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Midwife Burnout

This YouTube video is intended for midwives, student midwives and those curious about the realities of life as a midwife. Midwifery has its fantastic highs but also has lows. This video highlights the importance of midwives taking care of themselves and offers strategies to avoid burnout.


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Sep 18, 2012 9:58pm [ 1 ]

What a great clip! Inspirational. We can enjoy our dream job in all it's fullness if we ensure we set boundaries to protect us from burnout. Prioritize family and relationships before work.

Helen Griffiths-Haynes
Feb 18, 2015 2:58am [ 2 ]

I am a midwifery lecturer and used to use this wonderful video with my students going out on their caseholding placements. It was always inspiring to them. So sad to see it has disapeared.


Jane Palmer
Mar 21, 2015 6:38pm [ 3 ]

Hi Helen - I have uploaded the clip to YouTube so it is available again

Jennifer Greed
Apr 15, 2015 12:04pm [ 4 ]

this is the first time I have seen any of these clips , as a CMS working in a frantically busy regional hospital , understaffed , under resourced with outrageously enrealistic expectations piled upon us in ever increasing volumes I am at breaking point , as are many many of my colleagues both young and old , we are even losing our new grads due to the pressure and stress in our unit ... With no support ... So thank you for the chance to view this clip

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