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Childbirth, Our Choice

This was the moment, Peta looked at me just before leaving the room to use the test kit! I was somewhat indifferent at the time, strangely perhaps due to optimism, and that this “action” was mere formality. Peta returned shortly with a wry smile on her face, the smile grew bigger as we both realised the outcome. Peta was pregnant! This would be our first!

We had considered long before attempting to conceive, to get ourselves in to the right frame, both physically and spiritually. Having a child to us seemed an important step in our growth as a couple and much was to be considered for us to take on the responsibility for another, in making a family. Peta and I checked with the appropriate people to ensure we would get our health and nutrition in order (not to the point of obsession). This was undertaken approximately a year prior to our conception attempt.

After this time we decided when we would like to have a newborn considering the weather and our personal situations, once this was established a time was decided. We were both becoming very * clucky * with the idea of becoming a family and so the time to start trying was bought forward. This was because, well you know, it usually takes more then the one attempt to fall, so it seemed reasonable that we start a little earlier then planned.

After the “ first” attempt, mind you, we have a positive response! A surprise of course, but we were overjoyed beyond words.

We had already chosen our Midwife and that we’d be having a homebirth! From what we’d researched this was for us the best option. As long as all the checks from our midwife came up positive it would be all systems go! Our first visit was at 8 weeks and our chosen Midwife was Claire Brassard a wonderful midwife and person. Everything was looking great and we maintained this wondrous disposition up until we got the news that Claire would be unable to attend. (Which is another story in itself).

Claire introduced us to Another Midwife whom would be able to assist us and we immediately felt a great repour with her. There exists a certain intimacy with homebirth and independent midwives, which makes the whole experience truly wonderful, and for fulling. Each visit is App 2hrs long and is very informal but very personal. The visits are held at both the midwives house and at our own home.

Peta throughout her pregnancy has been very well, no morning sickness. Our Midwife looks into our nutrition and also our phycology and offers assistance to maintain the best outcomes.

Peta swam twice a week up until about 30 weeks until the pool closed for winter and then she took up Yoga. And I was shown how to give massages which is very pleasurable for both parties.

We have both remained positive throughout the pregnancy and Peta has glowed from Day 1. The Baby was first felt move on New Years Eve at around 20 weeks and has continued to fascinate us since. The heart rate of the baby has been a constant 152 bpm and Peta’s blood pressure averaging 120 over 70 with a resting heart rate of 60- 70bpm. Peta constantly amazes me with her seemingly effortless pregnancy.

Upon reflection everything has so far been very positive and I truly believe this to be due to all our efforts prior to actually conceiving, and then the maintenance throughout the pregnancy so far.

A good midwife is for us the main outside factor in achieving this situation, along with supportive friends and support people. Plenty of book reading and investigative research helps with making informed choices and brings empowerment to pregnancy and birthing.

Peta is 38 weeks at this very moment and all is well.

I hope to have some time after the birth to follow up on this wondrous event in our lives.

By excited father to be -  Darren.


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Di Ellis
Dec 14, 2011 11:46am [ 1 ]

I was very blessed to have Claire as my midwife nearly 16yrs ago- what a wonderful experience. I have no doubt that the midwife that Claire has referred you to will be just as caring, supportive and professional as Claire was. All the best, Di Ellis

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