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A Beautiful Body Project

A Beautiful Body Project

Jade Beall is an amazing woman with an amazing mission. Rebelling against the world of air brushing and digital enhancement that proliferates our society, she seeks to shine a light on genuine beauty and the stories behind it. While photographers create glorious images of bellies ripe with babies, how many come back afterwards to photograph the beauty of the post birth body - a body that nourished a new and unique human for some 40 weeks.

When Jade posted a photo of her own post-birth body after the arrival of her son Sequoia, the response was astonishing. The photo went viral as messages from women throughout the world flooded in with a singular message – Thankyou. Thankyou for honouring us, our bodies, our beautiful imperfections. Thankyou for making us rethink our own thoughts and beliefs about our bodies.

Jade went on to photograph hundreds of women – women who for many reasons had struggled with not matching what society seems to consider beautiful. For most it was the first time their beautiful, natural, imperfect bodies had been celebrated and honoured in such a way. To hear more about Jade Beall and A Beautiful Body Project, watch the video below. But beware, it is filled with gloriously beautiful, unenhanced naked bodies.

Written 26 May 2014 for www.birthpool.net.au

Yvette Barton has a Bachelor of Education and currently works as both an eLearning Adviser for Swinburne Online Learning, and as a freelance writer and editor. Yvette is a fierce advocate for homebirth, women’s rights to choose where they labour and birth, and trained midwives’ rights to attend birthing women without governmental constraints. Yvette is also an advocate for natural and adoptive breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing, conscious parenting, and child advocacy. Yvette lives in Sydney with her two daughters.

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