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Sally – The Birthing Goddess

As I drifted between that place of sleep and wakefulness, the phone rang.
“Robyn, I’ve been having cramps all night, they seem intense, and there is blood!”
The midwife in me slowly comes to the surface, it all sounds normal, and the sun isn’t up yet. I suggest that all is well, and to wait and see what the sunrise brings. Often labour slows, especially with the first.
Sally, a strong woman bringing her first baby into this world, had worked with her breath and movement all night. I suggested a hot pack and massage to help ease the sensations and to call back in a few hours to give me an update.
Sally continued, and I went about my morning – getting my daughter off to school, animals fed, washing on and birth kit into the car.
Walking back to the car from dropping my daughter at the railway station, another call came……….
“Robyn, there is more blood, and the contractions are intense….” said Sally, in a rather relaxed, calm voice.  This time I suggested preparing the pool and calling in the rest of the birth team. Sally said they didn’t want me to come, and could manage another hour.
A text message 46 minutes later….” Very intense…lots of blood flow, best u make ur way x”.
I was in the car a few minutes later, heading to Newtown in the morning traffic, which, consequently, appeared to part like the sea before Mosses!
About 10 minutes into the journey a desperate call came in from Danny. His heavy Italian accent made it difficult to understand what he was saying…..
“The baby is come” he said
“The baby has arrived?” I said.
“The baby is come soon” was the response
“The baby is here? Keep them both warm, I’m on my way”. I reassured.
I was unsure if the noise in the background was Sally or the baby, and I couldn’t seem to understand what Danny was saying.
On arrival, I smiled to myself as I could hear the bellows of a woman in full labour, about to bring forth the baby within.
I moved quietly into the bathroom where Sally – Birthing Goddess, is fully present in her labour and startled all at the same time.
I take a peak as her body begins to part the ways and a lock of dark hair begins to descend.
Moving away, after gentle reassurances, I realize the birth pool isn’t going to be ready. The lovely Myra and Danny help me prepare another birthing space, with plastic, sheets and comfy pillows.
The cushions are arranged, the oil burner set. The Goddess moves from her cave into the birthing room, which only weeks before, had been filled with the loving wishes of friends and family.
Taking the stage on her knees, the Goddess calls for the things she requires……’ WATER!   EYES!’
Her body is beyond, the Goddess draws focus from the depth within her sister, and her hand draws support from the rock that is her husband.
The baby’s head slips from within, followed by a precious wet body, into the waiting hands of the midwife. 
Gabrielle has made her entrance into the world.
There are tears of joy, exclamations of love, but most of all, we are wrapped in the beautiful journey that is birth.
It is done.
The Birthing Goddess is made comfortable on the lounge, offerings of food and drinks are given, and the family arrives to greet this wonderful new member of their clan.
The midwife steps back.
The next hours will be for loving wishes from those who will walk with the new mother over the next days, weeks and years.
Another woman has stepped up to the alter of birth, sacrificed herself as a maiden, been visited by the Goddess, and walked away as a strong, confident mother.
I am truly honoured and humbled to be part of this journey – thank you.
Love and warm hugs,
Midwife Robyn
October 2012
Robyn Dempsey is a mother and midwife in private practice located in Sydney, Australia. Robyn is passionate about facilitating positive birth outcomes for women and their families. Her practice New Beginnings Midwifery (www.homebirthmidwives.com.au) offers a safe, personal approach to child birth.

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