or becuase of this tissue stuff if that means a m/c is more than likely. I am trying to not stress but its hard. Just wondering if anyone has had anything like this happen and still had a viable pregnancy. Thank you all for your time.

Kerri honey
Sep 19, 2012 8:08am [ 148 ]

Hi I am almost six weeks pregnant and for the past 24hrs having been bleeding it starting light and now seems like my normal period but I have no pain at all I have to go back to the doctors today to check my levels could I be losing this much wanted baby??

Oct 15, 2012 9:11pm [ 149 ]

I am 8weeks pregnant as per the lmp and 7 weeks as per us. I have had two miscarriages before where i miscarried before 8th week after heavy bleeding. I have been having v v slight erratic spotting brown in colour since the begining. It doesnt even show on my panty only as a slight brownish tinge when i wipe and that too once in a week. Yesterday when i had spotting i went to get an ultrasound done and doctor told me that baby is fine and has a heart rate of 136 bpm and there is no internal bleeding or collection of blood and most likely this is old blodd. But because of my past history iam still worried. I feel most of my symptoms are there but have started tapering off now. Please tell me if you think there is any reason to worry. Thanks

Oct 17, 2012 12:11am [ 150 ]

so the past month or so me and my partner have been having unprotected sex. i have graves disease, and i've not yet had kids. for over a week i've had some brownish disharge and then sometimes its more red and there's more of it. I've had diarrhea for the past 4 days, i keep farting, burping, i've had heart burn. i haven't thrown up, but i've felt bloated and have had slight cramping. I usually have clear skin but i've started breaking out in pimples. i've been urinating frequently, and have been quite tired. I've also had tender breasts. But I Took a home pregnancy test today and it came back negative, could i still be pregnant ?

Oct 21, 2012 3:35am [ 151 ]

Hi I would like to know what you opinion is of my symptoms. If I am pregnant I would only be 2-3 week ... It started as some like pink spotting no pain or cramps in abdamon, sore breasts darker nipples, more tired then usual and eating a lot more also more frequent urination, it has turned into light red spotting and cramping over my stomach (like someone is in there and is pushing it out, trying to stretch it) I have slight pain on my right side one time that lasted about 3 min but haven't had it again, I did three tests all negative ?

Please reply ASAP Thank you

Nov 5, 2012 2:21pm [ 152 ]

Hi, i was wondering what could be the reason if i have had an ultrasound at 6weeks with a strong heartbeat and then had one spot of blood at 11weeks and had an ultrasound the next day and the baby was moving and somersaulting and had a strong heart beat again. Today im 12.1 weeks along and i have had a little bit of brown discharge. I have my NT scan booked and its only 3 days away but im still worried something has happened. Should i be concerned?

Nov 19, 2012 9:08am [ 153 ]

I'm 8 weeks pregnant yesterday after playing volleyball I started bleeding at around 2pm and throughout the night. this morning when I used the restroom, I noticed brown discharge and brown clots. I've in bed since then.

Nov 21, 2012 5:24am [ 154 ]

So I am 6 weeks along and have had brown discharge for two weeks. I was told if its brown not to worry. Yesterday it was bright red ( only when I wipe) no previous intercourse and no cramping. I went to emerg ( even though I have an appt today) and the dr had the results of my us from last week. She said the ultrasound showed I was 5w2d and couldn't find a heartbeat. They took blood and said they would take it again on wednesday and that I was probably miscarrying. I was told to come back if the bleeding got heavy. Well, the bleeding doesn't require a pad, is only when I wipe, but is bright red. Still no cramps. Am I miscarrying?

Mandy S
Nov 28, 2012 7:22am [ 155 ]

I have just weaned off Warfarin and have noticed brown discharge about the time AF was due. It later turned pinkish in colour. I do not have typical pms symptoms and no cramps at all. My stomach has been growling (loudly) quite a bit! I checked everything "down there" and noticed my cervix feeling quite soft and open. I also feel a bit nauseas and when I put my hand on my bloated tummy, I can feel my pulse. Weird??? We have been ttc now for 4 months - could this be my month?

Dec 14, 2012 6:25am [ 156 ]

Hey there, Okay so as most I'm very worried! I last had my period on the 27 nov, I then had unprotected sex right up until the 9th of December, then on the morning of the 9th I was bleeding after sex. The day before I felt bloated, when I went to the toilet after gaving sexiness noticed that the blood was looked like watery? (And not urine) then it stayed a light period for almost 5 days it was very light I could put a pad on leave it got a day and there might have been a table spoon? My blood has then turned into brown discharge like blood then stopped but the bloating is still there and a sore back as well. I know that on the 9th that's when I would have been ovulating so I'm not due for my period until another week… preg test says no, I say it's to early and my hcg hasn't dropped yet.

An answer would be super awesome!

Dec 18, 2012 10:53pm [ 157 ]

Hi, I had a pregnancy test yesterday and got a result as weekly positive. Later today morning i got my periods, but I culd experience a heavy lower backache with abnormal constipution which i never experienced before. Please help me whether its a normal period cycle or indicating any other issue.

Thanks, Ramya

Jan 11, 2013 3:23am [ 158 ]

Hello. I'm hoping you can help. My LMP was Nov 23. I have normal 28 day cycles, and sometimes sooner. I am 20 days late for my cycle, however, I got this sharp pain in my left side then have had bright red blood. I'm very concerned, because I'm unsure if I could be pregnant or not. I have take 3 HPT and 2/3 of them came out negative and one did not work properly. The last one was taken over a week ago. I did discuss this with my doctor yesterday, as I had another appointment for something else, and he felt it was unnecessary to perform a blood test. I'm just really confused. Thank you for your help.

Jan 23, 2013 10:46am [ 159 ]

Hi. I'm really confused. My last period was on the 23.12.12. Then on the 13.1.13 I had a feeling I might of been pregnant so I done a test it come back negative. I then started to bleed heavy on the 14.1.13on the 3rd day of bleeding my breasts were really sore I feelt sick and have been having really bad headaches. So I decided to do a test it come back with a faint positive. The next day I done another one and it was still positive my bleeding has now slowed down and I have pink brown spotting. With my other 3 children I never had bleeding. Am I still pregnant or is it a mc.

Jan 26, 2013 6:52pm [ 160 ]

Hello, so two days ago I had found out I was pregnant I was so happy then today I went to get my blood test results to confirm them, which they did then I noticed I was bleeding like a light/normal period with cramps ... I'm meant to be 4 weeks 5 days! Also my hcg levels were really low like 5, I'm actually really scared

Jan 29, 2013 5:37pm [ 161 ]

I hope you can help me. I am 36 weeks pregnant and I experienced some light bloody discharge lasting 3 days. It was also accompanied by a night of contractions between 9pm-6am and then the contractions suddenly stopped.

I am surprised that my bleeding has stopped. Does this mean my bloody discharge wasn't a show? My membranes haven't ruptured and I haven't had further bad contractions. I am GBS -

Feb 26, 2013 7:33pm [ 162 ]

Hi, My wife is 7 week pregnant and still face some vaginal bleeding. We consulted doctor and she prescribed her to take bed rest and baby is in normal developing stage. And also suggested to not to travel till next 3 months. We are very much worried of our child. please suggest

Feb 26, 2013 9:53pm [ 163 ]

What should I do or say if I have string mucus with little blood down toilet after urinating I am worried and am only a 6weeks pregnant please answer asap please ? Xx

Mar 5, 2013 2:00am [ 164 ]

I had a missed abortion 8 months ago and now am about 7 weeks pregnant. my doctor prescribed Duphaston 10mg and i have taken it for 17days now. 4 days ago i noticed a brownish discharge when i wipe after i pee and it is still there upto now. am also crampy on and off. is this side effect of duphaston? coz i have read that one has vaginal bleeding when taking it?? am really scared of going through another miscarriage.please help.

Vasu Mittal
Mar 19, 2013 3:16pm [ 165 ]

Hi, Me and my husband used condoms during sex but from last two months we are not using condoms as we are trying to conceive and after that I have my periods irregular . I normally have my periods on 29th of the month but last month it came up on 24th(not normal flow as less bleeding,and thick brownish,lasts for 6 days), thought of periods only but this month it came up on 14th only with the same less bleeding and thick browish. Please suggest.

Mar 26, 2013 6:31am [ 166 ]

Hi, i am 5-6 days late on my period. i am always usually on time. i had some bleeding today which was red but really watery and i havent lost anything since. Why is this please? many thanks

Mar 29, 2013 7:55am [ 167 ]

Hi, I'm really in need of some advice/reasurrance. I'm 10 weeks and 6 days. I have had light discharge/bleeding for 6 days now from pinky colour to sometimes red, sometimes browny, only there where I go for a wee, no pain or cramping at all, my urine is clear, spoken to my gp twice they have said there's nothing to be concerned about until it gets heavier or I get pain, I haven't got my scan for another 13 days, just want to know where I stand because its killing me not knowing, bed rest seems to help, any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks in anticipation x til he

Mar 29, 2013 7:59am [ 168 ]

Hi, I'm really in need of some advice/reasurrance. I'm 10 weeks and 6 days. I have had light discharge/bleeding for 6 days now from pinky colour to sometimes red, sometimes browny, only there where I go for a wee, no pain or cramping at all, my urine is clear, spoken to my gp twice they have said there's nothing to be concerned about until it gets heavier or I get pain, I haven't got my scan for another 13 days, just want to know where I stand because its killing me not knowing, bed rest seems to help, any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks in anticipation x til he

Apr 12, 2013 5:43pm [ 169 ]

Hi, im gayathri... Me and my partner had sex last month (March). My period day is 4th day of every month. But i dnt have my period this month. We thought i got pregnant and felt happy. But wat happen is, on April 8th i had light blood cramps and brownish color on my panty.. If i do any hard work by stressing myself it bleeds only like 5 drops likewise. Wat to do? Shall i get pregnancy tester in medical shop and check myself...

Apr 22, 2013 3:18pm [ 170 ]

Hello. I woke up this morning with bright red vginal bleeding. I noticed when I wiped after my morning pee. My period isn't due for another week so I figured it came early and inserted a tampon. About 3 hours later I go to change my tampon and there isn't much blood. I don't insert a new one and I've been checking periodically and no more blood at all. I've had no cramping or any other period symptoms. I'm concerned, should I go to my gyno right away? I've had previous abnormal paps could the bleeding be related to that or could I be pregnant?

May 6, 2013 3:08am [ 171 ]

Hi i am in first 45 days of my pregnancy. Is it good to have sex with my partner. Looking for your reply

Mermaid mom
May 28, 2013 2:05am [ 172 ]

Hi, I am 10 dpo and had sex using the pull out method during my most fertile time of my 30 day cycle. I started feeling pregnancy symptoms within a week. I then got a browny pink discharge 5 days before my period was due which then turned into mild to medium bleeding. yesterday the bleeding was associated with cramps and back pressure and some match stick head size clots here and there... the cramps stopped and the bleeding is alot less and tapering off. during the time i was bleeding and cramping, my boobs continued to get fuller and my aereolas are very large with the montgomery bumps on them.. I also have increased saliva and still some much less mild pressure in low abdomen with some mild pokey twinges... my qustion... the liklihood of being pregnant after all the bleeding, and cramps, and would my boobs still get bigger and would i still have the pokey pressure and lots of peeing if it was an early miscarriage yesterday? I am due for period tomorrow.

Jun 1, 2013 9:49pm [ 173 ]

Hi im around 5 weeks pregnant and today after intercourse I started bleeding unlike a period bleed but no cramping im worried as to what it could be please help

Jun 2, 2013 8:46pm [ 174 ]

Hi I was due on my period 16 may I dun ia test that shown I was pregnant but since Wednesday I have lost just very little bits of red blood only when I wipe and not all the time. My hcg levels on Thursday was 581 and on sat was 518 I've had no pain and feel fine I'm only early in my pregnancy they done a scan to find no sac what I believe is normal if your early and ur hcg levels are under 1000 I'm due to go back again tomorrow what do u think .

Jun 6, 2013 5:47pm [ 175 ]

hi i had my LMP on 27th march i go for a UPT on 29th april which turns out to be negative then again i had a test on 6th may which was positive then on 4th june i went for an ultrasound scan doc said acoording to calculations u must be 9 weeks pregnant but on scan she can only see a sac then she told me that may be i have cncieved late advised me 2 cuma fter 2 weeks but yesterday i had a light brwnish dischrge vry vry less just as much if wiped after 8 hours then can be seen else not i am v much worried can anybody help me

Jun 13, 2013 3:33pm [ 176 ]

Hi, I think i may be pg with my second. i have increased appetit and weight gain, however, i have recently started passing very tiny blood cots (1 or 2) and it was with a stringy discharge. could this potentially be a threaten miscarriage?

ajai kumar
Jun 18, 2013 2:17am [ 177 ]

my wife is 8 weeks pregnant.after 6weeks she went for scan and everything was ok.now evrey morning she found blood stained a bit i want to know that is it this small amount blood stained harmful for her?

Jun 18, 2013 10:50pm [ 178 ]

Hi I did 2 pregnancy tests on one day and it both came back positive and the following day I did another test and it came back negative. So I made a doctors appointment and the blood test came back the hormones should be over 25 if its positive and my blood test was only 19 so my doctor said to come back next week for a blood test. But today I woke up with back pains and bleeding and I seen my doctor but I think she thinks we aren't pregnant. I am confused and a little upset and anxious I am still bleeding and feel very tired and my body is aching. I have a 2 year old boy and this didn't happen in my first pregnancy. I would love some insight on what I should be doing as my doctor told me to go back to work and all I wanna do is sleep as I am very tired and feel drained and i am taking panadol for the back and leg pain. Look forward to your reply.

Jun 21, 2013 11:14pm [ 179 ]

Hi im 5 week pregnant and been bleedin from wed afternoon its fri now and its nearly stoppedthe bbleeding was like a very light period i cant have a scan till mon i have had no pains or cramps do you think its implantation bleedin or was a miscarrige i always thought a miscarriage was painful and your bleed was quite heavy

chrystal Tinsley
Jun 23, 2013 1:17am [ 180 ]

I am around 4-5 weeks pregnant and was suffering with cramps the doctors suspect ectopic i had my blood done yesterday and they were 320 i have more bloods tomorrow and was wondering what they need to be to be considered normal pregnancy? any information or advice would be greatfully recieved

Jun 24, 2013 5:18pm [ 181 ]

Hi I'm about 6 weeks pregnant confirmed with blood test last Tuesday and hcg levea were over 2000. Yesterday my husband and I had sex in the evening and I've been fine but this evening I went to the bathroom and had a bm (been constipated since my period was supposed to start) and when I wiped there was a little bit if pink spotting on the toilet paper (from vagina). I wiped again and there was nothing. I never had any spotting with my first pregnancy. Should I be worried?

Jun 27, 2013 3:29am [ 182 ]

I am 8weeks pregnant I woke up in the middle of the night and wipped pink mucous on the toilet paper but when I woke for the day there was nothing. Is this normal?

Jun 29, 2013 12:38pm [ 183 ]

I am 3 weeks pregnant and i discovered blood coming from my Vagina..I am scared because this is my first time to experience such thing.

Jul 1, 2013 12:15pm [ 184 ]

Hi i had a miscarriage a couple months ago my next period i was bleeding for nearly 2 weeks i done a test but was negative now yesterday mornin i started bleeding for not even 2 hours an the same thing has happened again this morning i havent done a test yet but what does this mean? Thank

Jul 2, 2013 4:05pm [ 185 ]

Hi I need some help I have done home tests some positive an some negative I've also done blood tests but they keep coming up inclusive I've also been getting all the symptoms of being pregnant I think I could b bout 3 months maybe but im also having my period aswell im starting to show but not to sure I have 3 kids an this has never happened before wat do I do the doctors don't even know wats goin on please help

Jul 5, 2013 10:37am [ 186 ]

Hi, I have a two year old and my pregnancy was very good no bleeding and had a healthy boy. Since then have had two miscarriages which both started with light brown discharge then heavy bleeding.. I am now 7-8 weeks pregnant again and have had an ultrasound and they found a heart beat. But yesterday I had light brown discharge when I wiped after going to the toilet. I only went to the doctor yesterday and worried if I should go back or not. The waiting is killing me and trying to stay positive. I'm worried it's happening again.

Jul 12, 2013 5:10am [ 187 ]

Hey im 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant and today i have been experiencing bleeding everytime i pee on&off... I have my first dr appointment tomorrow please tell me im not having a early miscarriage because me&my boyfriend has been trying to have kids. My period for this month is also late... What could this be?

Jul 12, 2013 12:24pm [ 188 ]

Hi Doctor , I had red spotting yesterday morning and then brown spotting in the after noon . I am in my 20th week and the ultra sound test said my baby is doing fine . I felt run down yesterday and heavy . What should I watch out for to see if things are getting worse

Jul 14, 2013 10:42pm [ 189 ]

I am abit worried I think im implantation because I had a pinkish bit of blood in my my pants then stopped but now im bleeding like im on my period its only been 5 days since I had sex is that normal could I be pregnant

Jul 16, 2013 12:17am [ 190 ]

Hi i am currently 7 weeks pregnant today i,ve started spot bleeding brown pinkish blood not alot but have a sore back to .....in april i miscarried at 6 weeks ,,,does it look like i,ll miscarry again

Jul 21, 2013 9:36pm [ 191 ]


I have a problem I thnk am 3 weeks pregnant and I did home pregnant test it was show negative but my symptoms show dat am pregnant(tender breast sores,big and getin darkerand full,moodly and feels like I can vomit.so today morning I just saw blood on my panty and I took pad cos it was a serious havier blood but not clots.the problem is if I touch my bladder I stil feel something,and now its stoped and knw if it gnna stop forever .is it a sign of miscariage or is a plantation or is what?am realy comfusd

Jul 22, 2013 7:12pm [ 192 ]

Hi, I found out I was pregnant when I went to the hospital for abnormal bleeding. Doctor told me I was pregnant and probably miscarrying. I've been bleeding 6 days filling a pad a day which for me is light as I have really heavy periods. But I am still having pregnancy symptoms. My breasts are swollen and sore I've been dizzy and nauseous. I'm wondering if I could still be pregnant or if I'm setting myself up to be disappointed?

Jul 23, 2013 4:12am [ 193 ]

Am 9 weeks pregnant and am spotting and on bed rest

Jul 29, 2013 5:48pm [ 194 ]

Hi I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant 1 week ago. I woke up yesterday, stood up out of bed and a gush of bright red blood came. I wore a pad and continued to have very light bleeding, no cramps for the rest of the day. I went to A&E to check everything was ok and have a scan tomorrow at the EPU. I praying everything will be ok. I really do feel for women going through this scary and unsettling time.

Jul 31, 2013 2:38am [ 195 ]

Hi.im 5weeks .I was on the trenessa birthcontrol pill and I had sex around the time I was most fertile.I bleed after ovulation. Then a week. After j een bleeding brown for 9 days I missed my period..what's going on?

Jul 31, 2013 2:06pm [ 196 ]

My last period was on June 27th. My husband and I had unprotected sex the full week of July 8th - July 13th (each day) as I was expected to be ovulating/most fertile. My period was supposed to come on July 25th which I missed. I am always on time with my menstrual (28 day cycle). I took a pregnancy test at 9 PM on July 26th but was BFN. On July 28th mid afternoon, I noticed when I weent to the bathroom and wiped there was a slight streak of light pinkish/reddish blood. My husband had sex that same day. After that, I realized when I went to the bathroom, the blood was more like bright red but wasn't like my regular menstrual cycle. July 29th, the blood flow as still a bright red but was flowing more than the previous day & passed some very small clots. July 30th, the blood flow was minimal compared to yesterday and haven't passed any clots at all. Do you think having sex that day is causing the blood flow as such? Do you think these are signs of a miscarriage? I already scheduled an appt. with the GYN for this Friday.

Aug 11, 2013 8:22pm [ 197 ]

Hi there ive found out that I am 5.4weeks pregnant. On friday, 2days ago I had a little pink orange discharge that was slowly turning more red. I went to the doctor as I was very concerned due to having two miscarriage in the last 9 months, both lost around this time in the pregnancy. The bleed has continued but has lessoned. Still a pink red in colour. I have had no pains and my breasts/nipples are still very sore. I have a scan on wed but am stressing and finding it difficult to wait. Is there any hope. Thanks

Aug 18, 2013 2:32pm [ 198 ]

Hi Im 14 weeks pregnant suppos to be. And i visitd my gp, because iam concern about my brownish discharge, and the doctor said everything is okay, and she check my urine, its clear everything is normal, then she ask me and my partner if we want to do the downsyndrome scan. And i agree just for the sake of listining of my babys heartbeat. So went for scan last friday after the bloodtest. The physician said that the baby size is like an 8weeks and 2day. And no heartbeat. I dont understand why it happen like that. I didnt feel any pains before, everytime i went for check up. Everything about me are fines , normal. I was stress the past couple of weeks, and didnt feel any hungry, unlike my first month of pregnancy i always feel hungry every 2hours. Anyway we went to the hospital straight away, and they check my bloodtest, and urine. Still the same my urine is clear no sign of infection.but the nurseand the doctor said how i like to remove the baby. If i want it in nature way just let it go, or take medicine or surgical operation, i forgot what they call it. So anyway i said i want it clean inside. We went back home, and the red spots start to come out, until now, its getting sticky and sticky red blood. What will i do. Will i go back to hospital and let them know about this? And my question is why my baby size is like 8weeks, is that mean my baby is dead inside on that 8th weeks of my pregnancy and didnt grow anymore? What is the best way to get rid of the dead fetus inside, nature way or just the surgical way? Coz i want to get pregnant again . Im 28yrs old, and this fetus inside suppos to be my first baby. Now its my first angel :(

Aug 19, 2013 3:05pm [ 199 ]

Hi all, I was pregnant in my teens but lost at 16 w; I saw my baby then. I'm know over 35 and had 2 BO in a year... pregnant again now after 3 months of last BO... I have no kids... praying for God to bless me with kids one day. In first 2 BO I had different symptoms but in both I had tender breast. Now I am 5w4d and had bad cramp in right leg and started spotting... I had and ultrasound and they said they didn't see a sac... I have a follow up apt with Dr Tuesday morning to test HCG levels... I don't want to have high expectations as it is painful enough...but still I will like to try again if I don't have a good outcome. Can someone tell me where to find help to know what's going on with my body that it is not strong enough to carry a baby to term? Thanks in advance.

Aug 23, 2013 3:27am [ 200 ]

Don't know what to do, I'm playing a waiting game and its driving me insane. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and have started having light pink discharge when I wipe only. My breast are no longer sore and have had light cramping but this seems to have stopped. I have been to see my GP and she said that I was probably miscarrying and too early to send for a scan so to go home and let nature take its course. I'm unsure what to do and if this is me miscarrying. Can anyone help?

Megan Jenkins
Aug 26, 2013 6:36pm [ 201 ]

Hi :)

I done a home pregnancy test about 5 days ago, I estimate myself to be around 5 weeks pregnant, on Friday night my husband and I engaged in kind of rougher sex than usual and on Saturday I had old blood spotting which went within the hour, however the next day I had some very light pinkish discharge, then today it is kind of really really dark red? There's not a lot though, maybe about 2 table spoon worth the whole weekend until now, I still have slight spotting of this deep red streaky spotting. only enough to lightly streak a pad which I haven't had to change at all. I have had 4 miscarriages in the past, and this will be my 9th pregnancy, I have 4 children, I had 2 and then suffered 4 miscarriages until I had my now 2yo, and then I went on to have another healthy though 36 week baby 15 months later after my water broke at 33 weeks and was induced at 36 weeks. I also have a slight prolapse, where my cervix instead of being 4-5 inches up is only about 1 1/2 inches away from the opening. I have to admit I am a little scared as we were really excited to be having our 5th child, I haven't had any pain either with the bleeding. I went for a blood test today to confirm pregnancy and see the Dr again for results on Wednesday where I will also be telling him about my loss obviously. This if it is a miscarriage is unlike any of my others.

Oh I have also had 3 Dilation and Curettage.

Thank you in advance

Sep 3, 2013 8:57am [ 202 ]

Can you help? I had a m/c 10days ago.. I was 5weeks pregnant. I went through the pain and bleeding for about 4/5 days. On the 5th day me and my partner had unprotected sex. And now 5 days later I feel sick and having cramps and very white creamy discharge that is constantly making me feel like I want to go toilet ( no pain when passing urine, or smell! ) could I be pregnant this soon after a m/c?? And I have read that if I took a hpt that it will probably come back positive because its so soon after. What do I do???

Alina Ramola
Sep 3, 2013 9:11pm [ 203 ]

Hi I am 6-7 weeks pregnant, and this is my first pregnancy. And yesterday suddenly I started bleeding.Doctor send me for an ultrasoound and told me it is too early to tell if its going to be a healthy pregnancy or it is going to be a misscarriage. The bleeding starts only when I am walking or doing some work, if I continuously lie down on the bed then its 3-5 drops in an hour. She told me take rest and an ultrasound next week.I am really worried. Can you please guide me what can this mean or what should I do to have a healthy pregnancy, as like others I dont want this to be misscarried?

Sep 4, 2013 3:43am [ 204 ]

Hie all I was 4weeks preg started bleeding on thurs I lost my baby this is 3rd time it happened I feel so hurt feel lost

Sep 5, 2013 2:22am [ 205 ]

I done a pregnancy test yesterday I've started getting light red blood only when I wipe also I'm not due my period u til the 13 of this month

Sep 9, 2013 4:29am [ 206 ]

i was just wondering if anyone can help me, i found out i was pregnant 4 weeks ago and according to my lmp i am 1o week 5 days, but to my calculation and date of conception i am roughly 7 weeks and 2days pregnant, i went for my first scan at about 3 weeks and they could only see a sack and said its growing fine and i got told to come back in two weeks, when i was 5 weeks, i did so and could only see the sack again and this time it had grown more and said it looked fine, i went back in two weeks when i was exactly 7 weeks and still no baby but the sack had grown to 17.7mm so have to go back in two more weeks, in the last couple of days ive been getting some what started out as dark brown blood and has now turned into a more reddish colour, yesterday when i wiped i had what looked like a piece of string like substance that was a dark red and this morning when i wiped there was some slimy sort of substance with a mixture of red/brown blood, this is my first pregnancy and im really worried i havent been getting any serious pains atm but im panicking as i dont know what is going on, has any one else experienced this before? if so what was the outcome? sorry for the graphic details btw xx

Sep 12, 2013 6:12am [ 207 ]

Hi , I need a bit of advise , I recently had a miscarriage, sometime in July , and iv just found out that I am pregnant again , I am bleeding heavy and then it goes light sorry to be a bit open but I am so scared its been like this for about 3 days , I have been so stressed recently I have a scan on Friday, I just don't know what to think specially as I just started to bleed so heavy again :( ..??/

Sep 25, 2013 12:04pm [ 208 ]

Hi I am wondering if I could be pregnant I am on the pill I do sometimes miss. Few which is naughty this week I have been feeling nausea and yesterday I had bleeding then next had s brown blood and went away and last night the bleeding is back?

Sep 28, 2013 6:33am [ 209 ]

Hi im surposed to be 8 weeks 2day.just over a week ago I had period pains then a brown discharge when I wiped. I phoned epu and couldnt see me until the Monday. All wknd continued with the now browny and red discharge still only when I wiped and some more period like pain on the Sunday afternoon. Monday came went for scan which I had internally expected the worse.but saw a heartbeat.Wow couldnt believe it.was only measuring 6 weeks. That afternoon period like pains again. Which have continued. Wednesday the bleeding turned red colour when I wiped. Not really any heavier few spots on a pad. Its now friday still the same.period pains have eased.Got to wait 6more days for another scan.have I had a miscarriage? ? X

Oct 17, 2013 11:12pm [ 210 ]

Hi I missed my period any after 3 days I got clot of brown blood 3 times 2 day then stop.so I can b pregnant or what?

Oct 19, 2013 2:41am [ 211 ]

hiya this may be wishfull thinking. bit me and my partner have been trying for 1 year to concieve after having a miscarrage november 2011. anyway so far no luck for us. I baught those expensice xlearblue digital fertility sticks so we did everything we had to on the days we were meant to according to the results. anyway im 11/12 dpo and I have been lightly bleeding for 2 days today. no clots no pain nothing im due on tomorow. I usually have pain and clots and this is different. iv tested with a hpt and all negative ( tested in the afternoon s) could I be pregnant or are chances slim? x

Nov 7, 2013 3:48pm [ 212 ]

Hi im Looking for some Advice as i am concerned. Im 23. My Period was 58 days Late and over the last 4 days ive noticed very Light bleeding Which is unusual for me. Usually its a medium to Heavy flow. Im not sure what is causing any of this. My Period is usually Like clockwork. I did a home Pregnancy test at 16 days Late and it came up negative. im not pure what to do. Im Just Looking for some Advice From people who might have been through the same thing before i go see a Doctor. Can Someone help?

Nov 12, 2013 11:22am [ 213 ]

Hi me and my boyfriend have been trying to get preganant, I thought I maybe could not remember when my period and I just starting bleeding brownish and a little red not sure if it is my period or not.. Any ideas for me. I have had a sore back and tried all the time and headaches for a week or more. Is it my period or am I preganant?

Nov 16, 2013 12:56am [ 214 ]

i was 5 days late on my period so i decided to take a pregnancy test i bought the one that tells you 5 days before missed period and it came out positive i had a doctors appointment he scheduled me to an ob on wensday but i started with brown discharge when i wipe really light but now it turned red my family bleeds during the first trimester while pregnant maybe im like them,

tracey campbell
Nov 18, 2013 2:15am [ 215 ]

hi im totally confused and would very much appreciate some advice. im thinking i could be pregnant my last 2 periods lasted only a couple of days the 1st period which was on the 19th of sept lasted only a day an a half id thick brown discharge on the 1st day and the second a bit of blood, my 2nd period was a day late and id the same thing again only it lasted 3days. now this time i was 4 days late and my partner and i had intercourse and i bleed the next day there was very little blood but it was accompanied with cramps, today im bleeding abit heavier but its more so brown with blood? could i be pregnant and be experinceing breakthough blood? i do feel and think i am pregnant but ive just no idea as this didnt happen with my 1st twp pregnancys. Ive heard this can happen if its a change of sex? Id twins with my 1st pregnancy both girls and my 2nd prehnancy id another girl. hope someone can give me some advice please and hope that it is that im pregnant :)

Nov 19, 2013 11:29am [ 216 ]

last Wednesday after intercourse I bleed bright red and two days later I started feeling ill I took pregnancy tests and came back as positive, went to the doctors and he didn't seem concerned about the bleeding as I did another test there which also came back positive I am booked in for an ultra sound to determine how far along I am, but I have been reading a lot about miscarriages and was wondering of I had one? I have tender breasts and morning sickness but am still worried please help

Nov 26, 2013 7:26pm [ 217 ]

I was supposed to be 7-8 weeks pregnant when I miscarried naturally. My hcg levels were taken, at first it increased slowly,then started to decrease very slowly. So I had to give my blood every week to monitor my hcg level. I bled for about 3 weeks and after my bleeding stopped we started to try for another baby. Now after 2 weeks since my miscarriage bleeding has stopped, I got dark red discharge once and then when I wiped I got brown discharge... I thought I was getting period, but there was no blood after that. I'm quite confused now. Should I go and see a doctor ? And also I had two miscarriages before my son. And I got pregnant with my son right after my second miscarriage.

Nov 28, 2013 6:09am [ 218 ]

Hi, So I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant through IVF Frozen transfer. My HCG levels at 5 weeks were 8000 and progestrone was at 15. I am also taking vaginal supositories 3 times a day. My doctors think my numbers look great, and we were able to even see a gestational sac at 5 week 4 days.

However, just after the ultrasound(vaginal)yesterday, I noticed some light spotting(red) for about 30min and then had some brown spotting- again very scanty. No cramping or pain. It has stopped now and I haven't had any spotting since the last 18hours. I called my doctor and he mentioned that this is normal and it could be because of the irritation caused by the US device.

I don't have an utrasound until next week. Should I concerned? I am really stressing out so much, because I really want this baby so bad.

carmen gonzales
Nov 28, 2013 7:21am [ 219 ]

Hi I did a few home pregnancy tests which came out positive, a clear blue test showed I was 1-2 weeks pregnant. 3 days after finding this out I had red blood on wiping I then put a pad on n just a tea spoon of red blood was on there maybe less, however it feels like a period n I have slight cramping just like a period. Im not bleeding heavy on my pads but all the water is red when I pee an there is alot of blood only when I wipe. Sorry for too much detail I am very scared as I am happy to be a mum. I went to the hospital who have taken blood n need to take more in 48hrs to check if my hormone levels have decreased. .... please tell me if this sounds like an early miscarriage. Ps I also have a urine infection could that be the cause of cramps n bleeding???? Please help

Nov 30, 2013 12:57am [ 220 ]

I had a feeling I was pregnant. I was just hoping my period didn't come. I was getting negative tests but I heard that happens. My period was a week late so I started to get my hopes up. But now when I'm on the toliet blood comes out, a couple clots came out. But the blood is dark like its old. But the blood only happens on the toliet. I had a pad on but nothing. This has only been happening for a day. I'm just scared that I really was pregnant and I'm losing the baby. But it could also be normal right? Or the blood clots mean a miscarriage?

Dec 5, 2013 9:01am [ 221 ]

Hi I had intercourse and right after I felt really nauseas it was pretty rough sex. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped it was kinda a pinkish color on the toilet paper im somewhere between 5-6 weeks pregnant is this a bad sign. Am I having a miscarriage or is it completely normal. Please help im so scared

Dec 6, 2013 10:38pm [ 222 ]

My daughter-in-law is pregnant 5wks, her last peariod was 7/10/2013, she has been fine but had spotting blood very light pinky in colour only when she wipes which lasted for 2 day only in the morning and nothing for rest of the day, she had scan on 4/12/2013 they said she is 5weeks so can't see much and booked another scan after 10 days, but today 06/12/2013 she has backache pain only no cramps, bit worried what does this mean

Dec 11, 2013 7:36am [ 223 ]

i am sooo confused. I have been trying to concieve with my husband. i wasnt expecting my period until friday. but i started bleeding 5 days early. its very light than my normal periods. enough for a pad but only need 1 pad a day. its bright red. im wondering if this is spotting or if its just my period coming early????

Dec 11, 2013 7:40am [ 224 ]

I am so confused. me and my husband are trying to conceive. i wasnt expecting my period until Friday but it started on Monday, 5 days early. its bright red blood, enough for a pad but i only need one pad for the whole day. i am not experiencing any cramps at all( usually my period is heavier and i need to take tylenol for my cramps.) could i be pregnant and spotting or is it just my period that came early?

Dec 13, 2013 4:42pm [ 225 ]

Hi I'm 4 weeks 6 days pregnant and this morning I've started bleeding dark red/brown it's heavier than spotting and comes in gushes. I've used 2 pads in 8 hrs. I've miscarried before this isn't as painful just slight cramping but heavy enough that I am worried about the baby. I've one healthy two year old and had a misscarriage 8 months ago.

Dec 17, 2013 3:05am [ 226 ]

Hi I'm wondering if any one can help me this month I started my period earlier then usual and I only bled for 5 days 3 days ago I started getting weird pains right through the night the next day the same today I don't have any pains but when I went to the bathroom I had a weird pain this morning aswell I bled a little bit and that was it I also felt abit unwell this morning I took a pregancy test but came out negative my pee is also lighter then usual

Dec 19, 2013 2:18am [ 227 ]

Hi,after finding out I was pregnant I had a very slight bleeding and it stopped just like it started.been 6 weeks now,I test a faint positive but having all the pregnancy symptoms.vomitting,nusea,my boobs are huge now.kinda scared to go see the doctor pls Wat do u think

Kay Zun Lin
Dec 20, 2013 12:03am [ 228 ]

Hello I m very very confusing now hoping u could help me. I m regular 28days circle. Light brown/pink discharge on 9days after period,it lasted two days I m panty liner user but it didn't even spotted on liner, after wiped out it gone coming one or two times a day. Now today is 6days to my next expected period ,I've got light brown discharge in afternoon and light brown or light red discharge after intercourse though.. I did take pregnancy test but negative. Pls give me advice. We r ttc for a few month now. Hoping to get pregnant soon.

Dec 22, 2013 3:18am [ 229 ]

My doctor diagnosed me with a threatened miscarriage and im actually 6 weeks after they measured the baby with a vaginal ultrasound even though my last period was 10/28/13 , is that normal? And I'm not cramping an no clots just bright red blood with just that blood do i have a better chance to have a full term ? Please help me

Dec 22, 2013 8:24pm [ 230 ]

Hi!I got my period on 11th nov & this month I was late by 5 days.I got my period on 17th dec & hv been getting blood only upon wiping which lasted for 3 days & on the 4th &5th day there was brown discharge upon wiping.This is not likely usual period & I'm never late.Infect I always get my period 2-3 days early.My breasts were sore till I started getting blood upon wiping but I still do feel nauseus & have slight pain sometimes in my stomach.I have a lot of gas & at times I feel like crying for no reason.Could I be pregnant & when should I do a home pregnancy test.I took one test on the 16th & that was -ve.Please reply as I'm really confused as to what's wrong wid me.Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.Thanks.

Dec 23, 2013 12:27am [ 231 ]

Hi. I missed my period last month and this month I was late too. when I woke up one morning I noticed that there were some large blood clots but I haven't had any cramping I also was advised to keep taking my birth control because before I was put on it I was never regular. I've also taken two test last month and they both came back negative. should I be worried that this is a miscarriage? I've never been late with my period while I was on my birth control.

Dec 23, 2013 2:49am [ 232 ]

Hey, is it normal after sex bleeding occurs then on and off a pinkish look I just used the bathroom this morning and seen dark strings i thought it was a miscarriage but it doesnt feel like it at all cause ive miscarried before

Dec 23, 2013 7:36am [ 233 ]

Hi I'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant on Wednesday nite I noticed dark brown blood Thursday it was spotting and Friday it stopped Saturday morning it had started back. When I got to the er my

Dec 23, 2013 12:26pm [ 234 ]

I am 6wks pregnant. I had a miscarriage in July and I am just now today for the first time seeing a darker yellow discharge. Only saw it on my underwire none when I wipe, no pain aside from normal growing pains. Should I be worried? I'm super paranoid because of last time. I've already had on successful pregnancy when I had my last miscarriage I did have clamidia (sp) my ex boyfriend got it from his new gf and passed it along. And the doctor said that was most likely the cause, their were no infections found during my d&c. So I just need to know if I should make a trip to the er or honestly just chill and relax?!


Dec 23, 2013 6:01pm [ 235 ]

Hi I just found out I am prego as I went to the hospital I dont have much pain very sleepy just curious on what the chances of baby still being alive are I go for ultra sound tomorrow and I am so scared to here the results this is very upsetting

kelly yates
Dec 29, 2013 4:06am [ 236 ]

I am about 7 wks pregnant and had a scan that shows baby has a slight heart beat but slow, I have been heavy bleeding for 3 wks now, and its not getting any lighter can you please give me advice as I am very worried of amount of blood loss thank you

Jan 3, 2014 1:07am [ 237 ]

Hi.my period came 3 days early 26/12 due 29/12(never happend before) it was light and dark i. Colour (sorry if tmi). Today i noticed a little browny discharge. 2/1/14. I tested 28/12 it was neg. Been ttc 7 years had 6 m/c. Im 35 married 12 years daughtee 13 son 10.

Jan 4, 2014 8:04pm [ 238 ]

Hi on christmas day I had abnormally heavy bleeding to the point I had to stay in the bathroom for around 4 hours this was a week before my period was due as my cycle is every five weeks A few days before that I was sick in the morning out of bthe blue with extreme diziness could I have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?

Jan 6, 2014 6:11am [ 239 ]

I took a test at home and i was positive then a day later i started spotting a few days later i been having pain i went to the ER because i thought i had a miscary they said bleeding was normal and im still pregnant i went home and still had pains but then it stopped but i been bleeding for 3 weeks straight now and i have no more pain i have a appiontment thursday but im still confused and dont know whats going on

Jan 6, 2014 6:11am [ 240 ]

I took a test at home and i was positive then a day later i started spotting a few days later i been having pain i went to the ER because i thought i had a miscary they said bleeding was normal and im still pregnant i went home and still had pains but then it stopped but i been bleeding for 3 weeks straight now and i have no more pain i have a appiontment thursday but im still confused and dont know whats going on

Jan 6, 2014 6:11am [ 241 ]

I took a test at home and i was positive then a day later i started spotting a few days later i been having pain i went to the ER because i thought i had a miscary they said bleeding was normal and im still pregnant i went home and still had pains but then it stopped but i been bleeding for 3 weeks straight now and i have no more pain i have a appiontment thursday but im still confused and dont know whats going on

Jan 9, 2014 9:48am [ 242 ]

I'm 6 wks and 1 day pregnant I've been having bright red blood for 2 days now it's my 6th pregnancy but I only hav 2 children after my 20 wk miscarriage 2 yrs ago blood tests showed I hav factor 5 lyden im on aspirin this time will the bleeding be heavier because of the asprin thinning my blood I've had a scan yesterday which showed a heartbeat but the red started after the scan I spoke to my gp they couldn't tell me if it would or not neither could the early pregnancy unit would implantation bleeding be worse because of the asprin or does it sound like another miscarriage

Jan 30, 2014 3:46am [ 243 ]

: i got my period on jan 2nd 2014 it lasted a week maybe a little longer i then got it again yesterday after my periods being normal. i cant stop eating and im having cravings. can implantation bleeding be like a period.. can i be pregnant

Vineetha Dsouza
Feb 12, 2014 5:48pm [ 244 ]

Hi I had a faint positive result on 6th/02/2014 .my period was due on 08th/02/2014 and now from 9th I have bleeding but not as heavy as my periods with no cramps or clots. Today that is 12th I have little bleeding dark red blood. Is it possible that I can still be pregnent?

Feb 18, 2014 12:43am [ 245 ]

Hey I'm about to weeks pregnant might be earlier I'm not sure but last Saturday I done a test an came back positive so I done another 5 witch was all faint positively then in the Tuesday I stared with brown discharge when wiped then later it got a bit heaved so I rang the hospital to tell them so I had to go in the next day for an internal scan witch they couldn't see anything then I started getting small clots so they done my bloods for my hcg witch was 105 on the Thursday then got it done on sat again an was 65 an still bleeding what could this be

Feb 20, 2014 4:06pm [ 246 ]

Hi I was just wondering. I am almost 6 weeks pregnant, I started brown spotting about a week ago,I have experienced a miscarriage before I conceived my daughter. The brown spotting is everyday in the morning mostly and only traces on my underwear with no pain. I have been for a scan on Monday and due another in 2 weeks time and the sac is visible and growing accordingly. I'm just worried as I never experienced any spotting in any of my other 2 successful pregnancies.

Feb 28, 2014 2:11am [ 247 ]

hello im 14 weeks and 4 days pregnan the morning i went to used the bathroom and wipe myself and saw a pale pink blood on toilet paper what could it be

Mar 8, 2014 2:35pm [ 248 ]

I am 9wks pregnant and I have been bleeding brown blood since Jan.28th. Its been very frustrating for me and my fiancee. Will this ever go away????

Mar 20, 2014 2:59am [ 249 ]

i missed my period on 14march. but today(19th march it is like bleeding )i am taking duphaston tablet.will i be pregnant

Mar 24, 2014 4:44am [ 250 ]

I think I'm around 3 weeks pregnant an for the past 7 days I've been feeling sick first thing with it passing by mid day, my boobs have also been sore an my tummy bloated with anything pressing on it being uncomfortable. This morning I didn't feel as sick as I have been and I have been bleeding, not heavily, bright red blood with cramping similar to period pain. I also had some mild cramping yesterday. Am I having a miscarriage?

Apr 2, 2014 9:47pm [ 251 ]

Hi. I am very confused right now, on my first day of my period, I only had a spotting, then on the 2nd day and 3rd day, it went just like my normal flow. Usually on the 4th day, it will just turn to spotting and then stop, but this time, I had blood clots until this day, my 5th day which is unusual for me. Is it something to be bothered of? My LMP before this month was 02/27 and had my first day this month, March 29. A week before my period came, I felt being sick, there's vomiting and craving for foods. TIA! hoping for an answer..

Apr 23, 2014 12:47pm [ 252 ]

Hi, im about 5weeks, i started bleeding 1day really bad for like 20 second bright red, then it stopped and ever since iv been spotting dark brown, i did notice there was clots in the spotting like strings, its been a week and its still brown spotting, im also feeling nausea but so confused on whats happening. Any help please.

May 10, 2014 3:05am [ 253 ]

Hello I'm 32 days late on my period and I've taken home pregnancy test and they where negative I went to the doctors they did both blood and pee test the pee was negative but I haven't got a call about the blood work Today I'm spotting is the normal??

May 16, 2014 9:20pm [ 254 ]

Hey, I'm 17 and unsure whether or not that I'm pregnant or not. 13th April me and my boyfriend had sex but used protection. As far as we know the condom never split. A week before sex I had come on my period and by the time we had sex I was off. I was 6 weeks late on my period after the sex and was getting sickness, cramps, headaches and I just wanted to sleep. I took 5 tests 3 were slightly positive and 2 were negative. I then had a kind of watery period at 6 weeks, I told my boyfriend and we were both unsure of whether I was pregnant or not. Also what this watery period was, I did some research and I've found that I could have had a miscarriage. I am now late for my next period 4 days late which isn't as bad as 6 weeks. But if counting from the day of conception I would have been 9 weeks pregnant I'm now getting very sore nipples and the sickness is coming back. Anyone got any help?

Jun 15, 2014 3:57am [ 255 ]

Hey, I'm 19 years of age and not very sure if I am pregnant or not at this point. I did have unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago, and exactly a week before my period was due I had dark brown spotting and discharge that lasted almost 2 full days. I did a blood test before my missed period because I was feeling really sick, my nipples hurt, was more tired then normal, my lower back was hurting, and I have never spotted in-between periods let alone a dark brown colour, the test came back negative. I am still feeling all those symptoms and my period did come onetime I started bleeding wednesday morning but it wasn't has heavy as normal and I am usually really regular. Then thursday, friday I was pretty much only really spotting and totally stopped friday night to saturday afternoon then started lightly spotting brown again when I wipe. At this point I have no idea whats going on this never happens to me! hope you can help! thanks :)

Jun 15, 2014 7:40pm [ 256 ]

Hi doc. I'm 33 in I found out I was pregnant 4weeks n went to the clinic & the doctor do d scan.he said good news there is a baby & he asked me to going back in exactly 5weeks & he did the scan again the result was so bad coz he said he can't fond the heartbeat of the baby & he said 50% might be miscarry.but he still giving medicine is called gestrenol I have to take for 1week the in next week have to going back what's the result..but only concerns he said I might mis carry yet I don't have heavy bleeding....but I had spotting for 2day just a dot of spotting...please help me I need your advice...thank u very much wannna here ur advice soon...Tessie

Jun 22, 2014 4:45pm [ 257 ]

I'm three weeks pregnant I had sex then I started bleeding we went to see my doctor then he told me that the baby has not been infected by that infection something was closed and the infection couldn't go through and attack my bby. and he gave me some tablets called duphaston but I stopped bleeding the same day and he told me 50 chance of losing my baby and 50 chances of having that bby. and now I dnt feel anything I'm I still pregnant?

Jun 28, 2014 12:48pm [ 258 ]

Hi I had my period three weeks ago and it stopped I cleaned my self real good and now I'm spotting off and on having light blood and yoke lil discharge help what's going on with me

Jul 2, 2014 8:36am [ 259 ]

my lmp was 4-22-14 I took a preg test 6 days after I thought I was late and it came up + Sun I had brown discharge Mon I also had the brown discharge Tuesday i bleeding and passed one small clot about the size of a quarter but it was a flat piece of tissue. The ER measured baby at 6-7 weeks but couldn't hear a heartbeat but didn't seem concerned. The bleeding never got on a pad. And they said my levels were 6999 is this bad signs? They said bleeding was due to my placenta?

Jul 16, 2014 3:04am [ 260 ]

Hi Jane I've been experiencing some bleeding went to the er they did blood test, urine, pelvic exam, and a transvaginal ultrasound which showed I'm about 5weeks 5days. I only bleed when I urinate and when I wipe but nothing I. The pad. I went back to the doctor and the doctor did some blood work and my levels went from 1400 to 1200, is there any possible way that they could double again? Any advice on how to try to prevent a miscarriage?

Aug 3, 2014 8:40pm [ 261 ]

I was on birth control for 13 years and just recently stopped taking it in December 2013. My period has been irregular (every other month), but regular in the sense that it comes the same time every other month. I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative. I began spotting the following week (brownish/pinkish discharge - I know that is old blood). Then the spotting would stop for a day. The next day I would notice it again and it might be clear discharge with blood stains. This past Saturday (yesterday) I took another pregnancy test and it came out positive, (the pregnancy indicator line was rather light) but I´m still spotting. When I woke up this morning, the spotting is a bit more red, but there is no flow like my period. I´m very concerned as this is my first pregnancy. I know I need to go to the doctor, but today is Sunday and it´s August in Spain - hardly anyone works - so it may be difficult to get an appointment right away. Any help, suggestions or advice would be very welcoming. Thanks!

Aug 14, 2014 1:24am [ 262 ]

Ive been on birthcontrol for 4-5 months now. With no problems.period always comes on time no spotting in between packs. This last month 2 pills got mixed up my tusday pill got taken a week early from my second pack. By mistake. Then that friday had cramping and I started bleeding and having cramps. The blood started slow filling a pantie liner brown not normal coloring. Proceeded till sunday by sunday around 4 I had no blood. Changing from dark red to brown then a watered down pink. Monday and tusday around noon I had some spotting that got in mt underwear. Then all stopped. Now ots wednesday of my week of pills im suposed to have my period and I only have a pinkish dark purple color(not normal) when I wipe. I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend all throughout the month. (pullout) methode. My periods are normally heavy with lots of cramping. Ibhave no cramping at all in this week im suposed to be on my period. I have doctors appointment next month. My question is tho. Do you sugjest me taking a home pregnacy test or what is going on woth my body. I have continued my birth control pills this whole time.

Aug 15, 2014 4:07pm [ 263 ]

Hello my name is Denise. I'm 5 weeks 5 days pregnant. Earlier today I woke up and had a gush of red blood. I have been brown spotting on and off for 2 days. I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound and they just saw the sac I know that it might still be early anyway. My HCG levels were at 13,851. I'm just bled for like an hour or two but then back to brown. Can I still be having my baby??? It's my fist pregnancy. I'm so scared. I don't wanna lo my baby.

Aug 20, 2014 10:10pm [ 264 ]

i'm about 10 weeks along and i'm now bleeding bright red i worried. i miscarried about 2 months back so im scared it could be happening again.

Aug 29, 2014 11:28pm [ 265 ]

About six weeks ago my partner came inside me. A few weeks later I had what I thought was my period but now I'm not sure... Implantation maybe ?.. I should have had my period on the 26 this month. I've had cramps. Tenderness and now two days later I have bright red blood that's fairly light unless I go pee and have to wait while the stringy blood stops.. From around 7 last night to 5 this morning it involved a lot of cramping. The cramping came and went and has been gone for about an hour. Is this a miscarriage, a weird period or am I pregnant?? Two home tests were both negative..

Ashley Kim
Sep 6, 2014 6:06am [ 266 ]

Hi. I am 7 days late and haven't tested yet. Normally I am only ever 2-3 days late. I haven't had any cramping at all and I have been feeling tierd more and nauseous. If I am pregnant I am 5 weeks and 3 days. Today I went to the bathroom and there was a little but of light red blood. What should I do? And what does it mean?

Sep 10, 2014 3:01pm [ 267 ]

I started bleeding on Aug 17th at 6w4d. Spotting actually. I went to the ER three days later, and the baby was fine. I was then put on bed rest, and diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. I bled on and off every other day or so, but on Sep 7th at 9w. I awoke to a lot more then just spotting. I had been bleeding on and off, so I thought it would stop. I had NO cramping. But I did notice however My boobs were not sore anymore. I went to the ER again on Sep 9th as the bleeding got worse, but still no cramping. The only thing I had was a small bit of pressure. No clots! We got an ultrasound done, and there was no heartbeat. The doctor informed me that I was in the process of a miscarriage. I just wanted to share my story. For comfort, I read other comments which gave me hope, so I delayed going to get checked out. Thinking it was normal. If you are reading this, and you are bleeding. DO not hesitate. If you haven't went to your DR. Go to the ER. Get checked out. There really is no way of knowing for sure what is going on. IF YOU HAVE A NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPE AND YOU ARE BLEEDING. Go to the DR! Your blood might not agree with the baby's blood, and you will need a shot. I know most cases of bleeding can be normal, but please get it checked out to be sure.

Sep 11, 2014 6:47pm [ 268 ]

Hi my periods last for 5 days on average and start every 30th day mostly.i had my last periods on July 23rd.so I checked through home pregnancy test twice.i was pregnant.later went to Dr Who confirmed pregnancy through urine test.she couldn't detect through US as it was only 5th week.asked me to have my next checkup 2 weeks later. A week later I suddenly started bleeding in the evening without pain.started taking medicines on Dr advice. Had my US too.only empty sac was visible.she said situation will be more clear after 10 days US.Bleeding stopped in two days.now strangely I am feeling slight period like pain on and off with no bleeding.so confused.worried.what will happen next?

Sep 14, 2014 10:59am [ 269 ]

Hi I'm really confused and hoping I can get an answer here ..so about a week and a have ago I took a pregnancy test and it was positive I was in denial so I took a few more like 3 they all came out positive I really really wanted a baby so I could not believe it..so about 2 days after that I want to the doctor they confirmed my pregnancy with a urine test I was 5 weeks pregnant so I went about 2 other days to a ob gyn the doctor didn't tell me he confirmed the pregnancy but he did take some urine I don't know if he took another test..he gave me an ultra sound me still not sure I was pregnant I asked him if I was pregnant my doctor said yes I was but he said it was too soon to see anything so finally I was convinced I was pregnant so me after wanting a baby so bad I was sooooo happy..two days later in a usual day at work I went to the restroom I started to notice that when I wiped it was light light brown like if I had only peed brown I knew right away nothing is suppose to come out if I'm pregnant again it was only light brown barley even brown I called my doctor and he told me to go to the ER right away do I left work and went to the ER so the ER took my blood and urine and later they did an ultra sound even and indovaginal ultra sound I waiting for a couple of hours and the discharge started to come out more and darker but only brown no red and only when I wipe so I waited and waited until the doctors called me so finally they call me and the doctor tells me that in the ultrasound they saw nothing no baby and that the blood test came out 18 percent horomone I was really confused he said that I might have had a miscariage before or I was never pregnant so me so shock and still shocked I could not believe it if just two days ago I went to the doctor and something was there..that night I went home and more discharge was coming out but only dark brown some clots but little and again dark brown no blood two days after and it's still only brown and only when I wipe I took two more pregnancy test and negative so I don't understand what happened did I have a miscariage? Was I ever pregnant? But then again if I lost my baby why am I not bleeding and I think the doctors would have noticed..and if I was never pregnant y did I get positives I'm really confused I don't know what to do please help

kirstie jones
Sep 15, 2014 1:04am [ 270 ]

Hiya. I took a tesco midstream test at 9dpo which came up with a barely visable faint positive i didnt think anything of it. So the next day i bought the cheap strip tests 1st one negative sobi thought my urine may be to diluted. I held it in for a good few hours and retestedwhich came up with a faint positive. The next mornin i got up an had 2 tiny pink splosges of pinish blood no bigger than a finger tip but nothing since took the other strip test which also came up faint positive. I then went an bough tesco tests again and they are negative. Any ideas whats goin on. X

Sep 15, 2014 6:29am [ 271 ]


I am 10 weeks pregnant and every month have notice a speck of blood! Its only a whipe then its gone I have gone to the Docotor and they said everything is normal and its normal to sometimes spot.The first month was a brown speck and the second month a pink speck and now a Red speck!???? May I also say that my husband and i had sex last night so could that be why ??

Sep 19, 2014 10:34am [ 272 ]

Hey everyone. I'm 4weeks pregnant and this morning I noticed bleeding it started off heavy then light pink. Could I be having a miscarriage? Thanks in advance

vanessa gomez
Sep 24, 2014 6:31am [ 273 ]

Hi my name is vanessa I and I have a question I have been trying to get pregnant but I do have iregular periods I have been trying to get pregnant for about 4 months now and it had been about 8 months since my last period I have had really sencible breast for about 2 weeks, fatigue, and some vomiting I have done a pregnancy test about a month ago and it was negative is it possible to be pregnant now

Heidi moore
Oct 3, 2014 4:35am [ 274 ]

I'm 2-3 week pregnant and I started to have a little brown discharge. Then a day later I had brown and red blood. I waiting to go for tests for hcg need to now if I'm having a miscarriage. I have endometriosis.

Oct 3, 2014 11:49am [ 275 ]

Hey everyone, I need some advice I just found out from a doctor that im about a week pregnant. I had an Iud (para guard) had it for five years. They did take it out and I have been experiencing some light cramps all around my lower abdominal area as well as lower back pain. Just today I started to see some clear like brownish discharge. I wanted to know is that normal or should I go back to the ER?

Oct 5, 2014 5:40am [ 276 ]

Hi I don't know if I am pregnant but I've been having very few symptoms and get weird feelings below my belly button. Last time I had sex was august 4 up until then I was having sex unprotected with my bf from may till then and in august my period was late and had very light bleeding for only 3 days I only had to wear one pad a day. I wouldn't have had to change my pad if I wasn't worried about hygiene. I had the same thing in september except this time it was light and it would come and go and by the fourth day it was completely gone. My periods are normally heavy and last 6-7 days.any intell?

Oct 10, 2014 7:09pm [ 277 ]

Hello... I had a 3 days period on the 10th of September, then 12 days later(sept 21) I had brown spotting only when I wiped for 2 days, then 8 days later (sept 29) brown spotting again but for 5 days only when I wiped... My breasts have been sore for weeks now and today I noticed blue veins popping out on my breasts... I have had slight cramps, and a full feeling now for about 2 weeks.... everyday since the 10th of sept I have had discharge, ususally creamy, a few days ago it was egg white stretchy.... I have no idea whats going on... any ideas?

Oct 15, 2014 9:02am [ 278 ]

I had the essure done but I know that no birth control is 100%, and I had a period last month and when it came to have one this month it only lasted 3 days when it should last a week now after a week I'm having discharge and have inquired a bladder infection, headaches and nausea and the taste of spit is discusting I only had bladder infections when I was pregnant with my kids! I would love to have another baby! Please help!

Thanks, Ebony

Oct 16, 2014 1:18am [ 279 ]

I had an abortion on August 22, I had sex on September 6th and 14th, on September 28 I got my period, I took 2 pregnancy test they both had light pink lines that darkened up, I had blood drawn and my hcg level was at 47.62 could I be pregnant?

Angelica Perez
Oct 22, 2014 5:33pm [ 280 ]

Hi. I been spotting on September and August but I did aa pregnancy test on the 7 of this month it came out negative, I have been sexually active before and after taking the test I have really sore breast and I'm very tired I have my period now it light I'm not bleeding out clumps of blood haven't been for the past three months still have very tender breast to the touch. (September I had a prolonged period but it was spotting and came 2 weeks early August also came two weeks early only lasted 4 days also spotting) never had my period been so irregular what's going on

Oct 25, 2014 1:14pm [ 281 ]

Hi. I went to the ER Monday with some spotting/bleeding. I did have some cramps but mild and have had them for weeks. Bleeding started Monday morning and was a brownish color. It started to get more red and there was more of it. It was not staining a pad but was a decent amount every time I wiped. They did a blood/urine test and a transvaginal ultrasound. Lab work came back no infections and hcg levels 1500 which they said was normal for six weeks. During ultrasound they observed a sac and a fetal pole measuring 4mm and was saying I was 5weeks 6 days instead of 6 weeks no big deal. They also were able to pick up fetal heart rate of 134 bpm which they said was strong for fetal age. The fetus was shown to be intrauterine as well. They discharged me as a threatened miscarriage and said not to worry unless things (cramping and bleeding) got worse. I have continues bleeding until today. Only see slight pink occasionally. I'm worried that I miscarried in the last 4 days. I did not pass any clots or anything that I know of. My doctor is unwilling to see me for another 3 weeks. Have I or will I loose my baby?

Oct 29, 2014 7:52am [ 282 ]

Hi,I took 2 pregnancy tests on the Oct10th and both came out positive after only having a light period for 2 days on Sept29th.On Oct 21st I started bleeding and some light cramping one night and have been bleeding for 7 days today. Im really worried since my other 2 pregnancies I never experienced it. I have my first initial appt tomorrow to confirm my pregnancy and my issue of bleeding. Im hoping all goes well, will let everyone know what happens tomorrow.Hoping which ever way my story turns out, it help someone out there. Should I be worried?

Oct 29, 2014 11:12pm [ 283 ]

Hello.. I believe I am around the 6 week mark in my pregnancy. A couple weeks ago I started to bleed, it went from flowing red to brown and then became pink to nothing. I had sex and that same night the bleeding came back, which I wasn't surprised at but now it's become heavy and dark and this morning there was clots/stringy. I have no cramps. I had an ultrasound last week and there was nothing showing as it was too early. The DR tells me I'm probably miscarrying, I don't think that's the case (keeping positive ) but clearly this is not normal. I feel that I should check into the ER but unsure. I bled for 2 weeks straight and now since this has started it's been 3 days so far. First pregnancy. 34 years old. Irregular. Advice would be appreciated greatly.

Sabi Sam
Oct 30, 2014 7:12pm [ 284 ]

Hi, I don't know that I am pregnant or not but before one night there is lots of time go to bathroom n it beings to irritating and sometime small bleeding of red color with bathroom please help me for it

Oct 31, 2014 2:31am [ 285 ]

Hi, any advise would be great :) my period each month come three days early, so this month I should have had my period on the 26th as last month it was the 29th and before that 2nd and so on. I have had no period only tightening and lower back ache as well as sore boobs. This afternoon I noticed a slight pinkish discharge but I have had nothing else. So I don't now if I'm getting a late period or not, I did a test a few days ago but it was negative!!

Oct 31, 2014 8:42pm [ 286 ]

I think I'm pregnant its been3 days that this is happening to me what should I do? I go use the bathroom amd when I whip theres blood either red, reddish pink or brown? I'm worriedI have a doctor's appointment till next week to confirm if im.pregnant or not please help

Nov 1, 2014 7:42am [ 287 ]

Hi I had thought that I was pregnant. My last period started on September 27th and then I wasn't expecting it again until approx yesterday October 30th. I woke up Sunday morning with blood in my underwear and I thought it was just a period the blood slowed down and stopped Wednesday then started back at about 1230 pm yesterday with brighter blood one time when I went to the bathroom then the next time I went to the bathroom was light pink and then stopped completely until the same time today what does this mean? Am I pregnant I've been more tired and more irritated and getting headaches and dizzy some slightly I'm also type 1 diabetic and my sugars are up and down What could this mean?

Nov 3, 2014 9:46pm [ 288 ]

Hi I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant.i went to the hospital because I was bleeding(lighter then a period) but had cramps.I went to hospital where they did a scan and said baby is where it should be and there was a heartbeat.they saw a bleed next to the baby and said this is what could be causing you to bleed it's been 2days and the blood has now turned brown.but I'm so worried because I had a misscarrige 7 months ago and feel it's happening alover again😔.

Nov 8, 2014 9:11pm [ 289 ]

Hello, my name is Meneisa. I have had 5 children.. All are 16-22 years old. When I was 22 years old, I had my fallopian tubes cut and sewed at the ends immediately after giving a natural birth to my youngest daughter. My last period was supposed to come on the 1st of the month and instead I spotted bright red blood for half of the day. And proof, it was gone. I have been feeling sleepy alot and urinating more than usual. Also, I have been getting serious dizzy spells and feeling sick to the stomach. I took a home pregnancy test about two days ago and it showed up negative. My question to you is, is it possible that I could be pregnant and it's not showing up on the test, or would a blood test show easier if I were to schedule one? And is it possible to get pregnant 16 years later after I had my last child and my tubes clipped and sewed at the ends? Any information would be appreciated. . Thank you. .

Zee J
Nov 11, 2014 10:09am [ 290 ]

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I had severe back pain that shoots through my legs last night. I also had a few brownish blackish clots a few hours before I noticed that I have also started to bleed dark red blood. But till now, which is about a day after the cramps started, the blood still has not flowed out as my pad is still clean. I can only see the dark red blood when I clean myself after using the bathroom. Is this something which I should worry about?

Nov 25, 2014 4:00pm [ 291 ]

My name is kelsey i am 20 years old i have a normal period. But this menstrual cycle this time was on time the beginning of the month. And then today i went to the bathroom to pee and when i wiped it was yellowish discharge and really light blood. Even my pee looked like there was blood in it. Is this a sign of pregnancy?

Dec 1, 2014 1:25am [ 292 ]

Hi. I had a missed miscarriage early September 2014. I've been waiting for my periods to cone back. The thing is that I had thought I had gotten my periods on the 14 November but I had soon realised that it was for only one day. I've just gotten them again on the 30. November. Is this normal for them to only come for a day after you've had a missed miscarriage?

Dec 8, 2014 12:11am [ 293 ]

Hi, I just gave birth 6 months ago, and am currently breast feeding. I've had light spotting followed by bleeding and cramps, I thought I was just finally getting my period, so I thought nothing of it. Then it continued to get worse. The next day, I had big blood clots and some stringy blood, and a lot of blood came out all at once with really bad cramps. Could it be possible that I had a miscarriage ? he bleeding has almost stopped now.

Dec 8, 2014 12:13am [ 294 ]

Hi, I just gave birth 6 months ago, and am currently breast feeding. I've had light spotting followed by bleeding and cramps, I thought I was just finally getting my period, so I thought nothing of it. Then it continued to get worse. The next day, I had big blood clots and some stringy blood, and a lot of blood came out all at once with really bad cramps. Could it be possible that I had a miscarriage ? he bleeding has almost stopped now.

clair nicholls
Dec 9, 2014 10:37pm [ 295 ]

Hi i have been spotting since the 28th of november this year and still spotting now it started of light pink then went brown then went back to pink but has gone to bright red plus i have had a mild to moderate pain to go with it plus a tingly sensation in my left breast plus a metallic taste twice could i be pregnant or not? Looking forward to ur reply

Cheers clair

Dec 11, 2014 12:14am [ 296 ]

Hi, on Thursday the 4th of November 2014 I did a pregnancey test, it came up positive. Later that day around 6pm I started bleeding (sorry tmi) but it was like a light period (not spotting) it lasted for about 5-6 days then stopped, then the next day I noticed brown discharge I'm assuming old blood, but then it went to a light pink and its been a light pink for about 1 day now. I'm confused and worried. If I am still pregnant (hoping so!) I would roughly be about 6 weeks. Please if you have any clue whats happening, please tell me xo

Dec 11, 2014 12:01pm [ 297 ]

I'm 5 weeks pregnant n I have bright red blood but only when I wipe what does it mean

Dec 13, 2014 1:15pm [ 298 ]

hi- I Had An ETOPIC PREGNANCY 2 Years Ago. I just found out i am pregnant again. I am 4 weeks 5 day's. I just started to bleed, it is very light, only when i wipe and mostly only had night. No major cramping, but had a few period like cramps but not as exterme but not all the time. Totally different then what had happened the last time. This is very scary to me, to possibly be going through another miscarriage. Can anyone please give me some advice at all. Thanks in advance.

Sarah Ludowyk
Dec 21, 2014 8:41pm [ 299 ]

I am around 7 weeks pregnant. For the past 8 days I have been bleeding "old blood" with no abdominal pain. I had a scan last week when it started and because it was so early on they couldn't get a definite answer if the pregnancy was viable. I am absolutely petrified I am having a miscarriage, is there any way I could have a normal pregnancy after bleeding this long? No cramps and only very small clots if any. Thank you

Dec 21, 2014 10:22pm [ 300 ]

I found out on friday that i was pregnant, but on the sunday befor i when to the toilet and when i whiped i thought i saw very light watery blood when i whiped. I havent had enything since, just slight cramping is this okai? X

Dec 29, 2014 3:37am [ 301 ]


I have been having many sypmtoms associated with pregnancy (nausea, sensitivity to smells, fatique, slight acne whereas it is usually not a problem, my breasts aren't sore whereas they usually are unbearable at this time,my eating habits have changed, certain foods don't settle right, increased headaches, etc) for the last few weeks. On top of that, I feel different. I know something is off with my body. I can't explain it any other way. According to many forums and pregnancy apps/calenders, I am right on track to be around 4-5weeks pregnant with things happening.

The 24-28 was my estimated dates to begin my period. On the 26, I began very lightly bleeding (it was pink in color) with minor cramps. I have continued to bleed yesterday and today; however, it is extremely light (one pad would have been fine with how little has come out). What has worried me is that its color has varied from light pink, to a brownish color, to bright red. When I wipe, there's blood and I have seen a few clumps, but not many. I know it's the time that implantation bleeding would occur if it was going to, but I'm unsure if that is what this is, if it's a miscarriage, or just a really off period unlike any I have ever had in since puberty hit.

I have taken tests, but they all read negative so far. I know it's really early and my HCG level may be too low if I am indeed pregnant...I plan to try to go to a doctor and take more as I get further along but am so worried and stressed over this.

I very badly want to be pregnant and to have a healthy baby but I'm scared of what this bleeding could mean.

I am 23 and this would be my first pregnancy if I am pregnant.

Sorry this is so long,I wanted to be thorough. Please help if you can.

Thank you

Dec 30, 2014 1:09am [ 302 ]

I was 49 days late.i have try all test but it was negative.my last test is on last week.and today i have spotted some blood discharge.at the beggining was bright red and bronish.then t was light pink.it came just a bit now...sometimes brownish and sometimes a bit pinkish.am i pregnant or anything wrong with me?

Dec 30, 2014 1:11am [ 303 ]

I was 49 days late.i have try all test but it was negative.my last test is on last week.and today i have spotted some blood discharge.at the beggining was bright red and bronish.then t was light pink.it came just a bit now...sometimes brownish and sometimes a bit pinkish.am i pregnant or anything wrong with me?

te aroha
Jan 9, 2015 9:01pm [ 304 ]

Ive missed my period for 6 days today and this morning i had brownish mucus stuff with a streak of blood then when i wiped in afternoon it was light pink then just tonight it was bright red like blood from a bleeding nose color red.. What could this mean . am i pregnant ?

Jan 21, 2015 1:51pm [ 305 ]

hello , so I'm about 18 days late and I have taken 4 home pregnancy test, 2 where neg and two were positive. I did however go get blood work on Saturday 1/17/15 and today ( 1/20/15) my doctor told me it was positive and my levels were very high. My concern is that I have been spotting for the past 15 days and today a Medium sized tissue thing came out and spotting has became very light. Im still currently having sore breast and nausea but I'm very concerned. When I called my doctor about the issue a women told me not to worry about it because a lot of women bleed throughout there pregnancy. Of course I have been doing a lot of research and know it is possible I may have miscarried. The bleeding wasn't heavy but it was still present for a long time. Also I did experience some cramping and sharp pains but very often .

Jan 27, 2015 11:07am [ 306 ]

I found out I was pregnant after I went to the hospital but the doctor told me I had a thread miscarriage he send me home. I have a appointment in two weeks but I continue to bleed .should I still have my hopes up or did I lose my baby.someone help please

Jan 28, 2015 4:19am [ 307 ]

I am 12 days late and a week ago i took 2 digital clear blue pregnancy tests that both came out positive. I took 2 more yesturday that both came out positive faint lines. I started bleeding today. Had bad cramps this morning but they are note gone and i am still bleeding. It isn't enough to go into a pad but when i use the rest room i drip in the toilet and when i wipe it is red. It isn't heavyi am confused what doi do.

Feb 2, 2015 6:44am [ 308 ]

hello doc ,,my wife is 15 weeks pregnant ,, she had huge amount of blood discharge two weeks back ,we both were extremely upset and thought that the baby is gone ,,but thanks god all appeared safe nd sound except for a hematoma , she was discharged after 4 days with strict brd rest ,, today again she had some bleeding in the morning with strange sort of contractions in the lower abdominal region ,, excessive vomitting and headache ,, again admitted ,, but baby is still fine in ultrasound etc, my wife is found to be hepatitus b positive as well ,, anyone plz tell me what is hapenning all this nd how to go about it ,, if bleeding stops can we travel being in second trimeater although a very complicated statistics her

Feb 18, 2015 10:48am [ 309 ]

My last period was Jan 19th my periods usually have 28 days before I come back on them well anyways I was cramping a little went to go pee and the toilet tissue had light clear pink mucus then I went pee same thing except a string of dark blood was hanging out of me but when I wiped light pink again then later I went pee blood a good amount then the cramps subsided for the rest of the day and now just very little blood like one or two skinny streaks of blood on my pad no cramps and a headache all day and I have been really tired. What's going on I'm worried.

Feb 18, 2015 11:20pm [ 310 ]

hi I just wondered if it was normal to have a period 10 days early which isnt as heavy as my normal period. . could I be pregnant?

Feb 24, 2015 3:39pm [ 311 ]

I think I will be 5 weeks about now but everytime I walk for over 20 minutes I bleed and having a aching feeling is this normal

Feb 24, 2015 9:41pm [ 312 ]

Hi im 10 weeks pregnant I have bleeding for 3weeks now....doctor told me 3weeks ago that I may have a miscarriage last week tuesday I was bleeding for 5minutes one clot came out and it was all over I ddn bleed for 5 days and starting again today.....I took a pregnancy test again 3days ago after bleeding stopped and ot was negative....dont know what to do please help?

Mar 2, 2015 12:29am [ 313 ]

I'm 2 days late had mixed bleeding with little bits of fresh blood brown blood no cramps or stomach pains could I be pregnant?thank u v much

Taylor Fenning
Mar 11, 2015 5:55am [ 314 ]

Hi I'm kinda concerned I missed my period last month like 2 weeks ago I was suppose to start the 18th it never came but yesterday around 11 pm I started bleeding brown blood idk if I'm pregnant haven't to a preg test but my period ended on the 21st of January and today's march 10th what's going on?

Mar 14, 2015 3:01am [ 315 ]

I'm on the depo shot and I've never bled before until now and its brown spotting. When I have sex, I bleed during and then ten minutes after, I stop. I can't get comfortable at night, my back always hurts. I took a test n came back negative. Think I'm pregnant?

Mar 23, 2015 1:42am [ 316 ]

Hi. I'm kinda at the edge now. I'm 10 days gone and I'm noticing a dark-redish color on my underwear. I'm also having a mild cramp at my abdomen region. This is my first pregnancy and I don't know If it's normal. pls help

Mar 23, 2015 11:48pm [ 317 ]

Hi I am mona. I had bleeding in my 12 week of pregnancy. It was bright red initially and then with in 2 days it changed to brown. I meet doctor and she said I have complete placenta previa issue and will have bleeding until this issue is resolved. Now I am in 17th week. The thing is I am having bleeding only when I sleep and wake up in morning. I do not have any issues during the day. I sleep by placing legs on my pillow. Why is this difference of having bleeding after I wake up in morning and not having for the rest of the day? Do I need to worry about this?

Mar 25, 2015 6:33pm [ 318 ]

hi i am 2 weeks late last week and i have been brown discharging and very mild cramping and my boobs hurt like hell for 9 days now test was negative am i pregnant (cant see my doc till next month)

Mar 27, 2015 12:54pm [ 319 ]

Hi am Louis my girlfriend started bleeding about 5 weeks in her pregnancy with severe stomach pain.

Apr 3, 2015 3:05pm [ 320 ]

I am having period over the last year anything from 21 to 32 days. Last month was 21 and the month before 32. On day 22 I had a very slight red bleed, day 2 nothing and day 3 (today) slight brown bleeding (very little). Over this last cycle I have had stomach cramps on day 10 and then felt nauseous and dizzy a lot from day 14 onwards. Even though I have slight bleeding and its only 24 days since last period should I consider this a period or do a pregnancy test? I only had unprotected sex during my last period so unlikely to be pregnant

Apr 5, 2015 2:19am [ 321 ]


I am 9 weeks 6 days pregnant. I started light pink discharge the day before. I went to hospital yestaday, they checked blood pressure and urine test which said I was still pregnant. I had no abdomenal pains and the blood is light pink in colour. I have tiny clots. The drs said it seems like not something to worry about but never gave me a scan to check heart beat of the baby. I have a scan on the 17th April.

Me and my husband do have sex every other day and rest of the time we play together.

Do you think I should wait until my appointed scan? The bleeding has not got any heavier. My husband said he is going to avoid intercourse in the meantime.

Apr 13, 2015 11:12pm [ 322 ]

Hi , I'm so confused on march 18 I had a period one day the whole week was brown discharge very little then light light red blood . 3 weeks later and I got light red blood again but I have all signs or preg. Every time I take test is negative I went to doctor they say prob. Too early I don't understand what this means . ??? Please help me I'm so scared and confused ..

Apr 18, 2015 7:31am [ 323 ]


I was wondering if you would please give me some advice. I am 6 weeks pregnant and started with slight brown coloured spotting on my underwear, there was no further signs of blood when wiping. Later that day I had some light pink discharge on wiping, later that evening I started with low back ache then radiating pains into my groin. It carried on through the night until I was struggling to sleep, it felt as if there was a lot of pelvic pressure. At approx. 4am when I went to the toilet I passed a small black coloured clot and then a jelly like thing that was the size of a fifty pence coin. At this point I was convinced that I had miscarried, the pain I was experiencing started to ease. I contacted the hospital and they advised me to still come in to be checked over. When I got there they did a transvaginal scan that did not show anything and did a blood test. The HCG levels came back at 4241. The nurse/radiographer said the pregnancy may be too small to detect on the ultrasound. I have to go back for a further HCG test tomorrow. Is there any chance I could still be pregnant? If so is it normal to have abdominal pain like this and passing tissue/blood, I'm worried that if I am still pregnant there may be something wrong with the baby?

Apr 20, 2015 8:29pm [ 324 ]

Hi! I just got discharged from hospital. I was confined for threatening MC. April 17 morning after using the bathroom (urine) I've observed 1cm blood cloth on the Toilet. Got panicked and run to my OB. I'm 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant. my OB advise for an ultrasound and the baby heartbeat is good however she advised me to be admitted for bedrest. Spotting and red stain continue for a day. She gave me progesterone 200mg (inserted inside vagina) 2x a day for 3 days and 3amps of isoxsuprine.spotting has stop. I was discharged today from hospital but advised for continue bedrest for 2 weeks while taking progesterone. I have a history of MC 2 years ago. Tomorw I'm 10weeks pregnant. The baby is fine.

Apr 30, 2015 8:30am [ 325 ]

Hi, I realize this is really old, but hopefully someone can help me. I had a miscarriage last month (4th pregnancy, I have 3 children) I am now approximately 5 weeks pregnant again. I had a sac left in my uterus last time (I know this only because I expelled a sac and then there was still one there on the ultrasound) I have started bleeding, it started of pink, then pinky/brown then red/brown, to quite red. Not a lot of blood, but blood all the same. It is red/brown again and watery. I have pain, but it seems to be wind pain. HCG levels yesterday were 3,400 which fits my estimated gestational period. Is this a sign of an impending miscarriage, or could the sac from the previous pregnancy be coming away. I am terrified of losing another pregnancy.

May 6, 2015 8:36am [ 326 ]

I am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant and had stayed bleeding yesterday with blood clots I went to the hospital and my pregnancy levels were 77 then went to 334 so they did tripple in 48 hours I am cramping but not consistent cramps and the bleeding sometimes isn't there but I am really worried because there are blood clots. The doctor told be that some woman will still have there period in early pregnancy and that it's rare but still a possibility I did just start taking progesterone pills because mine were low and I am worried that the pills may have caused it.

May 17, 2015 6:33am [ 327 ]

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and when I was working I had light pink blood come out. So the next day I went to my doctors and the bleeding stopped but now that I've done the ultrasound I'm bleeding brown so I asked them about that and they said it's just old blood and I'm on bed rest is there a chance my baby would live? if not this wpuld be my 3rd miscarriage.has anyone had this happen before and had there baby live?

May 21, 2015 12:37am [ 328 ]

Today I should be 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Friday and Saturday (3 weeks 6 days and 4 weeks exactly) I was getting very, very dark positive home pregnancy tests. Sunday I got a very faint positive and started bleeding and cramping in my back. The cramps have stopped and the bleeding be is off/on and watery. What concerns me is that my pregnancy test I took yesterday was still very faint and my doctors was negative (urine). I know because of my previous miscarriage that a test will still be posited if you miscarry. Is this the same for a chemical pregnancy? I'm worried out of my mind.

Jun 2, 2015 8:17pm [ 329 ]

I had multiple positive home tests last week with one negative home test on Saturday. I went for a blood test on Saturday but started bleeding on Sunday so just assumed that the pregnancy didn't hold. Today I got the blood test results back and it was positive (reading of 14). Now I'm totally confused!!!!

Jun 7, 2015 8:01pm [ 330 ]


I am 7 weeks pregnant. I visited the Dr during the 6th week of pregnancy and she confirmed that it seemed like a normal pregnancy. I had sex with my hubby a couple of days ago and today I bled bright red suddenly. I am quite worried as I do not want to lose the baby.

Aug 13, 2015 1:46am [ 331 ]

I am 17 weeks pregnant, went to the bathroom at work had to pee really bad.. I noticed a little dribble in my undergarments and it kinda looked red but there was no red when I wipped.. I know TMI. Should I be worried and go to the hospital or monitor it today?

Aug 19, 2015 5:07pm [ 332 ]

Hi I have been trying to get pregnant. I suposedly started my period the 12th. I had the period for two days one day it was brown next day flowed bright red an that was it.... Is that a normal period or is it something else...

Sep 6, 2015 6:28pm [ 333 ]

Hi there, I recently found out last Sunday I am pregnant, I thought to my self I was 4-5 weeks. That Sunday I had brown spotting for a few days then it turned red. Its now Sunday again and I'm still having red spotting very watery though and I have had no pains at all. My hcg was at 498 when they did my blood test on Monday and I got that on Wednesday am I miscarrying? I hope not.

Oct 8, 2015 8:48am [ 334 ]

Im 9 weeks 5 days pregnant ive have 3 miscarriage today i just woke up and went to the restroom and had some light red blood i dont have no pain but im still worried

Oct 30, 2015 11:58pm [ 335 ]

I took a hpt on the 24th of oct and was positive and had brown spotting for the 23,24,26 and on the 28 the brown spotting turned into bleeding and its still going on and its been 3 days its light i can have 1 pad for the whole day but idk whats going on

Nov 3, 2015 12:41pm [ 336 ]

Hi my mame is stephanie i havent hada period in 61 days which is 8 weeks & 5 days i havent been to the doctor to confirm it yet nor took a pregnancy test but today i bled a little red strick with cleary discharge if i am pregnant. Is this threatening a miscarriage

Nov 10, 2015 9:11pm [ 337 ]

My wife is 4-5weeks pregnant. She had a red spotting early this morning with a little abdominal pain at about 12 / 1am and at about 4 / 5am she had another brownish spotting. Is it something to worry about? Please advise

Nov 19, 2015 12:44am [ 338 ]

I am 5 weeks and 5 days yesterday I started bleeding red blood,it has just about stopped today, I went to my gp last night and sending me for a scan on Monday,should I be worried, please advise.

Liat David
Nov 22, 2015 4:32am [ 339 ]

Hi Jane, I am 10 DPO, got a positive home pregnancy test this morning, I have been spotting since 6 dpo with a tiny brown dot each time I wipe after peeing on toilet paper. I have a history of miscarriage but also have a 3 year old so have managed to carry a kiddo once before. Should I be concerned this is an early miscarriage since 5 days of this spotting is too long to be implantation bleeding?? Any advice would be wonderful!

Nov 23, 2015 9:58pm [ 340 ]

Hi im 4-5 weeks pregnant and had been bleeding for 3weeks now but only when i wiped.went to my dr had blood test hcg 493 then tge next day had another one its 501.had my u/s but cant find any....had vag u/s to look if its ectopoc then there is nothing outside uterus too.i have no pain except back pain from time to time..Dr said had no clue.please help...im worried as i had ectopic last 4years ago.

Nov 24, 2015 12:09pm [ 341 ]

Any one got any advice . I am now passed my fertile week unless I'm going to ovulate late which could still be the soloution to my question

It has never happened before , I have been testing mu ovulation with clearblue ovulation kit. Still no LH surge (now cycle day 18 & I usually get on cycle day 13-14 )

Been feeling really bloated , hungry , almost a tightness in my tummy , nausea & tired (exactly how I felt when I was last pregnant before my miscarriage )

Last month my AF was extremely short 2 1/2 days , I'm usually a 5-6 day person .

Could it be possible that wasn't my AF & I'm actually pregnant ? Or am I over thinking ?

I just can't help the feeling as just am lacking energy - if that wasn't my AF then it would make me 8weeks (when I found out last time & misscarried at 11weeks ) I had not got much symptoms except for the above .

I don't know if I'm at that wishful hopeful thinking stage --- early Christmas present ?

jen m
Dec 5, 2015 4:39pm [ 342 ]

Hi I think i am 4 weeks pregnant and now had a very heavy bleeding and my abdoment is very painful i took it as a period but i bleed wit no clot like my normal period use to come i am very confused whethere my baby is still there or not please help me.

Dec 9, 2015 7:54am [ 343 ]

Helo, I had a brown discharge for 3 consecutive weeks then I had my period. The wierd thing is that I'm bleeding since 25 days now, is this normal? I went to the doctor but it was my 6th day bleeding so I thought it's a regular period. I did a pregnancy test & it was negative. I'm really concerned. Please help.

Dec 9, 2015 11:25am [ 344 ]

hi...my periods cycle is usually 24 days...now it has been delayed by one week...i got a urine test done in a nearby lab..it turned to be positive...but what worries me is the cramps which start whenevr i try to walk or do work....whenever i lie down no cramps are there...what to do...pl advice...m worried..subha

Dec 14, 2015 5:24am [ 345 ]

I am wondering how long after a miscarriage one would still test positive. About three weeks ago after intercourse I began to spot. The spotting never went away and has gotten somewhat heavier. I was sent for an ultra sound two weeks ago. On the way I felt a gush of blood and passed a clot. They did the ultra sound and could still see the sac but I was measuring smaller than my date. They asked me to go back last Thursday. I returned and still could not see the baby but that the sac had grown. I go tomorrow for blood work and another ultra sound next week. It has been over three weeks since this all began and I've assumed at this point that it's over. I took a test this morning to see if the line was getting lighter but it still is very dark showing I am still pregnant.

Dec 23, 2015 7:06am [ 346 ]

I had a extremely strange period I had spotting from pink to brown for 5 days then heavy bright red watery blood for 2 days then it went on and off for 4 days and the 5th day was a dark brown I have taken 2 test both negative but they were dollars tore I get pain in pelvic are and back and on my bra lie in my shoulders and I could sleep all day I seriously fo not know what is going on

Jan 7, 2016 2:57am [ 347 ]

Hi,i am 5 week pregnant,3 days back vaginal spotting started,only few spots a day , initially it was brown , now it turned red but still only few spots a day , ultrasound was done and gestational sac was seen , doctor asked me to return after 3 weeks and started progestrone suppositories. I am really scared,plz tell me if i am going to miscarry

Jan 20, 2016 11:43am [ 348 ]

I'm 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I've been bleeding from the 14th January 2016 up to now ! (Bleedong like my period with tiny blood clots what i does have wih my period) I had cramping but it gone !I went to the hospital and took a ultra sound and they saw the gestational sac and the fetal pole but no cardiac activity meaning heart beat . they said I'm okay but I have to come back in two weeks to take another ultrasound ! What could this mean ? I'm very scared ?

Jan 23, 2016 2:09am [ 349 ]

Hi, I gave birth to twins 16weeks ago and for the last 9weeks I have had unprotected sex and but have had no period. I have now noticed that there was brownish pinky discharge that has now changed to red, I have no cramps or anything and it doesn't flow like a period,what does this mean? I have also done 2 pregnancy tests in the last 2 weeks prior to the bleeding and they were negative, can this still mean I might be in early pregnancy or is this my period?


Jan 23, 2016 2:40pm [ 350 ]

Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant. I m getting brown discharge nd sometimes watery red bleeding. I consulted doctor two days back. She said I am conceive only i was referred to have an injection to stop bleeding even she gave a tablet. I have to go for an injection next week too. Then in 8 week I will be having scan. In the previous scan when I was bleeding the fetal pole and yolk sac was visible but cardiac activity was not visualised the scan was made in 5 nd half weeks. The doctor referred me to have complete bed rest. Now I m tensed that whether my baby is safe or not. This is my first pregnancy and I need my baby.

Jan 24, 2016 6:01pm [ 351 ]

Hello my LMP was 12/26/2015 my expected start date is Jan 23,2016. I started having brownish red spotting Jan 22nd 2016 as of this morning Jan 23rd 2016 I started having super watery bright red blood. This is totally not normal for me. My monthly is usually dark red heavy from the start to the end and very clotty. I also have mild achey feeling in my lower abdomen also unusual because I never have aches and pains during my monthly. Also have been feeling quite nauseous for the last week or so. Also I have had some really strange cravings. My husband thinks I'm pregnant but I have zero clue. please help I'm not sure what this could be. We have unprotected sex every day since the end of my last monthly which was Dec 30th 2015 and I usually have a 28 day cycle. Can it be implantation bleeding and can it last the same amount of days as your regular monthly? I have three boys but this is totally different as I never had implantation bleeding with my other three kids. We are TTC.

angeline mushipe
Jan 26, 2016 3:26pm [ 352 ]

l had a urine test last week it was positive now l started bleeding yesterday am l still pregnant my first day of last period is 25 december 2015 last week the results were positive am very worried

Feb 5, 2016 11:09pm [ 353 ]

Okay closer to two weeks ago, I had my normal regular period, well right after I had it, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and that night took the plan b pill. The next day light brown liquidy stuff came out and I figured it was just like the end to my period. So then just this week I have been bloated, cramping, and tired, and there was this one day that I felt naseous but I think it was cause I didn't eat very much. Then my boyfriend and I had sex again and a day later I was really bloated and still had se cramps and I got my period again. Except it's not normal cause it was lighter, and feels more liquidy and no clotting. It's not really painful, I am just more uncomfortable with the bloating. I took a pregnancy test last night and it was negative. It's only been a week or two since having sex. Could it be too early to tell? What should I do?

Feb 8, 2016 2:22am [ 354 ]

I have had 1 successful pregnancy 2000 and two miscarriages after both early term 2008,2010. after the second I had a dye test done (laroscopy?) (laposcopy?) and was told both tubes were completely blocked and could only get pregnant by I feel but I found out last week I was pregnant!!2016 I have had red bleeding only in the morning when I wipe and when I have a tough bowel movement but I'm freaked out had 2 hcg test one before bleeding 426.5 and one after 867 (3days later) I'm worried about miscarriage but the doctors I have contacted act like no worries come see us in 2 weeks should I just go to the Er? (I haven't had period cramps only gas uncomfort)

Feb 11, 2016 1:53am [ 355 ]

I'm 15 years old and when I went to use the bathroom I saw that chunky blood came out and I'm worried because I've been spotting also.

Feb 27, 2016 7:19pm [ 356 ]

Hie..On 31 Jan I came to knw tht me prego.From 2feb I strtd havng dark brown discharge I went to doc she calculated tht I m 7 week preg thn she told to get dne a u/s in which it came tht I am jus 4wks 5days she said dis may not b a viable pregncy she told me to repeat scan aftr a week thn one day I got bright red discharge my doc gave me Duphaston twice a day since thn no dark dischrg nd I wnt fr a scan aftr a week cardiac activity was dere nd I was 6 weeks 3 days but shape of gestntl sac is irregular nd yolk sac is 2, .1 mm she told me to continue wid Duphaston nd to go for a rescan aftr 2 weeks.I am worried is evrythng gonna b fn or it may lead to a miscarriage.plz suggest

Feb 29, 2016 9:45pm [ 357 ]

Good day Dr

My name is Latie I am 6 to 7 weeks pregnant.now on saterday I have severe pains till the morning when I woke up my sleeping gown was fool of blood I was warried then my tommy started to run immediately I went to the bathroom then something like a thick cloth came out I couldn't even check at it coz I was warried.could that be a mascarage or my baby is still fine.i booked an appointment to see a Dr but the Dr is gonna be available Tuesday. Now I don't know if I should be warried or not.

Mar 5, 2016 10:50pm [ 358 ]

I'm 4 weeks late now and had most of the symptoms of being pregnant. I had a lot of brown discharge yesterday and got told that was normal. Today I woke up covered in a lot of blood. It's extremely bright red and a lot of blood clots. Got serious pain and don't know what to do.

Dakota Simpson
Mar 22, 2016 3:45am [ 359 ]

HI, I'm about 6 or 7 weeks an I haven't been to a doctor yet ( I'm scared) anyway yesterday when. I wen to the potty I noticed spotting (very light red). This morning when I woke up the was a large amount of blood almost as if I've got my period an I've been bleeding a lot thru out the day, me an my fiancé had sex pretty rough 3 times last night before bed, an I'm frightened that I'm having a miscarriage!

Mar 22, 2016 5:36am [ 360 ]

I have been bleeding for 30 day I'm only a couple weeks pregnant as I stopped bleeding for 1 day during the 30 days but now I have found out I have a cyst on my overy and I'm still bleeding but the last couple of weeks it's turned brown and dark brown I have a few marks of red I'm very concerned as Iv been trying for a baby for 3 years and Iv had a miscarriage 4 months ago I already have a 5 year old little girl I really need advise x

Mar 24, 2016 4:25am [ 361 ]

My period was on Jan 19 2016 and lasted 5 days (Jan 19 to 23rd). I had unprotected intercourse during the month of feb with my husband. I noticed 2 days light bleeding before a week of my expected period.. i.e., on 12th feb. expected period was on 19th Feb. After that i didn't had period. then today (23rd March 2016) after around 40 days I' am getting the discharge sometimes bright red drop and sometimes brown discharge. I' am confused and couldn't conclude what it is. Can someone suggest me please? I' am in TTC and trying for almost 8 months now. Please help

Jane Gabriel
Mar 24, 2016 4:39am [ 362 ]

My period was on Jan 19 2016 and lasted 5 days (Jan 19 to 23rd). I had unprotected intercourse during the month of feb with my husband. I noticed 2 days light bleeding before a week of my expected period.. i.e., on 12th feb. expected period was on 19th Feb. After that i didn't had period. Today (23rd March 2016) after around I' am discharging in bright red drops as well as sometimes in brown discharge. I' am confused and couldn't conclude what it is. Can someone suggest me please? I' am in TTC and trying for almost 8 months now. Please help me.

Mar 25, 2016 2:33am [ 363 ]

Hiii,, I had brown discharge before one week on period date .my period was not come in due date also I had brown sometimes red discharge. So I took a pregnancy test itzz positive but discharge is there.what is the reason plz hlp

Apr 3, 2016 10:26am [ 364 ]

Hi, i have been delayed for 2 months. Now i experienced some spotting for 10 days. Sometimes it is just too little, but recently it came out like every time i pee it came out red discharge but still it is not as a normal menstruation for me. Yesterday i had a blood test, it came out negative. The docto adviced me to come back after 2 weeks more if my menstruation is not yet come. Im i really pregnant? Because i have symtoms too, like feeling bloated, cramps in my pelvic area, swollen breast. I hope you could help me. Thanks

Apr 4, 2016 5:15am [ 365 ]

Hello. I'm 30 years old. I have a 10, 7 and 4 month old. I realized I missed a period last month and was very tired, I took a test and it was positive...obviously I wasn't expecting to be pregnant again after just having a baby 4 months ago.....on Friday I felt a huge gush of something, like I peed my pants. ....but it was clear. ....when I peed and wiped it was pink tinted. ....then couple hours later it turned to bright red. It is the third day now and it's still happening on and off....my back hurts and I am kinda crampy.....it's not a ton of blood, but has filled a half of my panty liner a couple times. ...no big clots, but a couple of tiny jelly looking things on my tp.....id be about 6 weeks.....never had bleeding with any pregnancy before.....is this a miscarriage? Thank you

Apr 5, 2016 7:04pm [ 366 ]

Hi Jane, I'm so confused please help. This is tearing me apart. I am currently 7-8 weeks pregnant. On my last ultrasound they couldn't find a heart beat but did say that may be because its to early, anyway two days ago I started bleeding really red blood and this morning I've woken up to really dark watery blood and no more cramps. Am I losing this baby or is this normal. My pregnancy symptoms (sore breasts) settled about a week ago but come and go. I don't have very much support at home I don't think my partner wants to think I'm going to lose this baby but I'm so concerned. Three epu won't see me until Friday and I'm finding this so stressful. Id rather just know what's happening.

Apr 5, 2016 8:52pm [ 367 ]

Hi, I just had a miscarriage a month ago, went to the clinic and had a DNC. I found out a few days ago I was 5 weeks 4 days, went to the ER to check on the pregnancy and had an internal ultrasound done, but I was told by the Dr. that it was to early in the pregnancy to anything yet. Went to the restroom later on tonight and saw a little spotting and now i'm very nervous, is it possible that I may be having another miscarriage?

Apr 9, 2016 7:35am [ 368 ]

Hi, am moonrat.I felt this sharp abdominal pain followed by bleeding the next day. The blood flowed for 4 days and it was heavy.the bleeding has stopped and am testing negative after 2 days . can it be that I av lost the baby?

Apr 12, 2016 5:12am [ 369 ]

Hello, I recently found out I am pregnant. I am almost 6 weeks. I had the Para Guard for 10 years. It came out on its own Oct. 16th 2015. I started spotting on Sat. 4-9-16. I went to the ER and they did a urine test and blood work also a ultrasound. They said that my HCG levels were very low and that they only saw a sack on the ultrasound. They said either it was a very early pregnancy, I already miscarried or it could be an ectopic pregnancy and to go to the Dr. within the next week. Didn't really give me info on what might be happening. Since then I have continued spotting it has gotten a little worse. I have been wearing a pad with nothing on it only when I use the restroom I have blood along with when I wipe. It is bright red to pinkish in color. Am I most likely miscarrying or could this just be part of my pregnancy. I never had any spotting with my other 2 pregnancy's which was over 10 years. Any incite would be greatly appreciated.

Apr 13, 2016 5:27am [ 370 ]

Hi iam 6weeks pregnant doctor said fetal not yet developed nd also heart beat not started she suggested me for scan on 23 april but i can see brown color discharge and red color bleddomg light some time only iam getting tensed what will happen idont wantto loosemy baby

Apr 19, 2016 1:41pm [ 371 ]

Hello my name is Jessica. I recently found out I was pregnant lady Thursday. Upon the + preg test I have a full back pain and some mild cramping .

Today I've been experiencing some bright red blood along with mild back pain. I took a preg test again and came up + What could be wrong?

May 5, 2016 7:19am [ 372 ]

Hi my name is Kierstin. This morning I woke up fine to then come home from work to dark brown discharge and a lot of it. I currently have a two year old son as well I didn't experience this with him. My period isn't due until 5/19. Please help me I have no idea what is going on could I be pregnant?

Katie Clements
May 18, 2016 4:41am [ 373 ]

Hi, I am 5 weeks pregnant this is my 3rd pregnancy. I have an 8 year old and also suffered 1 miscarriage last year at 10 weeks. Last week I found out I was pregnant again after nearly a year of trying again since my miscarriage. On Sunday I noticed bleeding - red light bleeding which is carrying on now as I am writing this it will be my 3rd day bleeding. Today the bleeding has slowed down and I noticed brownish colour at times instead of bright red I also have not had an clots. I have seen my GP who said I cannot have a scan until I reach 6 week to see if I have miscarried. Not offer of a blood test, She could not give me an answer, it is hard to say I get that but the unknown is killing me. I am not having any cramps or pain just a light flow of blood, not enough to fill a towel but enough to be worrying me. To be honest I am fearing the worst which is heart breaking I just don't know what to expect. any advice would be welcomed, in your opioun what do you think? I have a scan booked for Monday when i am 6weeks + 2 days thank you

May 21, 2016 10:30am [ 374 ]

Hi Jane, My period was due today, 20th May however on the the 13th May I wiped and it was light pink. The 14th I started having bad back pains and the 15th stomach cramps which I said to myself clearly my period is coming early as I usually experience this the day before. On the 18th the back pain started back, did a pregnancy test but it came out negative and on the 19th I literally got two spots of dark red for the day with a little cramping, did a test which came out negative.Today the 20th got some more red spotting twice which was a little heavier than the yesterday, no back pain and very mild cramps.

May 21, 2016 9:01pm [ 375 ]

Hi I Did 2 tests last week both positive and now having brown stringy discharge and had lower back pain lasting a day is this normal. This is my first pregnancy. Experienced miscarriage 2 years ago and it doesn't feel the same as this does. Any advice or reassurance would be helpful.

May 23, 2016 12:56pm [ 376 ]

I had implantation bleeding yesterday . It was light and brown. Then today I did some light housework and about an hour or two later went to the grocery store and had some very light pink blood. I am 6 weeks today. Had a ultrasound at 4 1/2 weeks saw a egg sack with baby. Is it possible that I had a second implantation and it could be twins. Or do I need to worry about a misscarage? Thank you.

May 30, 2016 9:19am [ 377 ]

I been having really bad pain headache nd nausea sleeping alot my period was 2 on a half weeks late i finally came on and it was very light pink the next morning i wake up to bright red im really afraid can anyome help me or gove me advoce

May 31, 2016 1:49am [ 378 ]

I am 5 weeks pregnant, started off with brown discharge but not the blood is red. It is not heavy like a period and doesn't hurt. I went to the hospital they said there is nothing they can do and to do another test in a week. This is after the doctor confirmed it. Any advice

May 31, 2016 10:34am [ 379 ]

Had a blood test yesterday (positive) but doc was concerned due to bright red bleeding. So we had an ultrasound. It's not a en ectopic pregnancy-- but she said the uterus looked like there was nothing there (supposedly at 4 weeks pregnancy based on the usual computation-- but based from time of deed, 2 weeks). She told me to take duphaston (dydrogesterone) 3x a day. Drank 1 last night, this morning, bleeding grew heavier-- with clots. Just like normal period. Did I just miscarry?

Jun 3, 2016 4:45am [ 380 ]

Hi. I have been bleeding for 4 weeks now, it changes though. The first week the blood was a brownish colour, second week red, this week red and born with blood clots and this week brown but today there was a lot of blood and blood clots. The bleeding is irregular though. I am on the injection too and it feels as if there is movement in my stomach although I have taken a test and both came out negative. Should I be worried?

Jun 4, 2016 11:12pm [ 381 ]

44 yrs old. Had tuba ligation 18 yrs ago. Pregnancy symptoms such as some nausea, tender breast, including missed period. Then only spotting for 2 days 3 weeks later. Now this month little amount of bright red bleeding for 1 day with little sticky brown discharge only the size of smaller than rice, and painless. Usually all periods are right on time, heavy, and painful. Pregnant??

Jun 8, 2016 5:17pm [ 382 ]

I went to the emergency room because I was spotting a light red and brownish color. It was confirmed that I was around 4weeks pregnant with a hCG or 429.4. However I've been spotting for about a week now and it stops of and on. I went back to the emergency room again today and my hCG level went down to a 357.1 does that mean that I've miscarried. I haven't been cramping or bleeding bad as if it was a cycle only spotting. The doctor at the emergency room said it seems to be that I'm just having another cycle. What do you think it is a miscarriage or a cycle? I've taken a pregnancy test and it has come back positive still and I don't think that I have miscarried.

Jun 15, 2016 4:27am [ 383 ]

Hi I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I've been bleeding since the first of June at first it was light spotting then on the 3rd I got released from the er under a threatened miscarriage because I was bleeding bright red and passing clots that lasted for two days I'm still bleeding its light pinkish brown I have a Obgyn appointment tomorrow do you think I miscarried a twin or possibly just miscarried one baby

Jun 16, 2016 5:34pm [ 384 ]

I am about 7 weeks with my 4th child but it is my 9th pregnancy. I have suffered miscarriages in the past. I just started having very light pink spotting when I use the restroom either late at night or early morning. Could it be that I am losing another pregnancy or simply my body reacting to the pregnancy?

Tameca Petitt
Jun 18, 2016 12:01pm [ 385 ]

Hi I am about 7weeks Pregnant, i have had light bleeding all yesterday and woke u this morning and still bleeding its like a light period and only seeing the blood when i wipe, I have been having dull cramps and aches throughout the day in the lower abdominal area and around the back. i need some helpful advice or reassurance, I have had 2 pregnancies before this one with full-term babies with my complications,no miscarriages and my blood type is A positive, i didn't have the bleeding at all through the pregnancies so this is new to me. I went to the hospital last night and they said it could be either way normal or threatening miscarriage, they did a internal ultrasound but apparently its too early to get a accurate answer and i have to wait and see monitor the bleeding, and in 2 weeks do another ultrasound. they did take some blood's too to see my HSG levels are now and what they will be like in the next 2 weeks. I just thought at 6 wks the fetus heat starts beating?

Jun 21, 2016 10:01pm [ 386 ]

hi, me and my husband are trying to conceive, for almost a year now. on 16 May 2016 i did an HSG and my tubes were ok, on the 24-27 May 16 i started spotting ,on the 28-29 May period came, 30-31 May had a very heavy bleeding with big cloths,1-3 May 16 period came back to normal. on the 15-16 of June i spotted again and started a very light bright red bleeding on 17-20 June. today i am feeling a pain on my left side, lately i have been experiencing stomach cramping, bloating,back ache,feeling tired heartburn. could it be associated with pregnancy?

Jun 26, 2016 1:18pm [ 387 ]

I'm not sure if I could be pregnant or not, I had sex 10 days ago, had a late period and had sex last night (bigger than usual) I didn't bleed until this morning, only a light bleed (may be period?) also was like a bright red colour

Jul 5, 2016 6:45am [ 388 ]

Hi am Stacy I um.... Just found out am pregnant about a week ago to b exact.... Uh um...I have had some cramps /stitches like pain in my stomach now and then but nothing major. My bf and I had sex this morning afterwards he left for work and I went back to bed.... I later on woke up went to pee and realized I was bleeding. Is this normal???? I've had a miscarriage once before and fear it may be happening all over again.JUST NEED SOME ADVICE

Jul 8, 2016 8:45pm [ 389 ]

Hi, I have missed my period by 4 weeks, I then experienced spotting and for two days after it became heavier, it was brown/black in colour so not a usual period, it lasted 4 days in total. All pregnancy tests have come back negative but have all pregnancy symptoms Is there a possibility I could be pregnant or have had possible miscarriage?

mary park
Jul 11, 2016 5:47am [ 390 ]

Hi I found out im 4 weeks pregnant and yesterday I had a heavy bleed but no cramps or no pain and im still bleeding I went to the hospital and I wasnt checked out they did a dip stick and said ive got an infection did I miscarry or didnt I and they put the smallest amount of wee and done a test and it came back negative but he told me to do another test in a week s time. Im comfussed

Jul 11, 2016 10:58pm [ 391 ]


My situation is kinda crazy. I had a period in May from the 12th-17th then again in June from the 24th-30th. I test this past Friday which was the 8th of July on a digital and got a Yes+ and I also tested with regular line test and it came out faint. But right after that digital test I started bleeding and it has been getting heavier and heavier. I have no cramping at all. I tested even while I was still bleeding and got a positive. I'm quite confused.

misty garcia
Jul 13, 2016 5:18pm [ 392 ]

Im 4 weeks pregnant. Me & my husband had sex. I went to clean myself up and whn i wiped there was a little streek of blood mixed with his sperm on paper towel...i dont wanna have a miscarriage..

Jul 20, 2016 10:36pm [ 393 ]

I'm roughly round 5/6 weeks pregnant I had a scan on Monday and told them I had a bit of red spotting they said that's usual and then yesterday it turned to brown and now it's red but no clots it's not like the blood going on to a pad it's only when I wipe

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