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Susanne's Story

I have been reading all of the stories from other mothers who had their babies and I found it to be very interesting indeed.

I am having my third, am 30,in NW I have two boys age 6 and 8 from previous marriage. I am so far 16 weeks soon on Monday I stop getting morning sickness two weeks ago, just after a bad gastritis.

I had two previous caesarean with my boys because when I had the first one The head was high and mucus was coming away, doctor found that my pelvis was small and had 50-50 chance of a normal birth, so I gave it a shot, but I had problems with the first one as he wouldn't come down and after 10 hours after been induced my doctor broke my waters. Then the head came down but another two hours I was only dilated 2 cm and the head shot back up again and I was sooo exhausted and ask for an epidural and was sent for a caesarean because long labour and the baby heart was going down again but was ok.. I gave birth to Scott on the 31st march 1995 at 5.46pm by caesarean and was awake with my ex at the time for the baby birth and tears down my face with happiness and joy.

My second one was  again by caesarean.. was booked and all well till the day of my caesarean I went in to labour!!!! hahahaha, I was wheel to the theatre quickly to have it, baby was fine and born at 2.45pm on the 30th April 1997. a boy and name Matthew.

So now I am having this one and no more for me!!! I am hoping for a girl this time and wish me luck and love reading other woman stories as it helps me a lot to feel calm and relax and not so worried!!!

Keep up with this as it is excellent way for woman to get information and things like this from the website. 

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