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Your Teenage Daughter is Pregnant: How to Deal With It?

Your teenage daughter is pregnant

You can't believe it. You've just discovered that your teenage daughter is pregnant. You may find yourself filled with worry for both your daughter and her unborn child, or you may even be angry at your daughter and the situation. Even though you may be filled with conflicting emotions, remember that your daughter needs you to stay calm and help her explore her options and find ways to remain healthy during the duration of her pregnancy.


Your teenage daughter now finds herself confronted with a series of choices. One option is for her to keep the child and raise him or her. Being a teenage parent may be the most difficult option, but with the proper support a teen mother can become a focused and loving parent. Be upfront with your child about the role you are willing to play in helping to raise the child, and make sure she is well-informed about the enormity of the decision to keep the child.

Foster Care

Another option is to look into foster care. In this scenario, your daughter can allow her child to be raised by a stable foster family. During this time, she can work to gain employment and create a stable home environment. Your daughter will still be able to have contact with her child during the fostering process, and the child can be returned to her once she has proven that she is ready for the responsibility. Your child should contact a local social worker to ask for more information about this option before making a decision.


If your child truly does not wish to raise the child, she may wish to consider adoption. The right adoption agency can help your daughter choose the best family to raise her child. It may be hard to give a child up for adoption, but you and your daughter will be relieved to know that the child will be with a loving family who is willing to give him or her the best life possible. Your daughter may eventually be proud of her decision to let someone adopt her child, and she may be grateful that her child will have parents who will give the child a wonderful life.

Research the Options

No matter what option your daughter chooses, make sure to help her navigate the legal routes involved with each choice. Adoption laws vary from state to state, so make sure to choose an adoption agency that is knowledgeable about legal issues. Also, make sure to research the legal rights of the father. Most adoption agencies may be able to help you obtain the relevant legal information. The father of the child may need to be notified before any decisions can be made regarding custody, foster care, or adoption of the child. Contact several adoption agencies and be prepared to ask questions, including questions about open versus closed adoptions, health care costs, and family selection. Some agencies will even pay for relocation services should your daughter wish to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Focus on the Child

Teenage pregnancy is scary and an emotional roller-coaster for all involved. Your daughter may need help to deal with her feelings, no matter what option she may choose. Difficult as it may be, try to be open to her feelings, and be willing to listen to her as she goes through this difficult time. Be willing to help her obtain counselling services as well. Many adoption agencies offer counselling services for this very reason. The bottom line is to facilitate your daughter's pregnancy, help her come to terms with her choice, and to provide the best life for the child as possible.

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