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The Yoga Synergy Prenatal DVD

Reviewed by Jane Palmer

The Yoga Synergy Prenatal DVD features Bianca Machliss and is a DVD featuring an instructed prenatal Yoga Synergy sequence and lecture given by Yoga Synergy's Bianca Machliss at 28 weeks. The DVD also contains slideshows of beginner to advanced postures, information on safe practice and the benefits of yoga during pregnancy. I am always pleased to review DVDs and was looking forward to reviewing this DVD. I find yoga is very popular with pregnant women.  Though I must admit Yoga is something I personally practice infrequently, so therefore I am not an expert on the actual exercises performed.

In the first part of the DVD Bianca talks for sometime about yoga and the safety in pregnancy. I was disappointed that Bianca only recommended women refer to the GP or obstetrician for advise regarding their pregnancy and exercise - there was no mention of midwives - a small but important omission. The information provided by Bianca was quite valuable however overall I found overall that it was a little alarmist. I would have preferred the information be presented more positively and being careful with language used i.e. avoiding words such as 'abortive'. The information may make some women anxious about yoga.
The yoga practice section of the DVD was performed by the seaside and was visually very pleasing. I found it easy to follow - though it was helpful that I have done some yoga. It might be a little difficult for an absolute beginner.

For those interested in yoga - this is a good resource. To find out more about the DVD or to purchase a copy visit - www.yogasynergy.com

Jane's rating ♦ ♦ ♦ (3 out of 5)

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