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Founded by Janet Blaskas, Active Birth is a philosophy of working with the natural process of labour and birth. An Active Birth is instinctive, following the spontaneous process of labour and birth using your own resources. Active Birth supports women to do what feels right for them. Supporters say that Active Birth lessens the risk of complications during labour.

As the term 'Active Birth' suggests, women are encourage to be active not passive during their labours. This approach promotes walking around, remaining upright (where possible), choosing positions for labour and birth freely, and finding ways to relax in upright positions. Many types of childbirth education classes incorporate part or all of the Active Birth philosophy into their programs.

For further information visit the Active Birth Website

Active birth Classes

Here are Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, all our birth preparation courses are based on the Active Birth philosophy. To find out more about Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond courses visit this page.

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