Speedy Birth

By Brook Weck

My baby was born on Jan 3rd 2004 breech. I went to the hospital on Jan 2nd about 9:30PM with contraction about 5-6 minutes apart.  After being hooked to the monitor for an hour the nurse called the doctor on call and sent me home.  We went home and about 1:30 the contractions went from 5 minutes to 3 in about twenty minutes.  But since we were told that I was 90% effaced and 1 cm dilated we debated going to the hospital. 

About 2am my husband called the doctor told him it was an emergency because I had started to be sick (I guessed from the pain).  He told us to come in.  We got here and my water had broke in the car and I was having major pressure. 

Once they got me in the ICU I was told I was +1 dilated and the baby was breech (I did not know that she was breech).  I had a doctors appointment on that piror Monday and the nurse had checked me before sending me home and no-one knew she was breech.  I arrived at the hospital at 2:50 am on Jan 3rd and she was born at 3:07AM.  I was planning on a epidural and there was no time for anything I had a baby natural, no drugs, rear end first. 

A baby girl was born (we did not know what we were having).  The worse pain was from the contractions the delivery was not that bad.  No-one from my doctor's office made it in time everything happened so fast a lady had to deliver her.  They told me I was so lucky she was there that most doctors would have cut me with no medication and that not many doctors know how to do a natural breech birth.

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