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ABO Incompatibility in Newborns

Red blood cells

ABO incompatibility is a common and generally mild type of haemolytic disease in babies. The term haemolytic disease means that red blood cells are broken down more quickly than usual which can cause jaundice, anaemia and in very severe cases can cause death. During pregnancy, this breakdown of red blood cells in the baby may occur if the mother and baby’s blood types are incompatible and if these different blood types come into direct contact with each other and antibodies are formed.

Significant problems with ABO incompatibility occur mostly with babies whose mothers have O blood type and where the baby is either A or B blood type. Premature babies are much more likely to experience severe problems from ABO incompatibility, while healthy full term babies are generally only mildly effected.  Unlike haemolytic disease that can result in subsequent babies when a mother has a negative blood group, ABO incompatibility can occur in first-born babies and does not become more severe in further pregnancies.

To help you understand ABO incompatibility, it is helpful to review the different blood groups. The genes you inherit from your parents determine your blood group. There are four blood types; A, B, AB and O. Each blood type has its own individual collection of chemicals on the blood cell surface known as antigens, so type A has the A antigen, B has the B antigen, AB has both antigens and O contains no antigen. If different blood types mix, an immune response occurs and the person will produce antibodies to attack the foreign blood antigen.

Jaundice newborn baby
 Jaundice Baby

During pregnancy the mother’s and baby’s blood generally do not mix. The mothers and babies circulation is kept separate by the placental membrane.  Oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, certain drugs and some viruses can pass through the placental membrane. However, some circumstances can cause the two blood types to mix, such as miscarriage, trauma and birth, and sometimes they may mix for reasons unknown. Antibodies against the foreign blood types A and B may be formed. These antibodies could then pass across the placental membrane into the baby’s circulation and may result in the destruction of some of the baby’s red blood cells. This destruction of red cells causes an increase in the production of bilirubin – a waste product. If too much bilirubin is produced, it can overwhelm the baby’s normal waste elimination processes and lead to jaundice.

Jaundice is caused by bilirubin, a yellow pigment that gives the newborn's skin and whites of the eyes a yellow appearance. The baby’s colour is observed during regular newborn examinations by a midwife or doctor. The baby may need blood tests to check the level of bilirubin if the baby looks significantly jaundiced. Slight jaundice is very common in newborns and requires no follow up. Babies with high levels of bilirubin in their blood will require phototherapy and in severe cases they may need an exchange blood transfusion.

Jaudice baby under phototherapy lights
 Baby having phototherapy

For babies effected by ABO incompatibility, anaemia may become an issue after a few weeks. The anaemia is caused by the faster than normal breakdown of the baby’s red blood cells caused by the mother’s antibodies. These antibodies can linger in the baby’s circulation for weeks after birth. Because of this, some babies will need to have blood tests to check the level of anaemia.

Routine blood screening tests in pregnancy do not screen for ABO incompatibility. Testing in pregnancy is not recommended as antibody levels do not correlate well to actual ABO haemolytic disease in the baby. There are no preventative measures that can be taken.

After birth there are two options for testing for ABO incompatibility:

  • The cord blood of all babies  whose mothers have an O blood group and the father either type A or B blood is tested The theory behind this approach is that if the baby is type A or B and they test positive in direct antiglobulin tests (DAT), the baby can then be followed closely for jaundice.
  • The alternate approach is to screen any baby who becomes significantly jaundiced (particularly within the first 24 hours).
Jane Palmer is a mother, birth activist and midwife in private practice located in Sydney, Australia. With additional qualifications as a childbirth educator and lactation consultant, Jane works to improve pregnancy, birth and parenting options for families.


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Jan 17, 2011 7:18am [ 1 ]

I have experienced this with both of my children (I'm O+ and both of them have been A+). It was discovered when my first daughter was born and she spent some time in the NICU under phototherapy and hooked up to IVs (she was also anemic). With my second daughter (born at a different hospital), the doctors did not seem too familiar with this issue, but did discover her billiruben was high several hours after she was born (it was immediately discovered with the first child). Emily (second child) was given phototherapy in my room but was not admitted to the NICU, discharged on the 5th day, and day 12 we had her in the ER because her circulation was extremely poor, ending in death due to Myocarditis (blood screens determined she was Septic, ph levels were off, low body temp, and autopsy also showed she was anemic). I can't help but feel like the ABO Incompatibility was part of the issue that resulted in her death and I am currently in the process of meeting with a high risk and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist to hopefully pursue another pregnancy. Both my pregnancies and delivieries were smooth and healthy as far as anyone can tell so far. I know that typically my body's defense gets stronger with each pregancy, so assuming we have the right doctors who are aware of the possibility of the ABO Incompatibility in place, is it smart of me to hold hope for another baby??

Jan 17, 2011 7:42am [ 2 ]

Dear Lindsay

Thank you for sharing your story. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your baby. Seeking advice from a Maternal Fetal Specialist is a great idea as they will be able to review your situation and give you information on which may help you can make a decision on whether or not to have another baby. Also doing research of your own can be helpful

ABO incompatibility rarely causes major problems. Each pregnancy is different. If a baby is an O blood group - it will not be effected. If the baby is an A blood group - the baby may or may not be effected. Severe anaemia and dangerously high levels of bilirubin (jaundice) are the major concerns but are quite uncommon. ABO incompatibility does not causes sepsis. I hope this helps a little in your search for information.

Feb 5, 2011 8:56am [ 3 ]

Hi, I thought I’d share my story… My daughter was diagnosed with ABO incompatibility a few hours after birth and hyperbilirubinemia. She spent 4 days under triple phototherapy which didn’t help bring her bilirubin levels down. The doctors gave us 2 treatment options 1) A blood transfusion or 2) An IVIG injection. We opted for the IVIG. Luckily she only needed one dose for it to work, and her bilirubin levels started decreasing right away. She was also diagnosed with sepsis but the doctors couldn’t understand why… they treated her for it anyway. I am now pregnant with my second child and I am worried that the same thing will happen. ..

Jane Palmer
Feb 5, 2011 9:56am [ 4 ]

Dear Daniela - thank you for sharing your story. Thankfully ABO incompatibility does not necessarily occur in every pregnancy. If it does - it may not necessarily be as severe. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that this baby is not effected.

Feb 6, 2011 7:22pm [ 5 ]

I have always been curious about my first and last pregnancy. (Gravida 5) With my first son I caught a serious gastric virus (@ 4 wks) that hung on for weeks. Everyone I worked with had it, we literally only ate oatmeal for 3 weeks. I lost several pounds. When I saw my OBGYN for the first time they did the whole blood typing thing. I am O positive and my husband is A-. As the weeks progressed I continued to rapidly lose weight. In the end about 25 lbs. I started out as a size 9 and ended up wearing size 4 maturnity clothes. You could actually see the muscle twist around the bone in my thigh, I was so thin. I was also diagnosed with Pernicious anemia. The dr began giving me Iron shots on a weekly basis, I had to take double the iron pills plus my prenatal vitamin. I spent 9 months throwing up anything and everything. The Dr said it was because we had ABO Incomparability. He explained it this way. "With the RH factor the mothers body tries to kill the baby... thinking it is a virus or infection it needs to kill. With ABO... the baby is killing the mother." Considering the way I felt I believed him! :D He also said I would be lucky if my son weighed 5 lbs, and he would need a complete transfusion after birth. As soon as I went into labor I had the appetite of a three truck drivers. The nausea was gone and I had 3 plates of spaghetti and a slab of texas sheet cake before I left for the hospital. I yelled for food all through labor. I ate like 3 truckers for 2 weeks after that.
Well long story short.. he weighed 8 lbs 5 oz and was 21" long. He did get jaundice around the 2nd day but a few days under the light and he was fine. I had a miscarriage about a year later, then two more boys with no problems and I gained 25 lbs with each and was never sick a day. My last pregnancy I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks and was constantly throwing up. I felt like death, had no strength and slept every chance I could. I told the Dr (a different one) that this baby also had the ABO thing going on and was killing me too. She had no idea what I was talking about. I miscarried that baby and almost bled to death and needed a D&C and then spent 2 weeks in bed due to severe blood loss. My hemoglobin went down to 6 prior to surgery. I refused a transfusion due to the Aids virus just coming on the scene. Can you tell me what was actually wrong with me?? My 2nd sons GF is now pregnant and she has to have the shots because my son must be A- like his dad, and I believe she is A- also ??

Jane Palmer
Feb 10, 2011 9:46am [ 6 ]

Hi Anna - to know what went on in your pregnancies you'd need to go through your history and review the medical notes. So unfortunately I can't make it any clearer for you. ABO Incompatibility can only be diagnosed once a baby is born by blood tests. You mentioned your son's girlfriend needing shots - that is most likely because she has a negative blood group which is completely different than ABO incompatibility. No medication is given to mothers who may have an ABO incompatibility.

Toni Taylor
Feb 21, 2011 10:07am [ 7 ]

Hi Jane. My baby (Jessica) on born on the 17th jan 2011. My pregnancy was all fine and so was the labour. The hospital wanted to keep us in for 24 hours in case of infection as my waters broke 2 days beforehand. in the early hours of the next morning they noticed she was a bit yellow so they did the jaundice test and she was admited to the NICU. They said she was ABO Incompatible. Im O+ and my partner is A+, but Jessica is A-. The doctor said the she had taken my partners blood type but both the negative protines in our blood. At the moment we are still going back to the hospital as they wanted to keep an eye on her jaundice levels, they are now fine but she is taking folic acid as her hemogolbin levels are still high. The doctors say it can happen again. what is the chance it can happen again? Also i have 3 sisters what is the likelyhood they will have the same problem as me?

Feb 21, 2011 11:11am [ 8 ]

Hi I just had my 5th baby and all my children suffered abo incompatibility, me being o+ and my husband b+ I have to say each baby got worse in terms of how long it took for treatment before they could leave the NICU I was able to inform them during my pregnancies that most likely it would happen again. My only wish is that there could be something in place to help control it like the anti D injection for RH negative mothers, we can only hope in the future i guess

Jane Palmer
Feb 21, 2011 9:38pm [ 9 ]

Hi Toni - One book I read said that there is an 88% chance of recurrence of ABO incompatibility. I haven't read any research papers that provide the incidence. You could ask the doctors caring for your daughter - they might have access to recent research. ABO incompatibility does not necessarily worsen next time (though in Rachel's case above it did). For example one case I know the woman's fist baby required phototherapy, her second baby did not need treatment (only monitoring of bilirubin levels). If your sisters blood groups are O and their partners are A - their is a possibility they may have a similar experience (though this is unlikely).

Mar 5, 2011 10:51am [ 10 ]

hi..! i am 3 mos. pregnant and iam wondering about the abo incompatibility because my blood type is B and my husband blood type is O.. this would be consider ABO incompatibility if my child blood type is simillar ti her father... is there any prevention to prevnt that kind of complication?

Jane Palmer
Mar 7, 2011 7:09am [ 11 ]

Most couples have different blood types and it generally doesn't cause any problems. ABO incompatibility occurs mostly with mothers whose blood group is O. There are not any preventative measures you can take to avoid ABO incompatibility.

Mar 11, 2011 1:35am [ 12 ]

Hello there, I'm glad I found you guys - I am worried and desperate for some information. My baby girl was born week 40, March 8th, and we are all excited. She's A+ (I am too) and her mother is O. As she was diagnosed with ABO incompabbility in the first few hours, her Bili levels were tested every less then 6 hours after birth. She started up with borderline figures (I think first count was 6), second test showed 7.1, and at 36 hours she was already 9. She started Phototherapy. we are now at 48 hours and her levels now are 10. I know it's too early to jump to conclusions, but what if the PT does not work? What if she keeps on going up? what's the point in which the next step is suggested? Is there any potential brain damage (CP) and if so what are the levels I should be concerned by? What does blood transfusion mean and what are the risks? Sorry for the question attack - I'm rather anxious and looking for more information...

thank you!

Jane Palmer
Mar 18, 2011 2:20pm [ 13 ]

So sorry I have been out all this week and unable to answer questions. I hope by now that your daughters levels are back to normal. It is rare for phototherapy not to work. The next step is a blood exchange transfussion which does carry quite a few risks. Your daughters bilirubin levels will be montiored closely and intervention would occur before the levels reached dangerous levels.

charity ann a. goc-ong
Mar 31, 2011 7:01pm [ 14 ]

hi im cha, last nov8 2010 i gave birth to a bb girl with 9.3 lbs but she was left in the NICU because her white blood cells is higher than red blood cells we've been there for almost 1month, she had blood transfusion for twice and IVIG, my blood type is O n my husband is A+ my baby's blood type is A+. Currently im 35weeks pregnant of my 2nd baby, is their possibility that the problem encountered in my 1st baby will encounter in my 2nd baby? thnks.

Mar 31, 2011 8:07pm [ 15 ]

Hi Cha - Were you told that your baby had ABO incompatibility? There are other reasons for a blood transfusion. If it was ABO incompatibility - your next baby may be effected.

Lena D
Apr 2, 2011 3:15pm [ 16 ]

I am happy to find a current site for this question of ABO incompatibility. I have o neg blood. My first son (with my 1st husband,who was AB+) was born at 36 weeks, b+ blood, but also had PDA and Mitral Valve Insuffiency. He was transfered to a children's hospital and was in the nicu. We were told that he had slight jaundice and they put him on a billi blanket for awhile and things were fine. All they told us was it was because our blood was incompatible, I never understood because I took the Rh shot. They were more concerned with the heart issues. Thankfully he is fine. Second hubby(a neg blood) and second son born 11 years after first. Son has o neg blood like me so no problems. Baby girl was born three years later. Hospital under new management, little mishaps with the way they do stuff now but birth was fine. She was born at 10:28 pm by late morning next day they still hadn't typed her even though I asked. by mid afternoon they came to retype me? By evening neonatal Dr. came in and said they were concerned about her billi levels and were retesting her came back at like 8 pm that her level was 19.4. So immediate transfer was necessary. Still didn't know her exact blood type till we were at Nicu-it was A neg. This was really hard on us as we lived an hour from delivery hospital and ob and almost 2 hrs from the Children's Hospital, she was there for 10 days. I know in comparison to other babies in the nicu we are blessed but still. We asked several Drs and Pediatricians about risks to another baby. They all had different answers. I know we have a 50/50 chance of having an a baby or an o baby. And I know that Abo gets worse with each child that has a different blood type from mom. But what could we really expect and is there anything we could do to prevent it from being as bad. My ob said we would make sure to have blood typed quickly and to cut cord quickly. And check the billi levels more often so it wouldn't get so high before they got put on lights. Can we do anything else? The hospital under new management really sucks. same ob and hospital for all three kids but I feel like the slowness in getting her blood typed delayed her being under phototherapy as soon as she could have been. Would it have made a difference if the baby is direct coombs positive and they immediately put them on a billi blanket or under lights? Would that keep it from getting as high as our daughter's got? We are trying to decide if we want more kids and this is the main deciding factor so any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Apr 3, 2011 10:31am [ 17 ]

Hi Lena - unfortunately there isn't anything you can do to prevent ABO incompatibility. I will say that I didn't find evidence in my research about the condition getting worse with each child with a different blood type. A woman who I cared for experienced ABO incompatibility and has given me permission to share her story (she was the reason I wrote this article as we found it difficult to get information). Her first baby need to go to NICU and have phototherapy. Her second baby (who was also a different blood group to her) did not require phototherapy only montioring of the baby's bilirubin levels. We did a blood group and Coombes at birth (baby was Coombes positive). Steps we took to avoid jaundice to have a drug free labour, natural birth, skin to skin contact at birth and early initiation of breastfeeding. FYI - we did delayed cord clamping and a physiological third stage (no drugs to help the placenta). Even if a baby is Coombes postive - phototherapy would not usually be started until baby is clinically jaundice. Close monitoring of the baby is required. I am sorry I can't give any definitive answers.

May 11, 2011 12:58pm [ 18 ]

I'm glad to finally know I'm not alone in the world. I'm pregnant with number seven and until the last two, every other one has been an ABO issue. I can call it by seven weeks due to how I feel. I am miserable until they are delivered. My O+ babies don't make me sick at all. Another thing I've noticed is the fact that each A+ (I'm O+) pregnancy gets worse and worse, as if I'm building up antibodies or something. I thought I was going to die with this one. I'm guessing it was this bad due to having two back to back. Who knows really. The babies that are A+ have all ended up VERY jaundice with bilirubin levels peaking at 23. I'm praying for sunny weather come mid September.

May 22, 2011 6:07pm [ 19 ]

Our daughter was born in september 2008 and all seemed fine. At about 5 hours old we started to notice the yellow tinge to her skin. her blood was tested and she was rushed up to the special care unit on triple phototherapy. she then went on to have a blood exchange which thankfully worked and now she's fine. At the time this was all put down to our rhesus incompatability. As we are trying for a 2nd baby I wanted to find out a little bit more about it so I spoke to my doctor who did a blood test to confirm the diagnosis but to everones surprise I do nor have any rhesus antibodies so after a lot of pushing and making myself a pain in the neck we got refered to a peadiatric consultant who found that her contition was caused by ABO incompatability. All seems to be fine for another pregnancy (less scary than the Rhesus alternative)and after over a year of hasstleing people we now know what happened. They say that as we now know we can check any new baby asap and deal with any potential problem quickly. All good in the end!

Kerri King
May 23, 2011 6:09pm [ 20 ]

Hi Jane, I am 15 weeks pregnant and blood type O negative. My Husband is blood type "ABO/Rheseus". Please can you advise if we are compatible blood types? I am having trouble understanding the blood typing off the internet sites and determining whether or not my Husband is positive or negative even. Thanks, Kerri

May 23, 2011 6:50pm [ 21 ]

Dear Kerri - ABO/Rhesus is not a blood group. Your husbands blood group needs to be either A, B, AB or O. He will either be Rhesus positive or Rhesus negative. Can you speak to either your midwife or doctor to help you interpret his results?

Latoya Desamour
Jun 6, 2011 11:32am [ 22 ]

I am pregnant with my 3rd child. My first born didn't have any complications at all. My second child, had the ABO Incompatibility. He spent 1 week in the hospital including a stay in the NICU. He case was so severe, the doctors said his only hope was a blood tranfusion. After he was released from the hospital, we had to go back to the Oncologist once a week for about 2 months to test his blood. Eventually, his levels became normal and he's a healthy little boy now. However, I'm concerned that the next child will have the same issue. I'm praying that he/she doesn't and I will also start praying for all the mothers who I just read about that are in the same boat with me.

Emma-Katie Smith
Jun 11, 2011 12:42am [ 23 ]

Hi Jane I'm so glad i've finally found somewhere to get advice about ABO.

My second baby (born 13/2/2010) he wasnt taking milk and it was hard waking him for feeds after he was born. i mentioned to midwives that there was something wrong and they did nothing! Doctor checked him over and had not picked up on the jaundice. Day after i was only feeding him via a tiny cup. the midwife which discharged us that day still hadnt picked up on the jaundice either. looking back on the pic's he didnt look normal. by time a midwife was worried he was extremely jaundice by day 5. we were both re-admitted to maternity unit and he was placed under phototherapy for over 48hrs. After the jaundice had cleared his blood showed he was anaemic and i was told he had ABO compatibility. He then went on to be monitored with blood tests every 2wks and given folic acid to increase his blood cells.

My type blood is O+ his is A(dnt know rh's) his fathers blood is type A too.

my first born never suffered with any of this, so does this mean i have a 50/50 chance?.( I dont know her blood group guessing she must be O like me)

Me and the kids father want to have more children, but I was told by doctor at hospital NOT to have anymore children. since he said this I'm afraid of getting pregnant.Also i dont think i could trust this maternity unit again as they should have listened to me when i said that something was wrong.

I'd never heard of ABO incompatilibity before i had my son. no family history of this i keep thinking why me? and am i being selfish wanting another child that could ABO?

Jun 11, 2011 6:04am [ 24 ]

Hi Emma-Katie - I am so sorry you had a such an negative experience. In answer to your question the chance of the baby's blood group depends on the genes your partner has. If your partner has two A genes then there is a 100% chance that the baby will be A. If your partner has an A gene and an O gene - then there is a 25% chance the baby will have an O blood group (and ABO incompatibility will not reoccur). The A blood type is dominant. Even if this baby has an ABO incompatibility if treatment is started early the baby may have a better outcome. The baby's cord blood should be tested as soon as it is born and then monitor the baby closely for the first few days at least. Are you able to see another doctor for a second opinion? One of my client's first baby had ABO incompatibility and ended up needing phototherapy and treatment - her second baby also had ABO incompatibility and did not need treatment (other than close monitoring).

Jun 18, 2011 6:49am [ 25 ]

My third baby is 5 days old now and she was diagnosis ABO incompatibility also. I'm O and my daughter's B. She born in 12 june 2011 and start photopherapy on 13 june early in the morning. Her doctor said her bilirubin level was jump too high with in 24 hour and he want to start treatment immediately. My daughter was in NICU all the time during in Hospital but she was discharg and went back home with me last 2 days and need to go to the hospital everyday for monitor her bilirubin level (by blood test). In this morning her Bil is 20 and doctor want her to go back to NICU and start Phototherapy again. After 8 hour under the light, her bil level was reduce to 18. Now she still spend the night under the light. How long dose the phototherapy take to bring back the bilirubin level to normal? And if it's normal by phototherapy, it may be up again when her go back home or not?

Jun 18, 2011 4:12pm [ 26 ]

Dear Somsinee - With ABO incompatibiliy sometimes the jaundice can peak again and need further treatment. The length of time it takes for phototherapy to work varies from baby to baby. So unfortunately I cannot give a time frame. Usually when phototherapy is stopped the doctors arrange follow up blood tests to make sure the jaundice is not reoccuring. Talk with your baby's doctors - they will be able to give you an idea of what is ahead.

Jun 22, 2011 12:13am [ 27 ]

Hi, I had a nightmare with my first child who was on the verge of transfusion with ABO incompatibility. Thankfully his last bili reading came down and it continued that way. My second child had exactly the same blood group (B+) as my first but as I had made the midwife aware of what had happened previously and was referred to a consultant, blood was taken as soon as he was born. He still had to have phototherapy but was only in hospital a couple of days rather than the week that my first was in. I am now pregnant with my third and am expecting the same thing to happen again. As my last pregnancy was almost 4 years ago can I just check that there is still nothing that can prevent this happening and taking blood as soon as the baby is born is the first step? Thanks for your help!

Jun 22, 2011 7:26am [ 28 ]

Hi Donna - Unfortunately there isn't any way of preventing an ABO incompatibility if it is going to occur. There is a chance that the baby will have your blood group and the baby not to be affected. At birth it is usual practice to take the baby's blood group and to test to see if the baby is Coombes positive. If the baby is positive - they will observe the baby closely and start phototherapy if the bilirubin levels rise.

Jun 22, 2011 8:46pm [ 29 ]

hello! i'm curious about the ABO incompatibility, my husband is AB+ and i'm type O, we're planning to have a baby, is there a possibility that my baby will experience this? thank u!

Jun 22, 2011 10:35pm [ 30 ]

Hi Marra - Yes there is a possibility however, it is highly unlikely. Many women who are O blood type do not have baby's effected by ABO incompatibility. All baby's are monitored at birth for jaundice and if it occurs blood tests are done and treatment started if necessary. It is important to note that ABO incompatibility, even if it occurs, can be very mild and not need treatment.

Jul 6, 2011 4:31pm [ 31 ]

Hi, Me and my wife has this type of incompatibility being me as B+ and her as O+. Recently (May 21,2011) we lose our baby girl in her 6 months of pregnancy due to lower heartbeat and my baby was also diagnose with a cystic hygroma.

My question is, Is the heart problem and cystic hygroma causes by our ABO incompatibility? As we are plannning to work out for our next baby early next year, Is there any chance of having the same problem again? Please advise us what are the necessary things to be done to avoid such problems again. Thank you very much...

Jul 13, 2011 7:54am [ 32 ]

Hi Romel - I am so sorry for your loss. None of the literature I have read about ABO incompatibility says that it causes abnormalities in babies. It would be a really good idea to speak to your local doctor or to get a referral to a specialist for some preconception advise regarding conceiving another baby. Some abnormalities are a chance occurance others have a genetic basis.

Romel F Dacasin
Jul 14, 2011 8:16pm [ 33 ]

Thank you Jane for the advice...I really appreciate it.

Kristine Cruz Aniciete
Jul 16, 2011 12:15pm [ 34 ]

Hi Jane. I just gave birth to my first child last Sunday, July 10, 2011 via C-Section. Up to now, my baby is still spending time at the NICU under continuous phototherapy because we learned that she has high bilirubin levels. My pediatrician is also giving her antibiotics thru IV fluids.

I have also learned about this ABO incompatibility, my blood type is A and my husband is type O. Does this causes her jaundice? I also want to know when does the jaundice usually disappear? Thank you Jane in advance. I really do appreciate it.

Jul 20, 2011 5:02pm [ 35 ]

Hi Kristine - ABO incompatibility usually occurs if your blood type is O (though not all the time). Talk to your baby's doctor or nurses - they will be able to tell you if your baby has ABO incompatibility. Jaundice can occur because of lots of different issues. Usually jaundice disappears reasonably quickly once phototherapy is started - how long it takes to go depends on the factors that caused the jaundice and if your baby is well or unwell.

Jul 24, 2011 4:18pm [ 36 ]

My daughter was born on July 21st, 2011 at 10:27am. She was diagnosed with abo incompatibility on July 22nd and started phototherapy around 4:30pm. We were discharged on July 23rd at noon. She wasn't even on phototherapy for 24 hours. Now that we are home I have noticed she is still kind of yellow and her feet are having a hard time with circulation. She is also constantly still sleeping and I have to annoy her to get her to nurse. We go back for bloodwork tomorrow morning. What are the chances of them readmitting her? I'm O+, husband is B+ and she is B-

Jul 24, 2011 4:29pm [ 37 ]

Hi Jenn - Ring someone from the hospital to let them know your daughter is sleepy and yellow. Jaundice levels can rebound (rise) after phototherapy is stopped (particularly if she has ABO incompatibility).

Aug 3, 2011 12:41am [ 38 ]

hi, I have a pt who had miscarriage in first pregnancy,at that time cause was not found.In her second pregnancy she again had miscarriage due to hydrops fetalis .Now her blood test after 1 month of miscarriage shows ABO incompatibility, levels of ANTI A Titre 512(0-128 normal)so wahat are chances that in next pregnancy regarding ABO incompatibility,

Aug 6, 2011 6:25pm [ 39 ]

Hi Huma - I am sorry but your question would be something I'd have to ask a high risk obstetric specialist. I initally wrote this article due to the lack of information on ABO incompatibility on the internet. Unlike Rhesus disease - ABO incompatibility does not necessarily reoccur. Statistically speaking I can't tell you the incidence of reoccurrence.

Aug 11, 2011 2:40am [ 40 ]

I am wondering how long the jaundice and sleepiness can last in ABO incompatibile baby's? My daughter is 5 weeks old and still very sleepy and yellow to her eyes. She was born July 7 and they kept us in NICU for 4 days with double phototherapy, IVIg, and IV fluids. No one really said hoe long this would or could last in her. I am O- and my husband is A + and so is my daughter. We are going again to repeat her bilirubin and hgb levels even though last time they said we didn't have to...her hgb was normal and bili was 197. When discarged from NICU it was 178, July 13. By July 18 it was 209, then July 21 was 197. Should I be worried?? How long will it last? I am still waking her to eat at night an often through the day. She is nursing and voiding/stooling well. Was 6 lbs 13 oz at birth and yesterday was 9lbs 3 oz. If you have any input that would be great....it seems like even my doctor really has no idea this time and is a very good doctor. Thanks!!!

Aug 11, 2011 3:38pm [ 41 ]

I am O+, Hubby is B-. First pregnancy (different Father) resulted in O+ Daughter, second miscarried at 10 weeks, 3rd was difficult (constant clotting and bleeding, small weight) B-, 4th miscarried, 5th miscarried, 6th Son who developed jaundice (unknown blood-type), 7th miscarried, 8th miscarried (at 20 weeks), 9th Daughter (unknown blood-type), 10th Son (unknown blood-type), 11th Son (unknown blood-type), 12th Daughter (unknown blood-type), 13th pregnant now due 11/25/11. I've never heard of ABO incompatibility! I'm a little upset that none of my care givers have even brought it up. Thank you, for the information. I'm going to ask about this at my next appointment.

Aug 17, 2011 4:26pm [ 42 ]

I just had a baby girl 3 days ago and she was diagnosed with jaundice shortly before we were discharged from the hospital. The hospital pediatrician ordered me to follow up with her pediatrician the next day. The pediatrician has ordered us to go back to the hospital for billiruben testing so I will know tomorrow if she will require further treatment. I am type O positive and baby is type A positive. Baby is Coombes positive. Is there anything specific I should be looking out for or is there anything I can be doing on my own to help her?

Aug 22, 2011 3:53am [ 43 ]

Hey I just had my daughter on August 20th and I'm O+ and her dad is B+ A few hours after I had her they said she has jaundice she's B+ They put her under the light and her bilirubin went down 1 point I'm currently breast and bottle feeding my nerves are every where and I keep thinking the worst or yet preparing for the worst do you think this is first time mom jitters

Aug 22, 2011 6:23pm [ 44 ]

Sorry I've been away on holidays.

Alicia any jaundice that is persistent should be reviewed by your midwife or doctor for advise.

Esi the most important thing is to make sure your baby is getting lots of breastfeeds. Frequent feeding can help reduce the level of jaundice.

Nett the midwives or doctors usually do a test for ABO incompatibility (particularly with early jaundice) so they should have told you if this has occured. It is understandable to be concerned. I hope your daughter's jaundice resolves quickly.

Sep 7, 2011 8:54am [ 45 ]

Hi Jane. I am O positive and my husband is A negative. Our son was born A positive, and suffered from significant jaundice. He recovered after 4 days of continuous phototherapy. I am pregnant and due in November. Based on my research, I understand that if my husband carries a recessive gene for blood type O, there is a 25% chance this baby will be born with blood type O. However, if he has two A genes, this baby will have blood type A. Two questions: (1) is there a way to test my husband's blood to determine whether he is AO or AA? (2) does the fact that my son has type A blood effect the chances that this baby will also have type A blood?

Sep 8, 2011 4:38am [ 46 ]

Hi Toby - Was your baby diagnosed as having ABO incompatibility? You will have to speak to your doctor about testing your husband for his blood genotype. Standard blood tests do not determine a persons genes. Yes this child has a chance of being type A as your husband is type A (your sons blood type has no bearing on the statistical chance of this baby's blood group).

Sep 21, 2011 2:23pm [ 47 ]

Hi there,

I'm 38.5 weeks pregnant (second pregnancy, third child). Over the last few weeks my doctor has been concerned that my baby is not growing as rapidly as it should. I have also experienced decreased movement over the last few weeks. The baby used to move periodically throughout the day, but now may only have one movement session a day. Anyway, I had a scan yesterday and all is ok, but the baby is small for its gestational age. I am O+ and my husband is A+. My previous pregnancy (twins) - my daughter needed phototherapy for jaundice and was very small as well. I am now wondering if that was the issue for my daughter, and it's happening again with this baby?

I'm having an elective caesarean next week, but I am now thinking perhaps I should call the hospital and try and bring it forward.

Any advice?


Sep 21, 2011 9:05pm [ 48 ]

After experiencing 3 early miscarriages.. I finally gave birth to our son in July. He was diagnosed with ABO Incompatibility, put on the bili-bed (phototherapy) and blood tests to monitor his condition. He also had low blood sugar levels. My husband and I are both O+, our son is B+. He is fine now, happy healthy, however the Dr advised that in any future pregnancies, the risk for the child needing blood transfusions is greater.. is this true? Could it also be the cause of my miscarriages?

Sep 25, 2011 7:32am [ 49 ]

Hi Natalie - Small babies and premature babies are at increased risk for developing jaundice. So without knowing your history it is difficult for me to comment. Your daughter would have most likely be checked for direct antiglobulin - this test can tell you if ABO incompatibility was an issue. Regarding your baby's movements - any change of movements should be reported to your midwife, doctor or hospital (even if a scan or monitoring was okay).

Hi Stevie - while ABO incompatibility can be worse next time around the evidence does suggest that this is not necessarily the case. One of my clients had ABO incompatibility and her first baby needed phototherapy. Her second pregnancy was also affected however this baby did not need phototherapy.

Sep 25, 2011 10:08am [ 50 ]

Does the placenta prevent any symptoms of abo incompatibility occurring until birth when the baby's internal organs take over? If so do the antibodies sit dormant until then or does the placenta cope with them? Lastly how does the blood actually mix during pregnancy and or delivery. Would spotting / slight bleeds during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy potentially cause a mix?

Sep 26, 2011 5:06am [ 51 ]

I have had 3 pregnancies and 3 daughters. We just had our third daughter on the 2nd of Sept. ( full term baby, great weight) She was taken down to the NICU within a few hours after birth for the high billirubin and what they thought was a infection. Turns out she has the ABO incompatibility. She was under phototherapy for two and a half weeks and was just taken off the lights this past week. Her billirubin has slowly got lower but she is now anemic so that is now being watched. We had never heard of the incompatibility until now. Our oldest daughter is O+ like me, both younger girls are A+. The doctors think I actually formed the antibodies with my middle daughter. She was a little jaundice but levels weren't high enough to be thought as anything else. So this pregnancy apparently those antibodies were in full force. We were basically told that it is amazing I was able to carry her full term. She is getting better everyday but we still have several weeks of blood work and levels being watched was glad after she got to get off the phototherapy though.

Sep 26, 2011 6:35pm [ 52 ]

Hi Donna - In some cases the problems associated with ABO incompatibility can occur in pregnancy. Antibodies can cross the placenta to the baby. Things that increase the chance of antibodies crossing the placenta or blood entering the mother's circulation include: * Miscarriage * Abortion * Ectopic pregnancy * Chorionic villus sampling * Amniocentesis * Blood transfusion

Sometimes the blood mixes for reasons unknown. An occurrence of bleeding in pregnancy may increase the risk.

Hi Kendra

I am sorry to hear that your third daughter has been unwell with ABO incompatibility. I hope that her anaemia starts to improve soon.

Sep 26, 2011 8:23pm [ 53 ]

II had a question? I had a normal pregnancy and delivered at 40w c section for large baby. Hours after I had my baby girl they told me she was coombs+ and level 12 jaundiced she was in the nicu for 4 days in a billi blanket and under lamps. They said my blood type was o+ and she is b+ they said my blood tried.to.fight off her blood. When I was telling a friend about what happened they said that it meant I was an RH factor and should have been.given.a shot or I would miscarry in in future pregnancy is this true? Or am I an ABO case and that is why I didn't receive the shot?

Sep 27, 2011 6:26am [ 54 ]

Hi Paige - Your friend is incorrect. The shot your friend mentioned is for women who have a negative blood group. Your blood group is positive. There is no shot for ABO incompatibility. No preventative measures exist for ABO incompatibility. It is likely your daughter had ABO incompatibility given your blood groups and that your daughter was Coombes positive, I can't say for sure as it needs to be medically diagnosed. Did the doctors at the hospital give you a diagnosis?

Sep 29, 2011 9:15am [ 55 ]

I am just curious...would the same thing occur if the mother was AB+ and the father was O+? That is what the doctors told my parents. All four of my siblings and I had jaundice really bad when we were born.

Sep 29, 2011 10:36pm [ 56 ]

While typically ABO incompatibility occurs with mothers with type A blood - this is not always the case. The mother can have A, B or AB blood group.

Oct 12, 2011 6:26pm [ 57 ]

I have an O- blood group, my husband is O+ and our son was born with an A+ blood group. One day after he was born he was diagnosed with ABO incompatibility and Hyperbillirubinemia and admitted to NICU for phototherapy.

His Billirubin count peaked at 351 and the conjugated count at 200. Two days after the bullirubin stabilized, his haemoglobin levels dropped to 8.8. Oliver was given some additional blood. With the additional blood and an iron supplement his body has manage to start creating its own haemoglobin. Two weeks in NICU and my baby is doing very well, however we are still going for follow up tests with the Pediatrician (the first being on Friday)

This is my second pregnancy and I was given the Anti-D injection after my first baby was born in 2005, however my Gynecologist never administered a second injections at 27 weeks of the last pregnancy.

From what we have been told by the NICU nurses, this seems to have been RH Incompatibility as well as ABO incompatibility. Could the severity of the jaundice have been less extreme if I had been given the additional Anti D injection at 27 weeks? Is there a way of determining whether this was in fact RH and ABO incompatibility?

Oct 12, 2011 8:01pm [ 58 ]

Hello. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant with second child. My first had abo and had phototherapy. It mentions that miscarriage can cause abo... Does that mean previous miscarriages can cause abo in future pregnancies? And if I have O+ blood and my husband is O type, then why first born daughter have B+ blood and not O like her parents ?

Oct 14, 2011 4:17am [ 59 ]

Hi Jane- I am pregnant with my second daughter, due in November. My first daughter suffered from jaundice and ABO incompatibility (I am O+, my husband is A+, and our first daughter is A-). I am not sure if my husband carries an O allele or not, as his parents aren't sure of their blood types...I was wondering two things: 1- Does early aggressive treatment with phototherapy help, or is the duration of jaundice independent from the intensity of early treatment? Our daughter was under bili lights in the regular nursery for several days, and once she was discharged and came home, she then was re-admitted for intense phototherapy. I'm wondering if I should insist on more aggressive NICU treatment/intense phototherapy if this baby has ABO incompatibility and jaundice from the beginning. And 2- Is there a difference in outcome between delivery at 39 vs 40 weeks in terms of prognosis for ABO incompatibility? I will have a scheduled c-section at either 39 or 40 weeks and didn't know if there was a difference in outcomes (I have heard sometimes that it's better to deliver early because the baby will have fewer antibodies, however other places I heard it's better to deliver later so that the baby's liver is more mature). Thanks!

Oct 21, 2011 6:47am [ 60 ]

This was very interesting for me. I wish it existed years ago! My three children all were diagnosed with ABO incompatibility. (27, 25 and 15 now) I'm O+ and my husband is AB-. Although they all had intense phototherapy, I found that when I stopped breastfeeding for 24 hours, the number went down rapidly! (The Dr.s suggested this to me). After leavingthe hospital, the numbers would go back up...so, Way back then, they had me put my baby in the bay window in the morning sunlight for short periods after we got home, you could actually see the yellow disappear everywhere except the diaper area! The bilirubin numbers came down each day. I don't know if this is advisable these days, but it was something I could do myself, (we didn't have insurance).

Oct 21, 2011 9:54am [ 61 ]

Hi Michelle - I've found it very hard to piece together information on ABO incompatibility (this is the reason I wrote this article to start with). I can't find any mention in the papers I have regarding ABO being caused by a miscarriage. Are you sure that both you and your husband are type O blood? It is not possible to have a daughter whose blood group is B+ if you are both O. To have O blood you must both have two O genes.

Hi Christine - Phototherapy only works when jaundice reaches a treatable level. Basically it needs something to work on. So phototherapy is recommended once bilirubin levels reach phototherapy level. If levels drop and the baby is taken out from phototherapy lights - it is very common to rebound. Some babies will need to be put back under phototherapy. I haven't seen any research to say whether baby's at 39 weeks or 40 weeks do better.

Hi Kim - Thank you for sharing your story. Stopping breastfeeding doesn't improve ABO incompatibility. In fact frequent breastfeeding is beneficial and is recommended. Restrictive breastfeeding however (as was commonly practiced in the past) would make the jaundice worse as the baby isn't getting enough fluids. Indirect sunlight is great for jaundice (of course with care so that the baby isn't over exposed to the sun). My homebirth clients commonly use sunlight if their baby is showing any jaundice as they want to avoid admission to hospital. Thanks for the tip.

Dec 9, 2011 8:49am [ 62 ]

I hope you can shed some light on this for me. I have 5 children the first 3 were born healthy however the 4th and 5th were both born with ABO incompatibility. They were both admitted to the NICU and did well. They received the ivig injection and both had blood transfusions. They both had billyrubin #'s in the mid 20's. So hear it the problem. At age 11 months my now 3 almost 4 year old started having seizures. (this is our 4th child) all of the doctors we took him to said they were fever induced, but he doesn't always have a fever when he has a seizure in fact out of 40+ seizures over the last almost 3 years he has only had a fever along with a seizure 4 times. Now my 5th child who is 14 months old is having seizures with no fever as well. Is there a link or possible cause of having the ABO and a high billirubin a cause for seizures down the road? Have you ever heard of this?

Dec 10, 2011 10:37am [ 63 ]

I'm O+ and my husband is AB+. Not thinking that there can be any complication of any sort, we had our first baby early this year. My pregnancy was not smooth, based on the lab results and my HBP (although physically, I felt great). When my baby was born via emergency c-section, he was only 36 1/2 weeks. The doctors were optimistic that he will be fine because he was almost full term; but just hours after he was born, they started seeing that his health was declining.

We were fighting hope against hope, especially the doctors had no idea what went wrong. I asked them, after some research from my sister who's a nurse practitioner, if they checked the ABO incompatibility. They said they did, but with all the testing that they ran, they couldn't come up with any diagnosis. It was one thing one day, then another the next. He had to get blood transfusions. He had so many different things hooked up to him - IVs for feeding and blood, oxygen, brain monitor. It was painful to watch, especially I was still recuperating from c-section. After the 2nd week, his lungs started to develop better, so they slowly removed the tube through his mouth and moved to the regular oxygen through the nose.

He stayed in the NICU for almost a month; he was discharged 1 day before his 1st month birthday. At the time of discharge, there was still no clear diagnosis. He was still jaundice, but since he was well in other aspects aside from his billirubin, they let us take him home and kept ongoing appointments with the GI. He had liver biopsy the week after, which brought his platelets down again. After a transfusion, his numbers picked up again. After 2 days, we were discharged.

At 11 months now, he is 30 inches and 21 lbs, so far from his birth at 19 inches and 5.5 lbs. He lost his yellowish pigment after 4 months and his billirubin became normal about 9 months. When we brought him for checkup with the Neurologist and GI, they were both happy and surprised to how far he's grown.

Now that he's edging to 1 year, I'm debating if I should risk/gamble having another kid. I know that it would be nice for him to have a sibling, but what are the chances of me going through another cycle like this? It took a toll on my physically, emotionally, mentally and almost socially as I refused to leave the NICU. It was not until the 2nd week that I let up a little bit to leave the hospital for some fresh air.

Jan 5, 2012 1:04pm [ 64 ]

I had a 34.5 weeker who spent 11 days in the NICU. We had a ABO incompatibility. His placenta abrupted inside me. After his birth I had 2 m/c. Could it be caused from the ABO incompatibility? I am o+ he is a+. If this is the cause of my m/c then is there a cure?

Jan 14, 2012 9:39am [ 65 ]

My daughter (now age three & fit & healthy) had major problems with ABO incompatability. She was in the special care unit for about a week and had to have a full blood exchange and triple phototherapy. I'm o-ve and my husbamd is A+ve. I'm pregnant again and am due in about 9 weeks. I'm under a consultant who seems to have it all in hand but he says that is is so rare that it is unlikly to happen again. Looking at the experiences of the other poeple on this site that dosn't seem right. What are the odds of having a second problem? can you help? I just want to be prepared.

Feb 2, 2012 10:35am [ 66 ]

I am very curious if you have done a survey--or some sort of collection of data--on children diagnosed with ABO at birth. My second child was diagnosed ABO, but not my first. He seemed to grow and develop correctly until he turned about 8 years old. He's now 12 1/2 and he is TINY, although he weighed 8lb,9oz at birth. He only weighs 67lbs and is 54" tall. My husband is 6'3,I'm 5'1, my daughter (first child) is almost 16 years old and is 5'4 and growing. Although my son is very intelligent, he has so many health problems that I'm wondering if ABO had something to do with it. (Severe headaches/migraines, asthma/allergy problems, extremely dry skin.) I have a friend whose last child also had ABO and she is very tiny too...Although her older sisters are close to 6' tall, Dad is 6'8, Mom 5'9.) I'm very interested in any data that can give me a clue as to the long-term affects of ABO, or if my son's experience is unique.

Feb 29, 2012 1:36am [ 67 ]

I have three children the first a son was born in 1984.He was O pos the same blood type as me(my husband is A pos). My second son was born in 1987. He developed ABO incompatability as he was A pos. I developed anti A antibodies at birth and some of my blood passed to my son whose liver was too immature to cope. He had phototherapy and recovered after 8 days in hospital. My third son was born in 1993. During my pregnancy we made the midwife and other professionals aware of the difficulty with our second son. We were told that no checks could be done until after the birth. He became severely jaundiced after 6 hours and was rushed to special care baby unit where he spent 10 days under phototherapy light. He was worse than my second son. and we decided not to have any more children. I have never asked anyone if there are any long term effects of ABO Haomolytic disease on the child . My second son is about to become a father with a partner who is O pos and he is A pos. He has also made the midwife aware of his situation at birth. What is the likelihood of history repeating itself?

Feb 29, 2012 2:25pm [ 68 ]

hi i hah two babies with abo incompatibilities but i am B+ my husband AB+ is it realy abo incomp or other thing make them anemic at birth my second baby died after 2 moths but he was 18hb at birth when we reatched hospital after 2 months he was 7hb whate is reason for hemolysis after he born correct &healthy with 18hb with no juandice plz answer me i am from egypt nobody here understand abo incompatibilities

Mar 8, 2012 9:17am [ 69 ]

My daughter was discharged from hospital after being born at 37 weeks. I had an induced labour and had an epidural. By day three at home, she had become fluorescent yellow. She was readmitted onto our local NICU and had immunoglobulin and subsequently a double volume exchange transfusion. So far, so good, she had recently been discharged from all her neonate follow-ups, but the risk for her is that as her levels were so high, some bilirubin encephalopathy may have occurred. This may not present until later in her development. Anyhow, she is a beautiful, happy, healthy and cheeky little girl who is dearly loved. There is a heap of conflicting info out there, especially on the net. My advice would be, go with your gut. If something nags you after being given an answer, go speak to someone else in the profession.My first born had no ABO diagnosis but fed really well. I'm still not clear about the risk in future pregnancy as I have been told a third child would most likely be affected. My husband is blood group A and I'm O.

Apr 5, 2012 9:44am [ 70 ]

Hi Jane,

thank you for writing this article as there is very little information on it elsewhere. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and am O- with an AB+ partner. My understanding is that our child therefore HAS to be either A or B, both of which are incompatible with O. Secondly, I have heard reference to interactions between ABO incompatibility and Rh- issues on a midwifery site (see www.preciouspassage.com/antiD.php) but have been unable to find any further information backed by literature elsewhere.

The statement on the article mentioned is "ABO incompatibility may confer a degree of protection against isoimmunisation - antigens to A and B cells destroy fetal blood before production of anti-D occurs." (First entry in Table 1).

Do you know anything about this?

Many thanks in advance,


Apr 11, 2012 1:32pm [ 71 ]

my first born was put under phototherepy due to high bilirubin level. im A+ and my husband is O+. now im pregnant and due to give birth on june 5.. is it also possible for baby to have the same case as my first one? & what are the effects of these?


Apr 22, 2012 2:30pm [ 72 ]

Hello, my question is concerning my first pregnancy.. I have 0+ blood and so does my daughter but she was still diagnosed with ABO incompatibility. I thought because we both have the same blood type this shouldn't happen. She spent 7 days in the hospital under those lights and back and forth to the hospital until she was almost 2 months old for a bili test. We also had a son who spent 7 days in the hospital with jaundice, it was not as sever and he had A- blood. If we have another baby will it get easier with each pregnancy?

bipadtaran pal
May 9, 2012 9:19pm [ 73 ]


May 17, 2012 2:57am [ 74 ]

My son was put under phototherapy for 4 days due to high bilirubin levels. I'm O negative and my husband is B+ve. My son is B+ve and was affected inspite of taking an anti d injection at 28 weeks of my pregnancy. I had no blood transfusions, abortions etc earlier and this was my first pregnancy. It was shocking that after taking all precautions my son was affected. He was delivered at 40 weeks+ 2 days. I was induced since I did not perceive labor pains. After the membranes ruptured I had bleeding and found blood clots on the sheet. I had an emergency C section done. Can u please help me to understand why my son is affected inspite of taking anti d injection? Is it due to any ABO incompatibility? My son is now 3 weeks old and is still mildly jaundiced. He was also given an IVIG injection within 48 hours of birth. Could not get much help from the doctors to understand the reason. Can anyone pls help to know the reason and also to understand if it will affect my future pregnancies?

Jun 13, 2012 10:16pm [ 75 ]

I posted back in January about the odds of having the same problems with a second child. My second daughter was borne 20th March, and yrp! same thing again. this time we were ready and were in hospital for only 4 days and an IVIG. She's doing really well now. I'm very gratful for this site as it helped me very much to feel like I knew what was happening & why. Thanks all.

Jun 23, 2012 4:38pm [ 76 ]

i have 2 kids, ages 8 and 6, another 1 is on the way. My blood type is O+ and my husband is B sorry but not sure if its + or -. on my 1st baby everything is fine but on my second baby the bilirubin is high and she stayed in the hospital for phototheraphy but after 5 days of my delivery i took her home but every week we have to come back to check her, that takes like a month of going to the hospital for check up. doctors told me to breastfeed her because it will help to lower the jaundice. Is there a posibility that my 3rd baby will have this since it should already in my second child. im a bit scared because my mom had it also on my youngest brother and my brother got a transfussion. is breastfeeding can help to lower bilirubin?

Jun 26, 2012 1:22am [ 77 ]

My first baby, like many above, had severe jaundice- her bilirubin levels peaked at 490.. (are they using a different measure now? Because people above were quoting 19 and 23?), almost needing a blood transfusion, she had phototherapy and IV fluids for about a week, folic acid afterwards at home, etc. The jaundice was brought to the nurses attention by me on her 3rd day in hospital, in a fragile sleep-deprived state, and I am still pretty dismayed that they never picked it up themselves, despite it being so high, and she was very yellow!! I knew nothing about jaundice at the time and didn't know it could be dangerous or else I would have said something earlier.

Anyway.. I am O+ and she is A.

Now I am pregnant with my second and am worried about in-utero effects. I have read that it is fairly common for anti-A antibodies (which I now have, and apparently can be picked up environmentally..??) to be IgG molecules which can cross the placenta and affect the fetus. This sounds very worrying! Does anyone have any more information on this?

Also, considering it is my antibodies that are causing harm to the baby, I wonder about breastfeeding and how detrimental it is..? I know it is taboo to suggest breastfeeding is detrimental but my baby almost needed a blood transfusion so I just wonder if it's worth it? Would the Coomb's test not provide helpful information here?

It's such a shame that I had such a bad experience with my first and am now rather reserved in my trust for the Drs/midwives in my service.

Crossing my fingers for a healthy bub!

Jul 15, 2012 1:23pm [ 78 ]

HI, I recently had a baby girl on the morning of April 26. She developed severe jaundice during that day, blood was taken and the doctors told me her bili levels were high. After leaving her in the nursary for half and hr she stopped breathing. They tried to revive her but she died. Im o+ dont remember what blood type my partner is. can ABo play a part in her sudden death? Is really hard for me to accept the fact that i just left her in the nursary and she died so suddenly. Her liver showed that she had alot a red blood cells present. They havent concluded on the cause of death yet, but what do you think it could be. I really miss her and im really considering to have another baby.

Jul 15, 2012 1:27pm [ 79 ]

HI, I recently had a baby girl on the morning of April 26. She developed severe jaundice during that day, blood was taken and the doctors told me her bili levels were high. After leaving her in the nursary for half and hr she stopped breathing. They tried to revive her but she died. Im o+ dont remember what blood type my partner is. can ABo play a part in her sudden death? Is really hard for me to accept the fact that i just left her in the nursary and she died so suddenly. Her liver showed that she had alot a red blood cells present. They havent concluded on the cause of death yet, but what do you think it could be. I really miss her and im really considering to have another baby.

Jul 18, 2012 11:57pm [ 80 ]

Hello, I just gave birth to my third daughter who is now 11 days old. I am type O positive, and she was born type B Positive with a 2+ Positive Direct Antiglobulin Test. She has since received phototherapy and normal saline treatment for roughly 48 hrs. Since coming home i walk her in the sun as soon as daylight, she is exclusively breastfed and is passing yellow stools at just about every feeding. Her skin colour has improved drastically, however there is still a bit of yellow in her eyes, face and neck only. She is due a follow up visit with her perdiatrician, who advised me prior to leaving the hospital that the baby will need iron supplements sooner than usual due to the continued breakdown of red cells. My husband was wondering if giving formula would speed up the process of her eliminating the excess bilirubin. I flat out refused to even consider that option. Is there a set time in which her bilirubin levels are expected to return to normal?

Panne Lal Chauhan
Jul 24, 2012 5:00pm [ 81 ]

i m o positive blood group and my wife is AB negative blood group,her first pregnancy lost after 2 months ,again she is pregnant after 3-4 months and she is pregnant approx 3 and half months,i m worry about any unhappen,so pls guide me.

Aug 9, 2012 5:26am [ 82 ]

My husband and I just had our 8th child last Friday. I am o- and my husband is a+. All of our children have been jaundiced to an extent, and 2 needed phototherapy. It was only when I had my 4th, who has complete congenital heart block and had to be in the NIMU that they actually looked into what caused the jaundice. She was diagnosed with ABO incompatibility, and narrowly missed having to have a complete blood exchange transfusion because of severe anemia. I have not had such a severe issue with any of the children since, thankfully.
When they checked my newborn son's blood type at the hospital, they said he is "a-, with some positive...something..I can't remember exactly the wording". I have never heard of such a thing. I don't know how he could be negative, and I am negative, and there could be any positive anything. His bilirubin at 30 hours old was 8.1. Not terrible, but in the last day and a half he seems more yellow, but is acting very alert, breastfeeding well, etc.
Have you heard of this whole "a- with some positive.." whatever it is they are talking about? Is this something I need to be concerned with? The pediatrician at the hospital did not seem concerned with anything, but he's not a hematologist or anything either.

Aug 13, 2012 6:28pm [ 83 ]

how safe is conceiving when both the parents are o-ve and what are the possible complications that they can face during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Is it safe for baby and can he live a normal life....plz answer

Wanda Veal
Aug 23, 2012 5:17pm [ 84 ]

my husband was a+ iam o+....when we were first married i miscarried 6 times....finally after 4 yrs of trying we had a healthy baby girl A+ we then had 3 sons all a+ when our 5th child was born a girl at great lakes navel hospital...i was in a ward with lots of other women maybe 6-8..this was in 1977..and the day after delivery one of the corpmen ran down between the beds the beds were lined on each side of a long hall with the nursery for the new borns at one end and the nurses station at the other end...anyway he ran down the middle yelling the that my baby's bilirubin had peaked for the 3rd time...this was the first i had heard of anything....i got out of the bed and checked the records at the end and found blood type cards for transfusion cliped to the chart...i then asked what was going on and they explained the a-o antibody factor....and said they would wait and check her one more time in a few hours to see if it had gone down....NOW my problem is this my daughter is emotional and mental impaired and spent all of her school years in special ed....when i asked my family dr about maybe there being a conection with the a-o antibody factor he said it was very possible that since she didn't get the needed transfusion that she should have had when she peaked the first time...that it left a small coating of a calcium deposit on the brain...Has anyone heard of such a thing?...I know that finally at the age of 26 the social security office admitted to government fault and paid her past social security in a large sum of money all the way back from her birth....but the Navy itself has never acknowleged the mistake and all her medical records disappeared shortley after her birth....Has anyone else ever had a problem with non transfused babies with mental disabilities? I had 2 more live births after her no problems and 2 late term miscarriages...that now days could have been saved....My husbands brothers wife had the same problem she only had 2 children and they both transfused immediatly upon birth...my mother was b- my father o+ had 4 girls and a boy no problems at all the last boy born had to have an immediate transfusion.....none of my 25 grandchildren had any problems.....How does one prepare for something so illusive and unpredicable....

Sep 3, 2012 9:06am [ 85 ]

Hi Jane I have a son who was born 2005 using ventouse in the end. He developed jaundice the day after he was born and needed double phototherapy as they said his bilirubin levels were high due to the bruising he had sustained from the ventouse delivery. I had my second son 18 months ago and he developed jaundice about 10 hours after he was born. Eventually he was tested and bilirubin levels were very high, he was taken to nnu and given triple phototherapy for about 2 days. They said he had ABO incompatibility. Could my first son have also been suffering with ABO incompatibility and if so would it have been helpful to know second time around? I would appreciate your opinion thank you

Sep 14, 2012 5:57am [ 86 ]

My comment relates to my experience 39 years ago. My daughter was born with jaundice, the cord was also yellow. It was a quick delivery, 2 hrs. She was my 3rd pregnancy. She was taken immediately to NiCU and her dr. was immediately there giving us the diagnosis of ABO of which we had never hear of. They wanted fresh blood but it was 3 AM so we had no choice but to accept a transfusion. She was in the NICU for a week and under the lights all the time. They suggested that I not have any more children. Since we already had a son we were fine with that. Having 2 healthy children was a blessing after what we had been thru with our baby girl. Doesn't sound like they've made much progress reading your comments. I had a normal pregnancy with both of my babies..we did notice our son had very olive skin and we were told to keep him in the sun as much as possible. I did have small babies. 5lbs for the 2nd and 6 lbs for the first. So sorry for those of you who have lost babies full term. It was so sad for me to lose one by miscarriage. The dr. said that's why I our daughter had such a hard time with her bilirubin count. We worried that she may have had brain damage until she began to develop normally at about a year old. My best to each of you.

Sep 21, 2012 6:20am [ 87 ]

3 day baby yellowish coloration, mother ab negative, baby ab positive , dobuble surface photo theraphy giving now, with iv fluid please give advise

Sep 23, 2012 7:24am [ 88 ]

hi..i like to ask if the mother is A+v and the 8 days old baby is AB+v who has jaundice...it may be ABO Incompatibility? thank u..

Angela Jones
Oct 4, 2012 2:34pm [ 89 ]

I have a niece who is 13 days old, has severe jaundice and high bilirubin levels, oval shaped blood cells and it seems the white blood cells are attacking and killing the red blood cells quickly. Drs have mentioned removal of her spleen, Nd are running tests. She is constantly under the light and now she has nail fungi Nd skin problems. The question I have is have you heard of any cases where a baby shows signs of ABO but the mother and the baby are both the same blood type Apos? Family very concerned.

Shiji Sebastian
Oct 15, 2012 12:18am [ 90 ]

I am writing it for my sister.She is 6month pregnant now,Her blood group is O-ve, She have a hystory of 2 abortions.After her second abortion she took Ant D injection. I am afried to ABO incompactibility to child. what are the complications I expect.What are the precutions I should Take? Her Hb% is 8.2 only now. Is it can be affected to child? could you give me a guidence?

Thank You

Oct 15, 2012 8:05am [ 91 ]

I have searched for as much info on abo incompatibility ever since my son was born march 2011 with it. he needed phototherapy once after he was born and then was hospitalized his first week of life for more therapy his lvls would just keep shooting up and then if that weren't enough we had to go back and have him hospitalized again the very next week it was a nightmare specially not knowing why this was happening. It took awhile for the jaundice to go away completely and then they also discovered he had a high platelet count which he still sees a hematologist for and we didn't get answers for that either. I am now 8 weeks pregnant with my second child and terrified he will have to go through the same thing we did with our first child. It's just comforting to know so many have also gone thru this especially when most of his doctors and nurses were very unfamiliar with what was going on.

Oct 21, 2012 5:21pm [ 92 ]

Hey, I'm just a little bit confused about this ABO incapabiliy. Actually I'm O+ve and my fiance being AB+ve. Do you think we will have problems having babies? Jane, could you please explain what needs to be done when we plan having a baby after marriage?

irshad o
Dec 4, 2012 2:38pm [ 93 ]

my new born baby's bilurubin range is 16 mg, my wife is affected jaundiies during pregnency period and my wife is also a hyper thyroid patient. how effect to my childs health

Dec 14, 2012 7:27am [ 94 ]

Im in my second pregnancy my first pregnancy i was admitted to the hospital for a whole week because i had high blood pressure and protein in my urine baby was born and doctors diagnosed her with abo incompatibility and is A+ like her father and she was admitted to childrens for 24hrs under the lights and was anemic aswell.Currently with my second pregnancy i haven't got any high blood pressure and all doc check ups have been good those that mean my second child might have the possibility of being O+ like me and not have jaundice?

Dec 16, 2012 1:36am [ 95 ]

My mom had a problem with this when she was pregnant with me. Due to this i came out premature at 3 lbs 15 oz, and had to get blood transfusions as a baby. Do you think this is a part of the reason why i'm anemic?

Dec 19, 2012 9:39am [ 96 ]

Hi I had my childred 40 plus years ago.... both grown now with children of their own. Both had AOB Incompatibility My eldest child (a Boy) had the sunlamp treatment and was monitored closely. My 2nd pregnancy ended in miscarrage at about 4 months and my youngest child (a girl) also was monitored from birth by a paediatric specialist. She was severe and had a complete blood changing transfusion begining at 17 hours old. After reading some of the comments I feel that you are all way better informed than I ever was. Incidentally none of our 5 grandchildren have had any form of jaundice.

Dec 29, 2012 1:11am [ 97 ]

Hi I am B+ (my genotype is probably BO) and my boyfriend is A+ or A-. Are our blood types incompatible? I read some posts that a B+ girl and A+ boy are very much incompatible. Would there be any problems if we have children? We are already planning of forming a family soon.

Lisa Harmon
Jan 3, 2013 5:47am [ 98 ]

Im RH neg and my partner RH positive unfortunately we lost our little girl at 36 weeks, we are waiting for post mortum results but I had a bleed at 24 weeks which wasnt picked up until 10days later, im convinced this is what affected my baby causing Rhesus Disease,I didnt recieve anti D and had a blood test taken 7-10 days later can anyone help

Jan 7, 2013 3:09pm [ 99 ]

I'm a blood banker, and I'm afraid there's a lot of misconceptions here. In general, we ABO/Rh type the cord blood of babies whose moms are either Rh negative, or are type "O." We also perform DATs on the Cord blood. Two different reasons: 1)If the baby is Rh positive and the mom is Rh negative, the mother should receive Rhogam. This is done to keep mother from making real antibodies to the Rh(D) antigen, which can cause hemolytic disease of the newborn in subsequent pregnancies, and 2)If Mom is type "O," she has Anti-A and Anti-B. This is normal. If the baby is type "A" (in fewer cases type "B") the mom's antibody can cross the placenta and attach to baby's red cells, causing jaundice and red cell destruction. In this case, the cord DAT would be positive, letting the doctor know to watch the baby's bilirubin levels. Treatment can range from the bili light to exchange transfusions in extreme cases. More often than not, the ABO incompatibility doesn't lead to such serious issues; the doctors have to be watching for the possibility. There are lots of caveats, but this is a simplified explanation for non-medical folks.

Jan 9, 2013 3:55am [ 100 ]

My wife with 0 -VE blood group given birth to baby boy whose blood group is 0+Ve (my group). However, after 15 hours of my baby is born, the nurse while cleaning the baby noticed my sons body little turned to yellowish color and then immediately moved to NICU for the treatment. Looks like the bilurubin counts shooted up to 24 which is very high. They immediately did the " Blood exchange transufion" by the which the bilirubin count decreased to 12. Again my baby was monitored in NICU under triple surface blue lights and finally the bilirubins was lowered to 6.4. Could you please suggest me how and when the anti bodies developed in my son's blood would be washed away completely and when he will be left with only positive blood. How many more days will it take for normalizing and do you think is there any other risks involved. The doctors told the hearing test is normal, brain function scanning was done which is normal.....

Jan 21, 2013 9:50pm [ 101 ]

Hi, I have 5 children and AtoO , it was first picked up on my first son with in the first 24 hours he started to become very yellow and I kept telling the midwifes, on the second day they took some blood to check his levels when I kept telling them he would not wake up or feed. He was admitted to NICU and responded well to treatment. I MC on my second baby and on my third he was O same as me so no problems. my next baby was very yellow within hours after delivery he was already in NICU because I had GD and his blood sugars dropped after delivery, he then was very poorly and put in intensive care but he responded well and did not need a transfusion. My 5th baby I told them beforehand about the AtoO so they were able to check her blood type at delivery from the placenta. she was watched closely and they did put her on a Bili blanket more as just in case (she was born in Australia, my other babies in Ireland) her level never went up very high and they thought it was a normal case of yellow Jaundice rather than AtoO she was fine :), my last baby again had yellow Jaundice I told the ped about the AtoO and asked her to check she would not!! He did need the bili blanket for two days but thankfully he was ok! We did have a worrying moment when he was home I was scared he was getting very yellow again and we had to go back to hospital for a blood test but he was fine. Not sure if this will help any one!! But if you know you do get AtO tell them at delivery so they can take some blood to check babies blood type and then you can watch for it, I do think early intervention after delivery helps instead of the wait and see option!

Mandy Lynn
Feb 10, 2013 3:29pm [ 102 ]

I was told by a doctor that all babies are born with the same blood type O+, is that true? Or false?

carmen ibanez
Feb 17, 2013 7:06am [ 103 ]

I am a mother of 4 kids and I have experienced this ABO incompatibility in all of them when I gave birth. I had type "O" blood and and all my children are type "B+" blood. I had even experienced serious case in my second child who had undergone exchange transfusion of blood. It was only today that it made clear to me how this happen. some says that it was only happened when a father is a type "AB" blood and the mother is a type "O" blood. However, upon reading the articles about the ABO incompatibility it was all about between the mother and the baby who have blood incompatibility due to antibodies of the mother that attacked the red blood cells of the baby. The bilirubin of my second child was dangerously high. My first, 3rd and 4th children were also diagnosed mild ABO incom... can this ABO incompativility be prevented? thanks.

Mar 26, 2013 1:05am [ 104 ]

I'm 22 years old male... Sir/Mam, my dad is A+ and mom is B+ and I am O+... Is it possible??? Or I'm adopted??? :(

Yvette Barton
Apr 13, 2013 10:33pm [ 105 ]

Hi lige

The short answer is, yes it is possible for A+ and B+ parents to have an O+ child. In blood the Phenotype (observable trait of a cell) A affords the Genotypes (genetic makeup of the cell) AA or AO. Similarly the Phenotype B affords the Genotypes BB or BO. As such a couple who are A and B respectively can produce a child who is AB or O.

What we are talking about here is the concept of recessive genes, the same as in eye colour for instance. For you to have O+ blood, we can assume your parents are AO+ and BO+.

I hope this helps.

jason a concerned dad
Jun 13, 2013 2:50pm [ 106 ]

good evening

im just curious to know if its possible for a baby's blood type to change after birth. The reason why im asking is because my partner so sure that im the father but the baby came out with a a positive blood type and we are both o positive. i know my chances are unlikely as 2 o positive parents cannot produce a a positive blood type for a baby. but the weird thing is that the dr that delivered the baby said that the baby has my features, and when i look at baby pictures I see features similar to my brothers and myself. Im very confused. Can someone please explain why this child has some of my features. Sorry to bother u with this. Im just really confused. Thank you

Umar Mohammad
Jun 15, 2013 8:57am [ 107 ]

Is it possible for a baby to have A blood group when the mother is O blood group and the father is B blood group? And what will be the outcome of the baby in term of ABO Incompartibility?

Jun 15, 2013 2:38pm [ 108 ]

Hello I have 2 kids my firstone was a little jaundice she was put on phototherapy for 3 days and after that she was ok, my second one had severe jaundice and diagnosed with ABO incompabiliti, she was on double phototherapy for almost 3 weeks now she is almost 2 and we are thinking about a 3 baby and even do I read everywhere this doesn't get worse with more pregnancies I notice a lot of moms like had the same thing happend; the ABO incom got worse with more kids, so could this about abo incom not getting worse not be true?

Jun 20, 2013 8:45pm [ 109 ]

Thanks you for this article, it helped me understand my situation more. I wonder if anyone could answer me. I just gave birth and I am blood type O+ while my baby is A+. My baby was placed in phototherapy for four days due to Jaundice. My doctor told us that I should not get pregnant in at least 2 years to clear up the antibodies in my body because if I get pregnant within 2 years, and if the baby is another A+ the effects may be more severe than the first one. The problem is, me and my husband really want to have another child soon. Is the doctor right? Or should I ignore her advice? Since you said in your article that ABO incompatibilty does not get worse in next pregnancies?

Jun 21, 2013 3:13am [ 110 ]

Hi im Vijay from India my wife is pragnant now, i have bit confusion of Blood Groups My bllod group is o+ and my wife group is B+. Pls let me know is it correct compatability or not and will there be any effects to my Baby..

Thanks in Advance


Jun 26, 2013 12:53am [ 111 ]

i am O+ n my husband is B+... is there any chances of ABO incompatibility?????? if there are any chances please help us in guiding us against that problem....thank you in advance.

Jun 29, 2013 1:32am [ 112 ]

I just want to share my ABO incompatibility experience. I am type A pos and my husband is B pos. Our first two babies (one was type AB and the other B) had ABO incompatibility even though I am not type O. (I later found out that I am subtype O, as our next child was type O, which can only mean that each of us have O as a subtype. I wonder if this had a hand in my developing antibodies to B type blood as I never read about a type A mom's baby having ABO incompatibility. At any rate, first baby under the lights for nearly 8 days because they discovered it late...bilirubin went to 20 and they were almost ready to do a transfusion but she rebounded. This was 20 years ago and she is happy and healthy. Second baby they found out much sooner (through positive Coombs test) and she was only under lights for four days, also now healthy. Next two babies both type O so no issue...and I was all ready and of course worried! I do have a question about how unusual it is for a type A mom's babies to develop ABO incompatibility? (I guess I made antibodies to the type B blood?) Thanks.

Jul 15, 2013 9:21am [ 113 ]

Iam pregnant in 5th week i just did analysis may bllod group is O+ and my husband is AB i am afraid my baby have ABO INCOMPITABILITY

Jacqueline Miller
Aug 7, 2013 2:49pm [ 114 ]

My friend just had a baby and his baby had jaundice, he didn't understand it ,but his girlfriend at the time told him its because the baby has his blood type ,im writing because its questionable about the baby could you answer this question please, he wanted to know if it was some truth to it. Thank you kindly

maverick mcrae
Aug 9, 2013 5:14am [ 115 ]

hello Jane I would like to know if it is possible for babies to be born with the blood type B negative if the mother's blood type is O positive and the father's blood type is B positive. to my knowledge positive and a positive makes a positive. please correct me if I'm wrong.

Aug 30, 2013 1:02pm [ 116 ]

Hi I'm a Chinese girl with my 1st baby (20 weeks+ pregnancy). My blood type is O+ and my husband's is B+, as you said "Testing in pregnancy is not recommended as antibody levels do not correlate well to actual ABO haemolytic disease in the baby. There are no preventative measures that can be taken.", but our local hospital required us to do the blood test, my result is anti-B IgG 1:1024,which is at a high risk. Usually it is required to take chinese herb medicine to reduce the risk; But still no one can be sure that will help. One thing I'm really worried about is whether this ABO incompatibility will lead to miscarriage in late pregnancy or effect the baby when it hasn't been born...

Sep 13, 2013 5:18am [ 117 ]

I am O- and my wife is O+, what are the risks in getting children?

Dec 3, 2013 6:08pm [ 118 ]

Hi,i am Collins and i am blood type B+ and my girlfriend is A+,is there any possibility of having a healthy baby because her mum who is a nurse said we are incompatible and there is no hope of having a baby between the two of us. Please advice because i am puzzled with all this

Marina Palafox
Dec 5, 2013 2:43am [ 119 ]

Hello, My name is Marina . I'm 17 years old & i'm RH-. My son was born in september and his bllod type is O+. I recieved the shot during my pregnancy & then right after I deliverd. When I went for my babies first check up she told me that i should wait 2 years to have another baby. She said I could possibly have a misscareges if I don't wait. is this ture?

Dec 10, 2013 9:59am [ 120 ]

I just wanted to share that I had 2 healthy pregnancies. My first was smooth and easy. My second seemed like one scare after the other but she was born at 39 weeks an ABO. The doctors waited 2 days before Putting her on a phototherapy blanket in the room. after a day and a half they took her to the nursery to put her under lights. Luckily she ended up being OK. but one thing they advised me just before taking her was that formula helps bind the billirubin to the stool to pass it more quickly. If this is true I think it should be mentioned for new parents. I breastfed, and recommend it for some period of time. but if formula helps, why not let everyone know.

Jacqui Blanck
Dec 12, 2013 11:28pm [ 121 ]

Hi, I am a concerned Grandmother. My daughter had a baby with ABO incompatiblity 4 months ago, and the baby was tested 3 times a day for 5 days until the bilrubin count went down sufficiently. Is it possible for the jaundice to return 4 months after she was born? The baby is showing signs of yellowing of her legs and lower torso. Just really concerned and just want to know if it is a normal occurrence or whether we should get bubs checked out pronto. Please email back as soon as possible. Thanks

Dec 18, 2013 11:32pm [ 122 ]

HI, I am a concerned nurse. The pregnant mother of 8 months came in my departiment who was an intauterine fetal death, this was her second baby, the first baby also was died before birth. Mother's blood group is O +ve and her husband is blood group AB +ve. Is this a reason of ABO incompatibility?

donna Goodison
Dec 19, 2013 11:00am [ 123 ]

This is my forth child he has this but the other dont why I dont known tjis is the frist time o hear of it our son spent time in icu we are day 6in hospital and I have some many questions I dont know where to start we are just try to get home for xmas.

Dec 30, 2013 8:52am [ 124 ]

Hi I was wondering if you could help me with a question, my son is three when he was born he was slight jaundice but they had thrown the abo/ coombs positive name out there at me since they had tested him since I have a 0 blood type, he was able to go home on time from the hospital no photothereapy was needed my duagher who is now one after birth they discovered her abo/coombs after about 12hrs, she had to have triple photo thereapy and was in the hospital for a week, however she was able to stay in a room with me instead of the nicu, however a nicu doctor had said to me that this usually gets worse with each child? is that correct, I know both my kids have my hubbys b- blood type, but could it possibly not end up the same if the next child has my blook type?

were talking about having another child but didn't know if it was safe.... if it really does get worse wth each child

Jan 4, 2014 3:28pm [ 125 ]

Hi..I lost my baby when she was born . The Doc says we have ABO incompatibility. I get pregnant for 2nd time with my boy and he undergo blood monitoring and phototheraphy. Im Type O+ and he is B+. My third baby died again. Im planning to get pregnant again but afraid to do so. Can you recommend meother options?? im planning to have artificial insemination from other men coz im afraid if it will come from my husband i will encounter again same phenomenon. Plz help...

Jan 10, 2014 6:22pm [ 126 ]

Thanks so much for your help! I have a question regarding my 6 weeks old baby who was diagnosed with minor blood GRP incompatibility. My question is for how long will my antibodies (anti A) last in him to continue causing scleral jaundice and how often and for how long should I get his blood tests done?

Jan 15, 2014 10:45pm [ 127 ]

Hi, I am currently expecting my forth child. My first born was healthy with no problems but my second and third both had treatment for a week for jaundice with ABO incompatibility. I'm O+ and my partner A+. Recently it's been suggested that it could b linked to hereditary spherocytosis as his father has a form of anaemia and my partner is currently being tested for anaemia but not specifically spherocytosis, was wondering if this could explain the jaundice at birth? Baby is due tomorrow and I'm worried that something may not get picked up on. Thanks

Feb 1, 2014 7:21am [ 128 ]

It seems that you may not have answered any comments in awhile, but I thought i'd give it a try. I was wondering if any of the current tests (specifically MaterniT21) can also tell blood type in a fetus?

dan burns
Feb 5, 2014 7:26am [ 129 ]

I am trying to get some information on the duration of phototherapy (how many hours or days) that ABO incompatible newborns receive. Also I am doing research on how many extra hours or days the baby had to stay in hospital to receive phototherapy past the normal time they would have been discharged. Also was the mother discharged with the baby remaining in hospital. How many of you had infants that were sent home and had to be readmitted to hospital for Jaundice?

Arevan Barzinjy
Mar 2, 2014 9:59am [ 130 ]

Hi Dear,

Hope you are fine. 

My son is 16 days today and been around 13 days he has a jaundice. At the first was 17.1 and Doctor put him under the blue light. then come down to 12.8! after 2 days is go high to 14.7 and play til now. It going high and coming down. But more likely is around 14.3 - 15.4. His mother blood type is O+ and my son which his name is Kurush his blood type is A+.

His sleep is on schedule each 2 hours need his mother Milk. Sleeping and feeding is normal.

Till now they did 10 TSB test for my son. Today they said to us that if after 3 days is not coming down we have to do more test one of it will be for liver.

Please can you advise us what should we do? is it normal or we have to do something else?

His my first and only Son.

Jul 30, 2014 8:06am [ 131 ]

Please help!!!

Okay so I just want to know for future reference but I'm an A+ and my boyfriend who I'm very serious with is an o-. Does this mean my children will be more prone to miscarry or have to have blood transfusions because he's a negative blood type and I'm a positive? Please respond, I'm really worried about this and this is the only site that's helped so far.

Thank you, Brianna.

Aug 23, 2014 8:10am [ 132 ]

Would ABO incompatibly effect if mother is B+ and Daughter is AB+? What could be the risks in this case.

jecil fortit
Sep 7, 2014 2:06pm [ 133 ]

my blood type is "O" and my husband's is "AB". is is possible for me to get pregnant?thank you

Nov 25, 2014 1:39pm [ 134 ]

My husband is O positive and so am I. The complication is that we are using donor eggs and IVF. Her blood type is A positive. Our first son, using these embryos, resulted in a full term pregnancy, however, our son had extremely high bilirubin levels and required an exchange tranfusion and extensive light therapy. I am confused, after reading through many of the comments. Why would the Fertility Center (a highly regarded one) match us up to this donor, and what do we do now? We are embarking on our second IVF with the same embryos, but no one has counseled us regarding risk of ABO incompatibility. From what I have read here, we are at risk.

Dec 10, 2014 7:48am [ 135 ]

Me and my fiance are trying to have a baby however his blood type is o-and I'm o+ is that a reason I keep having miscarriages?

madhan mohan
Dec 27, 2014 4:54pm [ 136 ]

hi Jane Palmer, this is madhan from india, thanks for providing this information, i think it is more beneficial to every one,thanx alot.

Dec 31, 2014 9:33am [ 137 ]

Which blood group do you use for exchange transfusion if mother is o positive and baby but positive ?

Jan 4, 2015 10:44pm [ 138 ]

Am o- and my husband is o+is there any chance of my baby be affected cos am 25 weeks pregnant

Jan 12, 2015 8:54pm [ 139 ]

Once you are diagnosed with abo incompatibility is it hard to get pregnant?? Cuz I have had no luck and my daughter is 5 years old now.

Feb 14, 2015 8:13am [ 140 ]

Hello! Thought I would share my story. My first baby was born yellow but never required treatment. We just kept her by the light. My second baby however was born planned at home. The next day we were refered to hospital for jaundice and it was then we found out his bilirubin levels were off the roof and he had an infection. We too were given the choice of blood transfusion or the jab and luckily the jab worked. I don't plan in having anymore children, partially because I couldn't bare the thought of the nicu stay and being away from my other children. My boy gets checks ever 6 months up intil he is 5 to ensure there is no brain damage and that he is developing as he should. He's now a year old and as his mother, I can't categorically tell you he is fine!

Feb 15, 2015 7:34am [ 141 ]

Hello !

The article did not answer my question well so I would like to leave my question over here . Its like this I am an A + and my man has AB+ blood type. We are trying to conceive since 6 months but the tests pregnacy shows negative. The reason behind us not being able to conceive , does it has anything to do with our blood group ?

Apr 21, 2015 12:42pm [ 142 ]

Hello, my Baby boy born on 04/13/15 was positive for ABO, he was diagnosed jaundice, was under phototherapy for a couple of days, and his leves went down, and we are home now, he is being breastfeed only , should I complement with formula, my milk should be enough to prevent anemia? Is there any home care I can fallow to help him?

amelita reyes
May 26, 2015 12:05pm [ 143 ]

my daughter inlaw is pregnant for the 2nd time and her blood is type O and my sons blood type is AB . were there be any problem regarding their blood compatibility. pls reply i'd been worried so muc..

tnx n God bless

Imran Barbhuiya
May 27, 2015 8:14am [ 144 ]

Helo sir, I m father of 6days old healthy female child(breast feeding). Her blod group is O+ve and my blood group is B+ve and my wife is AB+ve. She was born to my wife on 39weeks by sygerin way. Today i had taken a blod tea st of bilorubin on my baby and it has became 5.6 mgm/dl. So i just want to know that is the 5.6 come under jaundice range or not. And is it an unsafe level for my daughter?

May 27, 2015 11:43pm [ 145 ]


My mother has type O and I have type A blood. Supposedly, this caused blood issues for me which made my first year of life a bit difficult.

A few years ago, it was discovered that I am chimeric. Has there been any research into the effects of chimerism on ABO incompatibility?


Khualpu Zoute
Jun 13, 2015 3:10am [ 146 ]

If a couple unable to bear child, is it necessary that blood group incompatibility could be one of the reason?

Jun 27, 2015 4:18am [ 147 ]

Hi, Im B+ and my daughter also B+ and my wife is O+. But in one case, when I wanted to donate my blood to my daughter; screen report comes as " incompatible ". What was the reason, please let me know. Thanks

Aug 23, 2015 4:08pm [ 148 ]

Hi,im a mother of two my first child is normal and my second which i delivered him last August 10,2015 he was diagnosed of jaundice because our blood type is incompatible mine is O+ and my baby is B+ his bilirubin is to high,the doctor decided to admit him in NICU to have some phototherapy for 4days eventually his bilirubin is going down to normal but still his eyes is yellowish but his body is not that yellow it looks normal ...is it possible that the heat of the sun can help prevent the yellowish of his eyes?

Oct 8, 2015 12:04pm [ 149 ]

It seems this issue is more common than not, i thought i was alone. I just delivered my third child 9 days ago and all 3 of my babies spent some time in the nicu for ABO incompatibility. I have O+ and my babies have my husbands blood type B+ so with every pregnancy this is expected once the baby comes. This time around we were all too familiar with it and jumped on it right away which (Thank god) resulted in a very short nicu stay for our third baby. She is home and well now and her levels are normal.

Doc Beth
Oct 10, 2015 2:05pm [ 150 ]

I am a practicing pediatrician having lots of experiences managing Cases of newborns with ABO incompatibility.. Recently I have two severe cases of ABO incompatibility admitted in a private hospital. One baby has levels as high as 600 and the other has 400. Both were candidates for double volume exchange transfusion but I have discovered a breakthrough of non-invasive management non expensive way but it worked for them . I did not perform said invasive procedure minimizing the risk of complications and infection but was able to lower their levels to 193 and 134 respectively.

Zack Sarki
Dec 1, 2015 4:40pm [ 151 ]

Hi dear I am o+ and my wife is o- and my son is also o+,my son was diagnose with jaundice a week after he was born and treated through the phototherapy process for like 9 days and now he is 2 and half but still having difficulties with walking. What are we going to do?

Jan 30, 2016 6:15pm [ 152 ]

hi .how does phototherapy work?

Feb 4, 2016 2:27pm [ 153 ]

I have seen a lot of misinformation while reading these comments. One piece of misinformation is that ABO is not a severe problem. I am an anthropologist and know better. Studies have been done about blood types and their complications during pregnancy and in newborns (also predispositions for certain illnesses). It is sad but true that most doctors don't know much about blood types. It is not well known by the medical profession, for instance, that ABO incompatibility causes early abortions (miscarriages). As a B+ daughter of an O+ mother and a B+ father, as well as the mother of an O+ who is married to an A- husband, I know that ABO can cause the O blood type pregnant mother to have extremely severe 'morning sickness' and also miscarriages (spontaneous abortions).

My mother had four type B children and no "O"s. While carrying my older sister Mom's morning sickness was so severe that all she could eat were soda crackers. My sister was very small at birth, but I don't know if she was jaundiced. I was very skinny when I was born, and I know my mother put me in sunlight to get rid of my jaundice once we went home after ten days (that was the normal amount of time a mother and child spent in a hospital in 1939 when I was born). With each pregnancy after than, she and my siblings were healthy though a little jaundiced but received no treatment except sunlight. We were all breast fed for about three months.

I married a man with O+ blood type and gave birth to 5 healthy girls with no complications. Four of them have B+ blood and one has type O+.

My type O+ daughter with the type A- husband carried a boy for six months and he did not survive. He died in utero. I told her to check out blood incompatibility, but her husband insisted he was type O. The doctors just took his word for it and they went to a geneticist to get an answer. They didn't get an answer by the way. Then, she got pregnant with a girl and was extremely sick during the entire pregnancy. That child was born extremely jaundiced and was in the Peds ICU for days under a bil light. The husband was still insisting he was type O. Finally, her husband was blood tested and they found that he was A-. She subsequently had another daughter and was not as sick with that pregnancy and since they had some warning before hand that her daughter might also be type A, her daughter was not in ICU or under the bili light as long as the first girl. She then became pregnant with another boy and lost that one even sooner than the first one. A year later, she gave birth to another girl and with that pregnancy, my daughter had less morning sickness. She was in her forties by then and now has gone through menopause so no chance of any more pregnancies. All of her girls are A+ or A-. I don't think they tested the boys.

I also noticed in the article's comments that people are confused about blood types in general. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have anything but a type O offspring from two "O" blood type parents. (Often, the confusion comes in when a parent assumes they are "O" when they are another blood type.)

Another thing people are NOT being told is that blood contains more antigens than just in the Rh factor. Something called the MN Blood Group System can come into play. If you have an M antigen but not an N antigen, you are MM. If you have an N antigen and not an M antigen, you are NN. If you have both M and N, you are type MN. I do not that blood types also have other factors in them and I am pretty sure that when having a blood transfusion or organ transplant, they have to all match.

I noticed that people were asking if the mother was A, B, or AB and the husband was O whether or not that would cause ABO incompatibility. It stands to reason that the answer is no. Type O blood has no A or B antigens and therefore would not cause an incompatibility with the blood of the mother.

Also, people are seemingly confused about how the blood types are determined. The baby gets its blood type from both parents one from the mother and one from the father. The mother can be, for instance, BB or OB, and the baby will get B or O from her. The same goes for the father. I know that my mother was O and my father was B, and since I am type B, I know that I am OB. My four B daughters have to be OB because their father was O. The same goes for my daughter who is O. All of her children received O from her and A from her husband and are OA. A child with an AB parent and an OA parent can have AB, OA, or OB, but not O. If, on the other hand, the one is AB and the other AA, the child will either be AA or AB. It is simple.

If things don't match up, someone has been given incorrect information, someone is assuming their blood type is one thing and it is another, the lab has made a mistake, or the baby isn't yours.

I hope this clears up some of the questions people are having.

Feb 27, 2016 12:53pm [ 154 ]

Hi! I've been looking all over the internet to find A situation like mine so I can know what I could be faced with after birth. However, I haven't found any comments or responses of a mother like myself being o+ and their partner is ab-. What are the possible outcomes for this combination? Please and thank you

Apr 4, 2016 4:27am [ 155 ]

Mother and father have O+ and son also have O+ blood. is there any effect on my baby son?

Apr 11, 2016 4:11am [ 156 ]

Hello. I recently had my second baby with ABO incompatibility. My first was given phototherapy and was discharged within 36 hours. This baby is having a more difficult time. His bili levels keep fluctuating between a 14 and 16. At his last 2 draw he was 87 hours olf with a bili level of 14.6 aND at his last draw he was 99 hours old with a bili level of 16.3. I am starting to feel a bit discouraged. He has been eating a lot and pooping every hour. Why are they fluctuating so much? Is there hope we will go home soon?

May 7, 2016 11:32pm [ 157 ]

Hi there, My daughter is 1day old. She is at starting stage of jondice. Doctor said the chances of jondice are higher when mother's blood group is B+. Please help me whether they are right or wrong?

May 21, 2016 10:43am [ 158 ]

Hi jane, I am a mother of 2, the eldest is 15years old and the 2nd is a boy who is also 12 years old already.when they were born both of them diagnosed abo incomtibility. For a long years i did not plan to have another baby because aside that i am always in a ceasarian section,that too scared me. And now that i am pregnant again, i would like to ask is there a possibility that my 3rd child will also be same? Like abo incompatibility also?what should i do.thank you.

May 26, 2016 8:55pm [ 159 ]

Hi my daughter is 22 and 23wks pregnant and O- BLOOD She is spotting and scared we live in a country town. Is spotting normal or can it be extremely harmful to bub. We have been told that there is a needle to help when the baby comes but can you have it early to help our little one???

Jun 5, 2016 8:52am [ 160 ]

my blood type is O+, my wife if B+, she had two miscarriage already. first is due to her asthma, second,the obgyne said due to abo incompatibility, pls tell me more about this, and we are planning to have a baby soon, tnx

Jun 9, 2016 6:35am [ 161 ]

What are the long term affects for babies born with this?

Jun 15, 2016 1:29pm [ 162 ]

My boyfriends blood type is b+ and I'm a- , that's bad right? Can this cause problems?

Jul 26, 2016 5:21am [ 163 ]

Hi,i am 30 weeks pregnant.first pregnancy. I am O+ and my husband is AB+. what are the chances of developing ABO incompatibility and hemolytic jaundice.how severe it is and how it is managed.how long does treatment take.thanks and regards

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