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Angels and Lamb Chops

Angels and Lamb Chops cover

In this moving and thought provoking book Rev. Vicki Marriner recounts the events that led to the premature birth of her twin girls, the loss of one and her life afterwards.

Taking us on the journey that led her to enlightenment, Rev. Vicki explores the questions that plague the minds of most parents who have lost a child. Will I see my baby again? Do they know I loved them? How can I go on? How can I ever be happy again?

Drawing on her experience as a Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Healer, Rev Vicki seeks to bring solace and hope to anyone who has grieved for the loss of a child, or held the hand of another while they did.

However this is not a story of despair. Instead Rev. Vicki’s story is one of the discovery of peace and the reclamation of joy after a heartbreaking loss and a cruel betrayal. More than a how-to guide for surviving grief, Rev. Vicki explores peace as a universal concept, the presence of which can benefit everyone in all facets of our lives.

Reading this book does not come without its challenges. Rev. Vicki Marriner’s beliefs may be hard for some to accept. But whether you come with an open mind or a broken heart, this book will definitely encourage you to question what wondrous possibilities exist in the strength of the human soul, and the great spiritual unknown.

Rating 4 out of 5

Published 27/7/2012

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