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Rebozo as a baby carrier

The rebozo makes an ideal baby carrier. The word rebozo means shawl in Spanish and is a multipurpose traditional cloth. As an elegant, beautiful shawl the rebozo  can be used for whatever you need it for the time: Warm wrap, knapsack, elegant shawl, a tool to support pregnant women and yes a baby carrier. Traditionally rebozos are hand-woven from cotton or silk, and finished on the ends with fringe, which can be knotted simply or braided elaborately. Rebozo making has been effected by modern technology and most commercially available rebozos are usually machine-woven, often of acrylic or rayon. While making them more affordable the quality is effected and durability often leave a lot to be desired. Hand woven rebozos are a quality product, a piece of art and support local communities in which they are made. If possible purchase hand woven rebozos such as the ones sold through PBBs online store

Here is a selection of YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use the versatile rebozo as a baby carrier.

Rebozo front carry  How to tie a slip knot in a Rebozo 
Rebozo front carry How to tie a slip knot in a rebozo
Rebozo as a back carrier  Rebozo hip carry
Rebozo back carry Rebozo hip carry
Rebozo double hammock carry  
Rebozo double hammock carry  


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Jun 21, 2014 2:24pm [ 1 ]

I am a textile student researching hand woven rebozo, any guidance would be gratefully accepted, ie literature, images, internet sites...thankyou, regards ,Nannw

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