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Preparing the Nursery

Preparing the Nursery

Preparing a nursery for your baby can be one of your most exciting tasks in pregnancy. As you lovingly select and arrange furniture, clothes and other belongings, you deepen your bond with your baby. Creating a nursery creates space for your baby both in your home and in your heart.

Furniture and Gadgets

When making decisions about what sorts of furniture and equipment you and your baby need, avoid being drawn into marketing campaigns that encourage the purchase of a plethora of newfangled gadgets. Consider steering clear of large baby stores unless you are armed with a short list and a lot of self-control. In reality your needs, and those of your baby, will be simple ones.

It can be tempting to buy everything new. However your baby will not care if their furniture is second-hand, whether bought on line or from a store, or borrowed from friends or relatives. Using pre-loved equipment is also better for the planet upon which your child depends. If you are creatively inclined, or have always wanted to be, buying pre-loved items can provide the opportunity to paint, stain or decorate unique pieces of furniture for your baby. The internet provides a limitless array of ideas, and as long as you follow basic safety precautions, the potential is endless.

If the attraction of new equipment is still too great, shop around for the best bargains. Remember the more money you save on outfitting your nursery the more you have to spend on other more vital things – like staying home longer with your baby, printing those beautiful photos, or paying for a doula, cleaner or nappy service to make the early weeks after your baby is born, easier.

In the way of furniture you and your baby will need:

  • A cot (even if you plan to co-sleep)
  • A height appropriate changing surface (a change table, modified chest of drawers, or cot mounted changing station)
  • Cupboards and or drawers for clothes
  • A shelf for books and toys
  • A comfortable chair and footstool. If you choose a rocking chair, a rocking ottoman is advisable

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