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Best Way to Wash a Baby's Bottom

Water Wipes

Health professionals and midwives have long recommended using just plain cotton wool and cooled boiled water to wash a newborn baby’s delicate skin, yet so many common chemical ingredients found in wipes read more like a science encyclopedia with names such as - Phenoxyethanol, Laureth Phosphate and Sodium Benzoate.

If you wanted to wash heavy grime and dirt then you would expect to use chemical ingredients that had a bit of grunt and could erode stains and dirt but do you really want to take such drastic measures to simply clean your baby’s hypo-sensitive skin?

Many baby wipes even claim to be sensitive, pure and natural but if you turn them over and read their ingredient lists you’ll see that most baby wipes contain a catalogue of harsh chemicals. Would you feel comfortable wiping your baby’s bottom up to 10 times a day with something saturated in chemicals?

Environmental Working Group, the health, research and advocacy organisation - has an easy-to-use online consumer safety guide that provides rankings of commonly used chemicals in wipes and cosmetics at www.ewg.org/skindeep. WaterWipes ranks on top for the lowest hazard rating of all baby wipes.

Potential hazards of some of the most common chemicals including:

  • Benzyl alcoholthis has a moderate hazard rating of five (5) and is strong enough to strip away the natural protective mantle of the skin and cause irritation
  • Propylene Glycol – this has a moderate hazard of three (3) and is easily penetrated through the skin and can irritate
  • Fragrance – this is especially alarming as it has a very high (8) ranking which automatically places it in the highly hazardous category.

With findings like this why would you ever want to slather potential toxins on your baby’s skin?

What will help reassure mothers is that WaterWipes are modelled from the medically-approved cotton wool and water method. They are ‘the world’s purest baby wipes’ and contain only 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit extract and nothing else. They are completely free from alcohol, parabens, perfume, preservatives and additives.

Emma Sutherland, mum of 18 month old and high profile naturopath has praised WaterWipes for using the natural conditioning and antibacterial benefits of grapefruit seed extract.  “As a naturopath and mum I feel confident knowing that my baby’s delicate skin is getting cleaned with nothing but purified water and the natural and grapefruit seed extract.”

Water Wipes are also approved by Allergy UK which has its logo featured on the WaterWipes packaging also serves as a further security that the wipes are scientifically-proven to have a significantly reduced allergen / chemical content.

To purchase online Visit PBB Online store or phone (02) 9890 7755. For more information visit www.waterwipes.com.au or call 1800 128 618. The new WaterWipes are available nationwide at Coles and Bi-Lo stores for an RRP of $6.99

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