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My Birth My Choice Rally

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This My birth My Choice rally was held on 9th November 2009 was held in Surrey Hills, Sydney outside the Minister for the office for the Minister for Status of women, Tanya Pilbersek. Over 200 people attended the rally. The rally was called as a result of the federal government's legislation that will change the face of midwifery in Australia forever. Doctors will now have the ultimate power to veto women's access to midwifery care once the legislation is through the senate. The result will be women will no longer be able to make choices. Anything that woman chooses will have to be sanctioned by a doctor. Any type of care a midwife choices will have to be sanctioned by a doctor. At the rally Jo Hunter - Homebirth Australia, Hannah Dahlen - Vice president Australian College of midwives, Robyn Dempsey - Australian Private Midwives Association, Lisa Metcalfe - Maternity Coalition, Jo Tilly from Homebirth Access Sydney spoke and Maggie Lecky-Thompson all spoke to the energetic and engaged crowd! ABC TV and Radio covered the whole event.


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