Teenage Pregnancy Facts

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Teenage women are just as likely as women in their 20s and 30s to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Teenage women have no increased problems giving birth. The two problems that do occur more often than average in pregnant teenagers are pre-eclampsia and smoking.

Nutrition is very important if you’re a teenager who’s pregnant, because not only are you growing a baby, your own body is still growing. You might find the following links on nutrition helpful:

Having a baby at a younger age is a unique situation requiring specific information, guidance and support. Many health services have special programs designed for pregnant teenagers — contact your midwife, doctor or local hospital to see if a program is available for you. If you’re a teenager and you want to gain support online, join a forum on teenage pregnancy and parenting, such as the one at Tots-n-Tums: www.tots-n-tums.net/forums/

To find further information and support visit our Teenage Pregnancy Links and Teenage Pregnancy Support pages.

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