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Mum's The Word

Reviewed by Jane Palmer

The back cover of "Mum's the Word" says:

This is a book about Motherhood - our introduction to it, our methods of coping with the ups, downs and side-swipes, and our relationships with our own Mothers. There are 12 stories written by Mothers, about Mothers, and for all the Mothers who ever had doubts, looked back and realised it was sometimes harder, more fun, more challenging and even more rewarding than they ever imagined possible at the time. It's about how motherhood has changed and moulded us all.

I found this book very interesting to read, it was like getting a glimpse into peoples lives. The book is based in New Zealand which in a way added to its appeal - as it's quite different to Australia in many different ways. Some of the stories are told over many years - which while interesting is not as relevant as it could be to mothering in the new millennium as society has changed so much.

One aspect I found disturbing is that the vast majority of marriages, of the women telling the stories, ended in divorce. I felt a little more balance was needed between the stories.

The book is easy to read and interesting. Not ground breaking in content, but a good read none the less.

Jane's rating ♦ ♦ ♦ (3 out of 5)

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