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Breech Birth Woman-Wise

Reviewed by Jane Palmer

Breech Birth Woman Wise is written by Maggie Banks (a wonderful, passionate Midwife in New Zealand). First published 1998 has had it's third printing 2004. Published by Birthspirit Ltd.includes 109 gloss pages, 34 black & white photographs and 41 diagrams.

This is the must have book encompassing all aspects of breech babies and breech birth. Maggie successfully draws together both midwifery and medical literature and combines the information in a way that is educational, informing and confidence building.

The chapters include information on:

  • Incidence &  Types of Breech Presentation
  • Reasons for Breech Presentation
  • Diagnosing a Breech Presentation
  • Common Concerns with Breech Presentation
  • Considering the Evidence for Medicalised Breech Birth
  • Encouraging a Breech Baby to Turn
  • Considerations for Birth Planning
  • Positions for Labour & Birth
  • Giving birth
  • The midwife's role
  • Assisting the Birth
  • Care of the breech baby following the Birth

This is the best practical information for midwives and an invaluable source of information for expectant parents.

Jane's rating: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ (5 out of 5)

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