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Lilypadz are the Silicone Breastfeeding Pad

Lilypadz unique design uses pressure to control breast milk leakage. LilyPadz® are a patented, innovative breastfeeding pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone. The unique design of LilyPadz® maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that actually PREVENTS breast milk leakage. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and both you and your clothes stay dry!

  • Breathable
  • Latex-Free
  • Ultra Thin
  • Non-Absorbent
  • Non-Collecting
  • Adhesive-Free
  • Economical
  • Dermatologically tested

Lilypadz FAQs

How do LilyPadz® work?
LilyPadz® apply a gentle pressure on the nipple to stop breast milk leakage while they are properly in place. Breastfeeding mothers have used their fingers for years to apply this pressure during letdown. LilyPadz® utilize this principle...hands free.

How do LilyPadz® stay in place?
LilyPadz® have a unique and tacky lining so they adhere gently to your skin without the use of any adhesives.

Will the special lining wear out?
Unlike adhesives that wash away, the tacky lining of LilyPadz® is renewed with washing. Wash only with oil free, cream free, and lotion free cleansers. Clarifying shampoos and dish soaps dislodged oils best. Rinse well, shake off the excess water and only air dry in a clean, dust free environment. DO NOT blot dry with a towel. One pair of LilyPadz can last up to 2 months with proper care.

How long will LilyPadz® last?
With proper use and care one pair should last for up to 2 months. Some women have used one pair for longer.

How many pairs will I need?
Because LilyPadz® are not absorbent and work to prevent the leak, there are never saturated pads to exchange. And unlike other reusables, there is no downtime in the laundry either. Washing takes only a few minutes per day and that one pair of LilyPadz® is ready to go again - that's why we call them continuously usable instead of reusable! So one pair is enough to last most moms for up to 2 months, although some like the peace of mind of having a spare.

What if I perspire under my LilyPadz®?
LilyPadz® are composed of gas permeable silicone – allowing them to breathe. Although LilyPadz® should not cause you to perspire, should you work up a sweat you will perspire under your LilyPadz® as well. The build up of sweat can dislodge your LilyPadz® so we recommend that they be worn with support in these situations. And any moisture under your LilyPadz® should be dabbed up as soon as possible to maintain good tissue health.

LilyPadz® look like plastic, are they comfortable?
Because LilyPadz® are made of thin, soft, flexible and breathable silicone they are like a second skin. They protect the nipple from excess moisture, rubbing and sticking as is commonly experienced with cotton pads. Most moms claim they forget they are wearing them.

I am allergic to latex. Will I have an allergic reaction to LilyPadz®?
Unlike latex, silicone is a material that is not associated with any allergic reactions. Wash well before use and always be sure to rinse well to avoid soap residues.

What are LilyPadz® made of?
LilyPadz® are manufactured from medical grade silicone rubber compounds.

Can I sterilize my LilyPadz®?
Yes, LilyPadz® can be disinfected by placing them in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes but repeated disinfecting by boiling will shorten the life of the tacky surface. They can also be disinfected by soaking in a 50/50 white vinegar/water solution for one hour followed by thoroughly washing with soap and rinsed well with warm water.

Are LilyPadz® safe?
Yes, are made of pure silicone, a material that shows no allergic reactions. LilyPadz® have not shown to increase the incidence of mastitis or other complications associated with lactating women.

Will LilyPadz® affect my milk supply?
No, milk supply adjusts continuously based on the supply and demand established by both you and your child. So as long as you are feeding or expressing milk regularly, this balance will not be disturbed.

Can LilyPadz® be used with lanolin?
Yes, lanolin can be used safely with LilyPadz®, although most moms find less of a need for it with LilyPadz®. LilyPadz® help to maintain proper moisture balance in the breast tissue, neither bathing it in milk nor allowing it to dry out and chafe the way cotton pads can. LilyPadz® also protect against rubbing and won't stick to colostrum or healing fluids the way cotton pads do. So all in all you should be less likely to become injured. Because lanolin is oily by nature it may interfere with LilyPadz® ability to adhere to you, so we recommend applying only to the nipple and areola (leaving the edges to still adhere) and wearing them with good support to avoid slippage.

Can LilyPadz® be worn overnight?
Yes, this has been proven to be one of the most popular advantages to LilyPadz®. Because of their self-adhesive lining LilyPadz® can be used without your bra - a sleep luxury for any nursing mother.

Will LilyPadz® show under my clothing?
No, LilyPadz® go unnoticed under almost any choice of clothing.

Can I swim while wearing my LilyPadz®?
Yes… LilyPadz® must be applied when dry and to dry skin but once they are in place water does not penetrate them and cause them to fall off. So your LilyPadz® are effective as you go from dry to wet to dry again and again.

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